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      Ekwensu is a deity for war in Igbo land

      Ok Chidinma but if i may ask where is the deity located in Igbo land u mean which town?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      When you hear about Ekwensu it is only found at Anaku. Anaku is in Ayemelum local government area of Anambra state. We have Ekwensu Anaku and no other deities as such in Igbo land bearing same name with such powers for war. Ekwensu Anaku is known for war and war alone

      Though we have many other deities that stand for war such as seen within our towns and communities but none with powers like Ekwensu Anaku

      To visit him is to go with a black cow. But then, ife emebiwo – things are no longer like before.

      Nso ala adighizi making the gods and deities looking ordinary.

      Earlier, we knew deities to be specific. Having known what they need. Coming to them with those things makes a prayer possible.

      Buy today, priests, oracles, messengers are serving in application of modernization.

      Ife emebiwo – things aren’t like they were before.

      Most of the deities known to eat animals without black spots are given black and red. Those who are known for only black spot are also given white and blue.

      Who is to be blamed?
      The gods are wise!

      I think we may need to add igboland locations of shrines for each deities to the website. What do you all think?

      With GGM’s approval being the key

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      This is not necessary.
      @light house of wisdom, we are careful not to give information that ofeke won’t understand.

      Therefore, we must be careful not to disclose as many as possible information hitherto until we get to a point otherwise ofeke would be misled assuming he got the information from us.

      Before you begin to seek for an assistance of a Deity, first of all, get to know yourself.This is necessary. when you don’t know yourself, it’s impossible for you to locate a helper. Know your chi.Get to know your chi.

      Most of these deities as we know them don’t flight individual fight even though people do not understand. Some of them are there for families and communities. The very reason they permitted other chambers as seen within our communities. Take for example, Ekwensu Anaku SHRINE or Haaab agulu shrine. I am using these two for we have discussed on them.

      When you enter these shrines, you find out there are many chambers where different sacrifices are made owing to who they are. Should you ask the priest for more explanations he says, this is ngwu. Here we don’t make sacrifices of cow here if not fowl and ram. He goes further saying, this is akpu ogwu, here we don’t make sacrifices with fowl such as abuke, ayaghiri, etc. This is ogirisi, we don’t do this and that here.

      This is how he takes you round the shrine with different Chambers

      These chambers are minister’s that makes Haaba or Ekwensu. Without them, Ekwensu or Haaba can’t function. Now, these chambers down to your community, you find our there is ngwu in your town or nearby your town. Ask to know more about the ngwu, you find out that same rules as told by the priest at Haaba or Ekwensu are also observed here even though your towns are at Nsuka or Oba or Nando or Ekwulobia, or Umuahia etc. All spirits are one. Stop going by names, go by the knowledge of the truth.The gods are one and are every where. The goddess are one and are every where. When your case gets tough, spiritualists are here on earth to guide you on what to do.

      That’s when you might be taken to a river for cleansing or to a burial ground for cleansing or to a market square. Pending the case.

      Knowledge is power!

      Get knowledge and understanding! In all you get, get wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. Man know yourself!!!

      Woman Know yourself!!!

      At this juncture, I have to call it a day to do other things offline. As our building project is on the way, your donations and dues are highly welcome. Pay your dues and donate to help the temple building. If you have any reason to drink twelve bottles of beer, spare 4 bottles and donate the money to light house of wisdom to help the temple building. Its more profitable to you than wast

      Wasting the money on things that are not valuable. When your money are given to spiritual things, you have stored your wealth in a place of securities. The gods watch after us. Even when you don’t have reason to give and support the temple building, I ask you to stay clear and never say evil least you suffer the penalty

      This is spirituality, it calls for carefulness. Get knowledge of the truth. This is not kpakpakoro. @ light house of wisdom where knowledge rules, angels guide us.

      Oh I am smiling in my house right now because of your wonderful teachings.

      Mmuo di ike.

      The Gods are wise.

      Just came online as I have been on treatment and am so happy cos the gods and goddesses have finally answered my prayers as my worries concerning instituiting my Chi have been tackled.. All thanks to the Gm for approving this wonderful gesture… Am happy to be here…All glory to the most high….. Gods n goddess for the wisdom bestowed upon our Gm…odogwuakataaka!!!!….please don’t remove me am in for life and will pertake…more light on our paths.. Iseeeeee

      The gods are wise, mmuo dike.

      Odogwuakataaka….you remain second to none..GI nwe akaa,..may u live long.. Iseeeeeee!!!!

      Mpa Nnukwu.. it is always too late to ask such questions (why have things remain d same after much prayer and fasting.. Casting and binding) as a matter of fact, it takes divine wisdom upon angels guide before one begins to ask questions.. Why is this why is that cos it is kinda abominable to question the FAITH into which you were born and raised in accordance to their doctrine, which you, as a child grew up knowing all your life with strong belief that it is the only way and life you must tow as a true child of God..

      Before one begin to ask such questions, the individual must have passed through hard time with severe poverty which sometimes act as an eye opener to those involved Maka na adighi agwa okenye pua n’ anwu.. Daddy treat our ofekeism Maka n’ ofeke ajoka.. Dalu Odogwu Akataka, dalu nwoke ike.. Onye Oma n’ iga adi!!



      I thank the gods and goddesses for the otu izu (Igbo one week 4days) prayer rituals.. I’m sure the gods have heard and accepted my prayers and our prayers .. Iseeee!!!

      Odogwuakataaka! Isi mmiri igbo nile!! I greet you, sir. Thanks alot for your teachings. May you live long and prosper. Iseeee!!!



      Good day my GGM….please when you notice that anywhere you go.there is always a fly always following you and making noise in your ear…what could this mean?

      Please how do I make a road opener spiritual bath. Nothing seems to work for me. Having failures in all I do. That’s why I need cleansing bath.

      You don’t need cleansing bath…you need to pay for consultation. Let the grand master of knowledge consult on your behalf to know the root of your problem…then from there.the gods and goddesses will provide a solution

      Use the search function on telegram to type keywords related to your questions and you will see answers. Cobwebs have been discussions several times on this platform.

      Odegwu akataaka good morning, I usually experience this particular attack if I am sleeping like somebody pressing me down on bed either the person lied down bedside me on bed or will be on top of me and each time it hold me I can’t move my body or shout no matter how I tried shout no way. We called such an attack (ife ndakpo) in igbo land. Last night I use 3 alligator pepper (ose oji) to clean my body before I sleep but I still got same attack. Pls what spirit is behind this ife ndakpo attack and what to do to completely stop having such an attack?

      Chief Ọbaghagbọn Akụ Mmiri 1

        Stop Resisting your Glory, what you see @Ebuka is not an attack but a medium to usher you into a higher Spiritual  Dimension that you seek. But you are resisting the spirit of Truth thinking is an attack. For example you recall what  happened to Young Prophet  Samuel in the house of Eli. When the call of the Spirit came in for Samuel 3 times he ran to Eli, saying here I am since you called me.  So Eli understanding that the Spirits where beckoning on the young boy, advised him to open up to the Spirit and here them out. So when next you have that same experience, be brave and open up to truth and you will be shocked how your bedroom will change to a doorway leading you to the circle of the Spirits, where TRUTH AND WISDOM RULE. and deep mysteries will be revealed to you. This experience can be the ANSWER YOU SEEK.

        Chief Ọbaghagbọn Akụ Mmiri 1

          The Gods are Wise

          Odogwu Akataka thank you for the wisdom and light you share

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