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      Gozie Mbah:
      Good day my great grand master… please sir I have I have a question, this oke ITE awelle I have been hearing about, dose it works for everybody

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Awele m.
      Awele gị.

      Awele is for everyone. Everyone has awele. Awele is what Igbo’s called ọ natara chi. It’s a bonus which comes and goes with our akaraka _ destiny. Our akaraka has awele. That’s why when you find your true mission here on earth, you have awele.
      Haven awele is progress, light, prosperity, fulfillment, safety etc.
      Our Destiny which comes with awele is why we don’t experience hold up when we find our destiny and alligned with our destiny.

      We say awele awele.

      Haven said that been the truth. Never forget, mmiri n’enyere ncha aka ọ gbaa ụfụfụ (water helps soap to foam). This is what knowledge of the truth brought to our knowledge. Through our spiritual exposition, we get to know more and deeper things of the spirits. That’s how juju _ spells _ charms comes into display.

      Call it extra or additional knowledge.

      Extra or addition comes upon. Because there was something in deposit earlier on, we can now talk about extra or addition.

      So, juju practice to us spiritual practitioners is additional. Just like the true saying, water helps soap to foam (mmiri n’enyere ncha aka ọ gbaa ụfụfụ).
      This is how we talk about oké ite awele. Oke ite awele comes into play, acts as a supporter to our awele.
      This is why it works for everyone.

      Oke ite awele is nothing but seeking for special attention of the spirits over your daily affairs.

      Oke ite awele is nothing but attracting the attention and presence of the spirits through vow and blood sacrifices on board.

      Oke ite awele like every other juju one can do for any purpose states it clear that I support my destiny to become wealthy and prosperous at no stop.

      Now, haven known these, you can say, I am okay with awele m _ my awle. I don’t need oké ite awele.
      That remains your decision not like your chi doesn’t want it or like it will cause you troubles or call down death for you. Not at all.

      But it’s like you been contented with your present and okay with your future reading from your present.
      It’s like you are not ready for further commitment knowing that it’s a commitment.

      If anyone tells you that your chi or agwụ doesn’t want oké ite awele or awele, tell the person to his or her face that he/she is Ofeke priest or priestess.

      She knows nothing about spirituality and not far from been a pastor (deceivers and liars). Pastors are deceivers and liars. So we have pastors like in our spiritual practices.

      It’s only on the basic of self confidence and content that one can proudly say, I don’t need oké ite awele.
      Not that his chi or akaraka or whatever doesn’t want it.

      Your chi is a spirit so your agwụ or whatever spiritual entity you might have with you, so is Oke ite awele. Spirits doesn’t reject spirits just like human beings doesn’t reject fellow humans in belief that he stings or bites. Mmụọ anaghị asọ mmụọ.
      Mmadụ anaghị asọ mmadụ.
      This is natural.
      This is nature binding and it’s lawful.

      You can only decide to say, I would not go for oké ite awele because I have this and that and I am okay with this and that. Good and fine!

      It’s wisdom. Wisdom is truth.
      The truth is that which you know is real. So if you trust that which you know is real, you can stand on the basic to say, I am okay and contented with their services. Then you continue with your awele.

      I hope these messages and information are helpful and clear?
      May the gods and goddesses help us all as we keep fit Angels.
      More light on our paths… Iseee.


        Good day my grand master.  I recently joined your forum. And I’m enjoying the content of your forum.

        I have a question regarding this Oke ite, what are the negative implications if there are any?


          How can someone find his true mission


            Odugwuakataka, Sir I want to know the implications of oke ite awele, ndi be anyi si na onye ajuju anara efu uzo… that’s why am asking…

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