Edo (Red Chalk)


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      We use edo to plead the gods and goddesses, asking them to pardon our ignorance and iniquities, whichever way we have erred as a human being. As fishes can’t deny knowledge of water so we can’t deny error. We use edo to say, let all our errors and mistakes, knowingly and unknowingly be forgiven, ka o doo ka edo!

      We still have uhee but then, because we get all things in the market nowadays unlike those days we can access these things within the locality, it makes the presence of uhee or ufiee scarce and edo more popular and available. But then, both of them serves same purposes.

      We use edo to ask for peace and calmness. When things are blowing hot in our life, when our money are blowing hot and has to go by blowing heat (spiritual operation)
      When we can’t understand our body system. When we get sick and feel hot every minute of the day, not knowing what is happening to us. Lab not detecting what is happening to us.

      Using edo in line with other ritual items to say prayers helps effect.

      More light to our paths as angels guide us all.

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