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    Grand Master

      Grand Master, please clarify me on the difference between the een Agwu, Oda, and Arusi. What are the requirements for instituting each of them?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Agwu–Light House of Wisdom
      I don’t know what you meant by oda!

      There is this roofed mounds of clay for fertility, barren people visit for a child. That’s what we call ODA in my place.
      Or Oda omumu!

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Amaghị sụọ butere anụghị na-aghọtachaghị nkeọma.
      The gods and goddesses are wiser than men. Language is a spiritual thing that none should joke with. Your inability to speak a language in a way it’s spoken might lead to confusion. Igbo amaka! Igbo zuru oke. Igbo language are complete just like every other languages on earth therefore none should mess with the language!

      Did you see how you made a completion of the language as it is? This is what we the Igbo’s sees and call one Nwafọ, Nwobu, Nwamala: proving that you are a son of the soil who has what it takes to be called an Igbo not speaking Igbo language with a swag!

      What we call the arụsị is ọda ọmụmụ not oda!

      Every arusi has a name just like every other thing. Your ability to get real name of an arụsị helps knowledge and information, services, hence you can’t call Chi Ukwu, Chineke. Chiukwu is not Chineke as people who don’t know Igbo language too well assumed (we make that a topic discussion any way). Igbo is such a mystic language that if you fail to call or speak it as it is, you probably get a different answer and result. The arụsị you talked about is called ọda ọmụmụ. It’s found at obu (family).

      It’s found at obu where the family lineage finds it hard to born, have or grow a child/children, perhaps as a result of a curse or what people did in the past which now has to revenge. When this happens, the people now go and consult a spiritualist who look up to the case. When they are done with results of the consult known as ịkpụ arụ – removing the effects of the curses from the people and family. This arụsị – deity known as Ọda ọmụmụ would be instituted. Its presence in the family acts as a pillar, witnesses, strong hold, barrier to those spirits that does visit the family occasionally for revenge!

      Each time they come, they find the presence of ọda ọmụmụ and has to go back. Now, the people owes the spirits/deity (ọda ọmụmụ) sacrifices for effects of his assignment. This they do annually or sessional pending terms and agreement. Whichever, there must be occasional sacrifices to the deity which empowers him for the sole mission. This is how the people comes to have more and more children to grow and become a large family in the future.
      This is how the family born and have males and females. Each lives and suffer no death role as it was.

      Such family that has such institution, temple, deity we see nowadays that the generation in the name of Christianity are destroying such institutions in the name of Jesus. Ọ dị nma – is alright!

      Are we not here on earth? Ọ bụghị n’ụwa ka anyị nọ? Of course we are here on earth!
      Because we are here on earth, this is why we live to see what we did to ourselves. Our people do say, agbacha egwu, ọ laa n’ukwu – after dance, the waists gives an account.
      Many things have been displeased causing catastrophes, poverty, premature death, untold hardships, promoting failures and sorrows to this generation of ofeke who said they are this and that!

      The issue is this, when a generation rises and say No To Wisdom, they shall have a sudden downfall and unable to see success. Why? It’s because this remains world of human and spirits not world of Jesus and Mary!

      Jesus didn’t create a single tree but the most high did alongside the gods and goddesses.
      You must know the truth.

      If you said in the name of Jesus you are cutting down this tree, I ask you to know which tree you are about to cut. Talk is cheap!

      This is why you can say anything. Be guided what you believe in and what you say lest you deceive yourself. There’s reason behind every institutions and the very reasons is a true cause for its powers.

      To uproot what was planted with solid foundation asked for sound knowledge of its structure/institution otherwise you suffer the repercussions!

      A spirit/deity that was instituted with ọfọ na ogu can’t just be removed and you said it’s in the name of Jesus!

      What you believed in has nothing to do with the truth. To fight the spirits, you must be wise otherwise you are looking for wahala (problem). Ọ kwa double wahala!

      How are you not looking for wahala when you lack absolute knowledge of what your ancestors or father did at home. All you know is that this spirit are been sacrificed with a White fowl every month/nkwo or eke or before rainy season begins or before dry season ends. Because you lack the will power of doing this, you said you are going to church. Good and fine go to your church and leave what you don’t know anything about to be where it is.

      I am sure no spirit would refuse you not to go to America or to Egypt. They understand ala bu otu – the earth is one!

      But now you have decided to go to church, it’s not enough for you. What will be enough is to return home and start removing deities that you ignored! Why?
      Because things are getting difficult for you now.
      You know I often tell you, ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya na afọ. A proverb that ofeke won’t understand!

      Now you are suffering from ife onye metere, you look for a deity to blame saying he is the reason for your poverty and failures!

      If you had said and believed that Jesus whom they preached are the most powerful in heaven and here on earth why don’t you leave the deity at his/her place/post to face your Jesus? At least allow your Jesus to fight your poverty and bring you riches. Allow your Jesus to fight the deities and win the fight for you.
      No, you won’t do it but return home and say you are removing them by fire by force. Ọ na buzi mgba na ọgụ ka unu na-amụ n’ụlọ ụka? Do you people learn to fight and war in the churches and has to practice, attest your skills with the spirits?

      Returning home to dispose what was proposed and wisely instituted by the ancestors who cared for the future and laid solid foundations, entrusting the future to the care of the gods who owns the future and controls the future: is that how your Jesus is going to save you?

      You said, your father’s home is your home. Really? Your father’s home, how is that your home?
      Your home, your father’s home is not your home. Be wise!
      If you said your Father’s home is your home and wish to claim all things as seen, you shall as well claim knowingly and unknowingly; things unseen.

      When you think you are standing, watch so that you don’t fall; Paul warned the early believers.
      Can you take an oath and say the land where you claimed ownership that it belongs to your father truly belongs to your father?
      Look before you leap!
      Spirits own everything on earth and everywhere. No portion of land was sold to any man or woman by the gods and goddesses. The earth belongs to them and can’t be your inheritance.
      The truth you must know.
      The very mistakes people made.
      Genesis of human’s problems.
      Ignorance people termed wisdom.

      You see how people trade in ignorance?

      In other words, could you tell if your ancestors where strangers in the said land? Did you know if they occupied it by force or was given freely by other people in accord? Today you said is your home and your Fathers home.
      Do you know that even if the land was given or gotten by the people, it’s never theirs before the gods who made heaven and earth?
      All things belongs to the spirit’s even your father and yourself.
      Who gave you the authority to displace a deity?
      Did your Jesus do that during his earthly ministry or you want to tell me there was no temple found in Israel at the time of Christ? Where is wisdom when people are being deceived?

      Furthermore, the Deity you set to displace from a place you claimed belonging to your father.
      Did you know the agreement reached by your ancestors in the said land you stand and claim ownership today that made you to fight a Deity?

      Do you see how people trade in ignorance?
      Finally, did you know if the man you called your father is truly your father? Don’t you know it’s only a woman that knows the true father of her son/daughter!

      Are you seeing how people lost fight with the spirits upon ignorance?
      Mmụọ jikwara unu ọfọ.
      Spirit’s remains just and pure before ofekes. This is why immediately ọrịa gbusiri mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ.

      Because you have no knowledge of the institutions, terms reached and days it was instituted, sacrifices made to the gods before it was instituted you shall suffer it should you refuse knowledge of the truth!

      Know that spirits aren’t what you thought about. They can’t be compared with anything and assumed.
      No No No!!!

      This is why you must be careful!
      Christ reviewed one truth about the spirits and their operations but then, how do you understand when you have despised wisdom?
      How would you know the truth when you have chosen to dwell with the fools?
      Did King Solomon not meant you understand that a friend of the fools shall suffer reproach?

      Without wisdom, it’s impossible to have understanding more especially in things of the spirits

      When he (Christ) was telling his disciples about what spirits are capable of doing. He made them understand that it’s not all about pursuing spirits. That some spirits are stubborn and powerful that even when you asked them to go and they go. You enter home and start celebration you have won.
      After some days, he returns with six more powerful spirits greater than him.

      Do you know why they return?
      They returned to have their settlements!

      Look at how it’s in the realms!
      Because all spirits are messengers – ndị ozi. They were given different powers for services which is why we have spirits for money, for child giving, for protection, for good luck, for revealing of hidden truth; we call them spirits of wisdom and knowledge etc!

      These are how its in the realms. Now, when someone or group of people dispute your land or properties. You go to a mediator/priest/dibia a servant of the gods and humans and pledge for spiritual support. What you asked for knowingly and unknowingly is what? A spirit!

      Even when a dibia gave you water and said, getting home, pour on the compound and do this and that, kill this and that, say this and that; know that he has given you one or two spirits/messengers!

      Even when you like call it a charm or juju, na you sabi. All I know is that a spirit was assigned to you!

      When you left and did as instructed. Understand that the spirit which was assigned to you was from somewhere, belongs to a certain realm.

      The realm knows that this arọbinagụ or ọda ọmụmụ or ngwu or agwụ was assigned to Chika from Isiakpụ.

      Any day the spirit messenger returns with anger reporting that Chika or sons or daughters or kinsmen of Chika did this and that, and finally asked him to go!

      Do you Know what they would ask him?

      What did they gave you for the period of services?

      He answered and said nothing.
      You people are gone!

      Did you not read in the bible that you shall not send your slave boy nor girl away empty handed after years of services?

      Did you not read the commandments?
      How much more the spirits.

      On this basis they have to return visit. As they set to come, as many as powerful spirits would be assigned to the previous

      When they arrive, they start pointing fingers one after another saying “Chibuike said this, that made John did that. As he give them reports so he point fingers!

      You that is Elizabeth who followed and shout Amen shall have your own punishment different from Mathew who poured concoctions. James that brought those prayer this and that has a different punishment from Chidinma who brought the money for transportation.

      Mgbeke their mother who cooked the food has different punishment from Nweke who killed a fowl which was served to them!

      So they live to punish each and every member of the family differently leaving only Nwankwo and his family who said WE HAVE NO HANDS IN THIS!

      Now, the family has fallen under the wrath of the gods. Nwankwo they will soon call an evil man because his family are successful, they assumed he waka waka (did something evil) for them. The gods must have to multiply their coast for envy so that the family has reason to feel heat of their offense.

      Did you not read what the most high did to the family of Oved-Edom when David decided to abandon the ark of covenant?
      The spirits brought prosperity to the family of Oved-Edom for accepting and keeping the ark. It was carefully done for envy. And the envious David, immediately he understood that the poor has became so rich. He quickly went and brought it out from them.
      Mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful. They have their ways of doing their own thing on their own way.

      They shall bless with more blessings the family of Nwankwo. You people shall be praying die die die every night!

      Only to be left confused and disappointed when you find out that spirits never die!

      How would you know this?

      Wherever you go, you kept receiving the messages that deities from your fathers home are against you!

      That’s when you know that years of prayers and fasting has not brought a solution yet.
      Be wise!

      Have you known what is ọda ọmụmụ? Mmụọ dike!
      Angels guide!

      BIG JOE:
      Dis indeed an eye opening dis morning GGM dat is why d Bible says dat d physical is controlled by d spiritual indeed d goods are wise,may u continue to florish in truth and wisdom as Angels guide

      Chidimma Anene:
      Iseeeeeee…sir your teaching are too great and full of wisdom and very easy to understand… What more can I say… Let knowledge and wisdom never lack from you… Angels guide you

      Mmuo dike real

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      GM I appreciate you sir. I have learnt a lot from you. This morning tea is so special. More wisdom! Angel guide.

      Adadioramma T.c:
      Good morning fellow citizens

      Promise Chizurumoke:
      Of a truth Mmuo Dike
      Dalu Nnam

      Uchenna IGWUILO:
      Truth and nothing but the Truth,,, I appreciate you Sir,, Thank you so much!! This is indeed an eye opening. Angel guide!. More wisdom to you and more to us that are here,, more to me too. I’m grateful.. This is indeed Great House of Wisdom .. Finally at the Right source !!

      Frank Okonkwo Abuja:
      Thanks our dear leader GGM Odogwuakataaka the gods are wise,you are indeed a great spiritual teacher of our time may the god and goddesses our ancestors ndi mmiri nine the rulers of the East,West,North and south continue to empower you spiritually for benefits of humanity iseee!

      Yes I have, my GM. Thanks for opening my eyes and mind to more wisdom.

      Prince Daniel:
      GGM, please don’t remove me o! Will start my monthly payment from end of this month. Thanks Sir

      I have redeemed my pledge

      The GGM is indeed a man of deep wisdom, his teaching is an eye opener and his teachings are not meant for d I CAN READ crew..
      My take is before you read his teaching for proper understanding, please read over and over again until wisdom concealed in his teaching is conceived..
      Haven said that:
      I want to confirm his today’s teaching with reference to casting out of spirits/demons..

      In my family we currently have similar challenge, long time ago we were told by different prayer warriors/prophet/prophetess and what have you that we have issues with (ife ndi gboo metere) sins of the ancestors.. We have embarked on various Christian spiritual exercises be it fasting/dry fasting and what have you but all to no avail.. NO RESULT!!

      I’m always disappointed each time we visit different prayer group and the first prophesy will be IFE NDI GBOO MATERE n’ enye unu nsogbu.. I began to question which kind sins of the ancestors that is too powerful that every prayers and faster and so so could not quench.. It’s quite frustrating really.. But today the GGM has opened my eyes further and I am glad to learn about it today..

      OdogwuAkataka of our time, may the gods and goddesses continue to preserve you for this generation and for Africa as a whole.. You are indeed like Peter upon who the church is built.. To you my GGM you are the sole custodian of Africa and natural culture.. Nnam jide k’ iji.. ISEE

      I rest my case

      Monthly fee Redeemed

      Monthly fee paid: #2,000 from John N.

      Odogwu akataka, am still loyal sir and will ever be loyal sir, I have known you and I can’t search for any other spiritualist, you are enough for me. More light your path sir and may Angels guide us all, iseeeeeeee

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      Chief Ọbaghagbọn Akụ Mmiri 1

        Wisdom and Truth

        Flood my heart…… Iseeee


          I am interested to learn more on this topic: who is the devil and what is the role he plays in this life? I am of the opinion that families should have respect for deities and worship the God of all Creation…

          Prince Nnamdi Kingsley

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