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      Biko onye ogbanje oga eji li ofo mmiri?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Our mission here is on earth comes with ọfọ. Without ọfọ, it is impossible for anyone to fulfill his/her divine purpose for creation.
      Its only ọfọ that leads and guide you and I.
      If not ọfọ, am sorry if we can stand the powers and principalities of earth and beyond on our earthly mission.

      So asking if onye ogbanje can hold ọfọ simply tells that you don’t know what is ọfọ and onye ogbanje.
      That person whom you call ogbanje and asked if she can hold ọfọ ndị mmiri comes with the ọfọ. As said, without the ọfọ, her mission here on earth will be aborted as a result of forces.

      The ọfọ would be a guide and have to act as a protector, lead as a leader to her destiny (mission here on earth). Without the ọfọ, it becomes impossible to fulfil the divine purpose for creation.

      I’m confused because the dibia said she is an Ogbanje too
      Can an Ogbanje hold ofo mmiri?
      Beside my girlfriend will not accept to do that, no matter how I convince her

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      I was passing by but have to stop over to say something and continue my journey.

      As I listen and read your comments, it’s like you wrote something as if you’re trying to convince someone into accepting something.

      If that’s is true, why you will convince her further is because its not her destiny. If it’s, then I will tell you about Igbo adage which says ‘anaghị agwa onye ntị chiri na agha esula’ – (You don’t tell a deaf person that war has started, for he/she will see it with their very eyes!)

      The great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ.

      It’s only he/she who is not involved that you will keep convincing and persuading to accept her calling or responding to her early mission.

      If I may ask, why are you to convince someone for the gods?

      Who are you?

      Can you stop the rain?
      Can you cause fire out of nothing?
      Can you make water to come out from dry land?
      Can you cause the lips of the dumb to bubble?
      Can you make the blind see?

      Can you help powers greater than you?

      So, how then do you think you can convince someone for the gods?

      Anyways you can do that not for the gods and goddesses but for your selfish reasons.

      Have you heard this ‘arụ ka ntị anụ ife’?

      This skin that you and I possessed. Do you know that it hears faster and so louder than the ears?
      How on earth would you know when you don’t know?

      You will only know when it happens to you. You can’t know when it doesn’t concern you.
      I tell you, anaghị agwa onye ntị chiri na agha esula.
      He/she must hear the sound and feel the heat. When it get hotter than he could stand, ọsọ a pụọ ya ụkwụ (he runs beyond his limits).

      Go and sit down.

      None fights for the spirits. When you do, it’s a waste of effort. Mmụọ dike _ spirits are powerful.

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