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    Grand Master

      Brian Richardson:
      Odogwu,I want to ask this, after doing my iru agwu and idokwa chi, is it advisable to go for any other kind of awele to enable good things to come my way?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      When you done with your chi temple institution through which you reconcile with your chi and fed him, you proceed with deliverance which follows by marine peace settlement (as a mariner) then finally comes irụ agwụ for those whose agwụ are calling and disturbing, when these are done and perfected: you can do awele.

      I tell you, with the above steps positively undertaking, awele becomes a success. No hindrance!

      At this point I would want to correct an impression. A very negative impression which is in circulation.
      It has to do with the wrong information been shared and believed by some group of Ofeke’s who confront spirituality with ofekeism. Thinking that spirituality is Christianity. Who told you that spirituality is Christianity?

      Because spirituality is not Christianity, you don’t and shouldn’t pass false information and expect people to believe it.

      They said nwa mmiri _ a mariner don’t do juju and shouldn’t get involved with juju. I ask, what is juju?

      Can someone tell me what is juju and who is a mariner?
      Can you be a mariner and deny you are not juju daughter or son?
      Mmiri ọ bụghị ọgwụ?
      Is water not juju?
      Does juju avoid juju?
      Ajọ nwa is still asking?

      If you were told and have happened to be among people who carry out this wrong information or believe it to be true, I tell you today, you are evil and have been deceived.

      The grand creator himself (chukwu Okike) who is eze dibịa _ chief priest can’t deny not have given us human the ability to get engaged, involved and initiated with juju.

      Water was in existence before the creation of world and the water itself is juju.

      When the world was created all things was created by power, possessing powers to make all things juju.

      Human being is not exclusive but inclusive. So how then do you tell me that nwa mmiri _ mariner shouldn’t do juju?

      Human being for your information is a deity. Our grand creator is a deity. We were created in his image. As a deity, we can’t deny possessing powers. Mmiri anaghị asọ mmiri. Ike anaghị asọ ume. Anyanwụ anaghị asọ ihie. So how do you believe it to be true that a deity should avoid juju?

      Tell me and I will believe it to be true that it is, naanị isi kara aka n’ebu ogidi. Isi na_akaghi aka buo ogidi, ogidi agbakwo ya olu. As a deity, try your best possible ability using spiritual information to develop that which is in you to fit powers surrounding. Failure to do that, you become a subject of caricature.

      When Moses knew this truth as I revealed to you today, he worked and aligned himself with the powers that be. What happened?
      He became a great deity.

      Franklin Onyelo Odiaka:
      The Gods bless you Grand Master Odogwu Akataka. I don’t know the extent of destruction Ofekeism would have done to me. If not for my Chi leading me to you, a source of Wisdom and Knowledge of the Truth. Am brave and bold today because I seek the Truth and I found Light.
      You are the Pride of our Igbo Cosmology.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      When King Solomon through blood ritual sacrifices promoted himself to the realm of powers, he became a deity.
      Solomon been a deity made the whole world rulers to bow before his throne.
      You can’t enter his seat of power without him leading you. Even when he died nobody was able to sit on the same seat he reigned. Deities!

      What about John the Baptist?
      John was a marine high priest. Who called millions of lost mariners back to the marine world through initiation.

      That which you call today baptism, we call it water initiation.
      I remain the Great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ.
      Ajọ nwa!
      Anyị gasia, ndị ọzọ abiawa!

      During the era of Samson, we all read about him been a deity. He possessed a great power that made nations run by the mention of his name. By the mention of the name Samson, every nation bowed.
      Na juju.
      The juju is found on his hairs.

      None knew until the hair was cut.
      How then do you tell me that nwa mmiri anaghị agwọ ọgwụ _ a mariner don’t do juju?
      How then do you tell me that nwa mmiri abụghị ọgwụ _ a mariner is not juju?
      Do you know for Samson juju to be effective, none should cut his hairs (was the order given)?
      But some of you today are into Christianity criticizing traditional practices for the effect of juju and nsọ.
      Whereas you are proud answering Samson.

      Do you know know that Christ is nwa mmiri _ mariner?
      Did you know that if not for the effect of marine initiation done, his mission on earth could not have been accomplished?
      Did you observe, read and understood the series of argument that took place between him and John before John finally got him initiated into the marine world for the truth of the matter.
      Immediately, the heavenly doors opened and a voice for the first time was heard from the heavenly kingdom.

      Know the truth

      The truth you know shall set you free

      No juju is small or greater. Juju is juju. Call it awele or àjà egbu atụ: juju na juju.
      Call it gun protection or do as I say: juju na juju.
      Call it touch and follow or ọ bịara egbu m gbue onwe ya: juju is juju.
      Ọgwụ ukwu, ọgwụ nta: ọgwụ bụ ọgwụ.
      Nwa mmiri asọghị ọgwụ maka na mmiri asọghị ọgwụ

      Adaobi Nwizugbe:
      The Grand Master himself…dishing out truth as always.. thank you for this truthful correction. I humbly learn and drink wisdom from a great father, who has been blessed with infinite wisdom and grace. Dalu nnukwu nna.

      Gozie Mbah:
      You are not a human being, now I understand.

      Uzo mmiri adighi echi

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