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      One way to think about sacrifices is as “gifts” given to the spirits. When you perform sacrifices, you are given to the gods what you believed God and the gods had given to you, expressing your close relationship with them and seeking to deepen that bond.


      Sacrifice always involves transformation. One of the most common ways to transform something is to destroy it. Destruction removes the animal from the ordinary realm and transfers it to a transcendent one. The spirits received the smoke of the burning sacrifice as a “pleasing odor”. In so doing, the gods enjoyed a fellowship meal with human beings in god’s dwelling on earth or the temple.


      Burnt offering could be a herd or flock animal (bull, sheep, or goat) or a bird (dove or pigeon). The whole animal must be burned in the altar of fire. It was the most extravagant sacrifice because the entirety was given to the spirits.


      This true revelation brings us to what we call end of the year and new year animals blood sacrifices which takes place 31st night and New year morning.


      There’s great importance for us to recognize a year. A whole year despite all talks about our earthly spending (of life) and aging.


      We say, I am a year old.

      I am 5 years old.

      I am 56 years old etc. This count won’t have been possible if at all we didn’t count on lengths of times and days amounting to great months of life spending.


      This also brings us to what is called a Passover. A time when we cross borderline of aging. A must addition of age to our life whether we like it or not. This is so important in the life of everyone knowingly or unknowingly.


      And because we are in the house of truth, @ light house of wisdom, I’ll always tell you the truth. Truth is our watchword. Reason we do everything humanly possible, to make sure truth reaches you always in this platform. As a human being, possessing the image of the gods, you need nothing greater than the truth. It’s only the truth that sets you free.


      If there’s a year worthy of sacrifices, you and I know that it’s this year. If not for anything, for the life which was reassured to us after the Covid19 outbreak. An epidemic which locked the whole world down and shuts up the mouth of self-acclaimed this and that. The knowledge of mankind was tested and at a limit felt trusted.


      Not until the gods proved themselves as owners and controllers. A great lesson indeed for everyone living. Even those who doubted the true existence of the spirits, had to agree and nod their heads in accord. We must make sacrifices to the gods, using blood of animals in exchange and to say thanks for life and also to ask for more life and things of life for the coming year 2021.


      This is how we are going to make a sacrifice at midnight 31 December 2020 before the hour of 11:30 pm using a black he-goat (oké mkpi oji ).


      The he-goat must be virgin. We are using it to say bye-bye for year 2020, a year which something greater than us and till date a thing we didn’t know anything about wanted to claim our life but the gods interceded for us. We say mkpi ife ifere, ohuu ife ifere.


      That’s to say, we are using it to purify ourselves from shame, unwanted death, and calamity. This sacrifice is best performed at T-Junction.


      This is highly possible for the fact that all of us are expected to be home (village) by then. Should there be any reason why this ritual could not be carried out at T-Junction, have it done at home and carry the live animal to the point and drop.


      How to perform the ritual.

      Buy (if you don’t have) or get one from yours (if you have). The colour have to be black. If you can’t get complete black he-goat, make sure any goat you are using have greater black sporting colours than any other colour in the body.


      Make sure it’s a complete animal, haven no fault in the body. Very important!


      You could put on white cloths if you have. If not, look for any other colour which is not black or red colours.


      Please avoid sex at least from 29th day of December making it 3rd day to the ritual night.


      This ritual is done individually. That’s to say, if couples are performing it together, they must have two different ritual animals (he-goat). They will not share same ritual animal.


      It’s for everyone, old and young.


      I have said it earlier, if there’s any reason you can’t stand at T-Junction to perform this ritual at the specified time, please have it done at the comfort of your home then take it to the junction with your car or inside a bag or at hand. Whichever, make sure you have it at your left hand while dropping (at the junction).


      Count twenty-one seeds of alligator pepper and insert in your mouth.

      With your right hand, hold three kolanut cotyledons.

      With your left hand, hold the little black he-goat on its two hands.

      Look at your watch and see if it’s a minute pass 11pm.

      You can begin the ritual and make sure you round up before 11:30 pm. Get through with everything that has to do with the ritual before the hour of 12 midnight.


      Say your prayers. Start from thanksgiving for life well spent for the year. Thank your chi, thank the Most High God, thank all infinity possible possibilities who made life possible for you this year, thank your ancestors.


      When you done with thanksgiving prayers.

      Continue by reminding them about things that came your way this year which you won’t want to see and encounter next year. Take your time to say them one by one, name them one by one.


      When you are done, transfer by holding the two hands of the ritual animal to your right hand alongside the kolanut and with your left hand hold both legs.


      When you do, say, all shame and reproach, unwanted spirits which has followed you through the year, etc, you are hereby removing them from your body and spirit using the he-goat as well as making settlement for them at same time. So that they go with the sacrifice while you have a peaceful and joyful life well spent in coming year 2021.

      Mote it be.



      Carry it up and draw down your body from head to toe. Do so front and back, left and your right side of body.

      You can use one hand if you find it impossible using both hands while performing the exercise.

      Turn from one hand to another to help perfection making sure you cover desired parts of the body as guided.


      Finally, chew the alligator pepper.

      Chew very well and endure the hot pepper, avoiding making unpleasant faces (proving uncomfortableness). When you are done chewing the alligator pepper, open the mouth of the ritual game wide open with both hands (still holding tight your kolanut ritual).

      Splash seven times the alligator pepper ritual inside the mouth of the ritual game.

      If you are performing the ritual standing at T-Junction, immediately you are done splashing as guided, heat the ritual animal on the center of the road four times (both side of its body).

      Leave it (allow to live or die).

      Break the kolanut accordingly and drop on the exact point.

      Bend down and rob your both palms on the ground (same spot). Park hands full of sand and turn, facing your way back home. Stand and afirm, ọ bụrụ na àjà ala agwụ ire, ka okwu ọnụ gị and ọfọ gị adịla irè. Mana ọ bụrụ na àjà ala agwụghi ire, ka okwu ọnụ gị na ọfọ gị dị irè.

      Iseee. (if earth ceased to be powerful, may your prayers and affirmative never come to pass. But if earth remains positive and powerful, may all you have said and wished yourself comes through all the days of your life) isee

      Throw the sand backwards over your shoulders. Wipe off your hands (with both hands to make a clapping sound).

      Go home.

      When you get home get knockout to send your messages with fire.

      Blow as many knockouts as possible, saying some words (related to your ritual prayers as the knockout blows).


      Take no chances and make no mistakes as this ritual takes place.

      May the gods hear our prayers.



      Coming next is a new year animal blood ritual with a ram.

      2021 is going to be a greater year for us light workers and truth seekers.



      Keep update as we bring you ritual on ritual event for 1st January 2021 using a white ram.

      Angels guide.


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