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    Grand Master

      Michael Charles:
      Please the grand master I greet you. I must start by saying that you are like Mosses of our time.

      Right here and now I am totally confused of myself. I have gone so many places in search of the solution to my predicaments; this person will say this, another person will say that.

      Some said that I have a spiritual wife, that it is the cause of my problem and another will say that it is my Chi that is the cause of my problem.  Another will still say that somebody in my family said that I will never be greater then he’s children.

      Sincerely speaking, I am in a state of confusion now. How do I know the cause of my problem. I really need your help so that I will know what next to do. Thanks the grand master the Nostrademus of our time.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Neither of the aforementioned information from various people should have subjected you to a state of confusion. I said so because it’s true. You were rather confused as a result of your state of ignorant.

      A dibịa, ezenwanyi or magician has little or no power to deceive you as a human being when you know the truth. But when you don’t, you will become vulnerable to deception. This is when you become confused to every information that comes your way

      Now we start from the first to the last information from these people to see which are more like the truth and the truth.

      The foremost or some said your predicament has to do with a marine wife (as you wrote). Now, do you think it’s true?

      How do you know if its true?
      Spiritual wife, who is the she?
      Do you know?
      Do you know her criteria?

      Spiritual wife, is she a myth?

      Have you recorded this encounter? This is what someone else is bringing to your notice, but have you witnessed it?

      A spiritual spouse is a woman. If she is your problem as said, how often did you have encounter with her? Can you recall?
      How much do you know yourself is the question you should ask yourself.

      This is afa isi – spiritual consultation/information on your head. Not on my head, therefore you should be able to register at least half of it or 75% to 80% of the information, to confirm them to be true. If they didn’t gather 50% confirmation from you, it’s false no matter who said it

      Another said it’s chi that is the cause of your problem. That’s also a small case that shouldn’t get you confused if you had known the truth. Chi in question is your chi not my chi. Then, ask what does your chi want so that that he stop disturbing and causing your downfall. Get the needs and make peace settlement and keep fit. It will manifests itself been the truth. If it’s not, it will yield no more positive result no matter the amount of resources pulled into it, time and labour force.

      Get to the know the truth, by so doing, you won’t get confused by words spoken by anyone more especially on spiritual matters. Spiritual information are like a hand ban. Our people do say, hand ban is not to be visage with a mirrow.

      Do you agree?

      The truth of the whole matter is that good number of you still do things today by your powers and might. That might fetch you results in some part of life but not in your spiritual life.

      In your spiritual life, always front your guardian spirits over time.

      I do say it time without number, consult your chi as you set to consult a spiritualist on any spiritual matters.

      Consult your chi as you embark on any spiritual assignments.

      This ofeke won’t hear even when he does would still find it difficult to understand.

      Haven issues with understanding as seen in some of you makes world and things of life most confusing to you. May angels guide us all.


        How do I know what my chi wants from me

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