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      Ugonwa Faith:
      Wise one. I want to know more about dog sacrifice. Killing dog for your chi or ndi ichie

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Ọgazị Amaka, mana ejighị ya agọ mmụọ. Dog is so powerful and are used for ritual sacrifices but it’s not used to sacrifice for chi. To do it ‘bụ inye chi gị nri amosu’. You don’t offer your chi ‘nri amosu’. Onye nye chi ya nri amosu, chi ya atụọ ya nseke, iyi na umemiyi, ọ bụrụ ọrịa amosu.

      For agwụ, we are careful in every ritual done for one’s agwụ. There are some persons whose agwụ requires dog for sacrifices. When you offer such, it help fight witchcraft on their path to make them sit well and balance without further attack from the enemies on their destinys.

      If one’s agwụ didn’t request for dog and you mistakenly make sacrifices using it for the person, it brings much more problems. Agwụ would accuse the person of feeding him with nri amosu. Because he sees it as one, ọ ga_agba gị ọta, butere gị uhu, ndụdọ, ose ọra na ọhakwụ.

      You don’t offer blood sacrifices of dog to ndị Ichie ani.

      They are aka ji ọfọ. Ha anaghị eri nri amosu. Nkịta bụ amosu. Iri ọbara nkịta bụ iri nri amosu. To make blood sacrifices of dog to the ancestors is a poison. It’s not done for one’s good, life and progress.
      Haven said these, I asked you people to always seek guardians from a true spiritualist to make your sacrifices a powerful and most acceptable one.

      Ejighị ife ejiri gwọrọ kpalakwukwu a gwọrọ udele. Anaghị eri udele eri, maka na udele bụ ajọ anụ.

      Ugonwa Faith:
      Good day odogwu akataka. If someone use dog for any ritual at all, after Soo many years or some months, will the deity request for a human being? Pls Sir I need your clarification on this.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It depends!
      Why do I have to say this?
      It’s because, I know that there functionalities of deities as we have them today. I also know that some powerful deities makes powerful demands.

      Let me start from juju which we do. How much do you know that strong juju is a strong deity _ oké ọgwụ bụ oké arụsị?
      Yes of course.

      Now, at the cause of making some charms, it might require human being for effective services as charged. Could you provide it? This happens to be a question that needs answers.
      If you do, it happens that such demands comes often or there is need for that in the future, you will do so.

      Because precautional measures were not taken.
      Dog has strong spirit that enables it to stand against witchcraft and work with witchcraft, just like human being. Reason the blood are used in strong ritual sacrifices and spell casting.
      All the same, there’s what we call ogbuchie/igbuchi. It simply means and talk about rituals taken to avert future course or occurrences(things like that).

      Every powerful deities _ juju accept it if only you know or was told. But the problem here is that there are little or no provisions, chances of getting the necessary for ogbuchie.

      Because, some people who happens to seek for the help of the spirits who had the powers for the services often are in a mess, critical conditions, critical illness, resulting to the inability to provide further ritual items to stop such future measure

      I will make an instance with awele ụzụ, it takes human but that could be stopped by sacrificing a cow at the initial stage, stating clearly that there will be no room in the future for such move and demand whatsoever. You make sacrifices of cow stating it clear to the Awele that no human fatter than cow. No human head, bigger than cow head. Just like cow has two hands and legs, so human.

      Therefore, today been the day of eke or Orie or afọ or nkwọ, that you are given cow to the deity for the commission and ask that it cease any future move, purpose and course to look, eat, demand and accept human being for sacrifices. That it’s human that herds cow not cow that herds human being (mmadụ na_achi efi, efi anaghị achị mmadụ).
      Etie ọfọ eke, ọfọ Orie, ọfọ afọ and nkwọ on the ground, it’s sealed. It becomes an agreement _ ọ dị na ọgbụgba ndụ okwu ọnụ na ọbara.

      Wisdom has a lot of to teach mankind. Reason you must look for wise ones as leader on your spiritual journey to avoid “had I known”. With wisdom and by the path of wisdom, you shall ride safe. Wisdom provides millions of possibilities at all times. With wisdom, there’s no one way but many ways. With wisdom, our spiritual fellowship becomes a success and life support. With wisdom, the gods are happy for services and mankind are well protected under their shadow.

      I charge you all to be wise. Don’t go by the way of spirit blindly. It’s a blind fellowship when you set on a spiritual mission having no wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. In all you get, get knowledge and understanding. Knowledge of the truth is the wisdom you desired.

      Angels guide.

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