How Do We Know The Real Spiritual Man(dibia)?

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      Mazi Chukwualuka:
      How wil I know when my Chi is against me?

      Through spiritual consultation!
      Spiritual consultation helps provide answers to your questions

      Therefore, visit a spiritualist/dibia to know more about yourself. If you are in good relationship with your chi, he will tell you. If not, you hear from him also.

      Engr Chijioke:
      How do we know the real spiritual man(dibia).They hardly tell you same thing.

      Please how will one know if he or she meets a genuine spiritualist?

      To know real dibia hence all lizards lay low on their bellies making it impossible to know the ones suffering from purge. First of all look at his temple upon arrival.
      This is one way knowing a true dibia and a dibia who has a divine call.

      The Temple must have all it takes to say YES THE GODS ARE HERE.
      Because you aren’t ofeke and meanwhile, its with eyes you be able to identify ripe corn not nose or leg. When you see the okwu arusi – the shrine, your spirit must bear you witness hence the saying BY THEIR FRUITS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM.

      Moreover, a dibia doesn’t have to reside in a strange land but his home land (occupying his ancestral home). Because of what? Ofo ani!

      Therefore, before you pay a visit to a dibia, get to know if he is residing in his paternal home town, family. This is where he takes ‘ugo’ as aka ji ugo. This is where he takes ‘ofo’ as aka ji ofo.
      This is where the ancestors and agwu are through whom the transmissions are possible. Agwu di n’obi

      Odogwuakataka you have really gone far in the realm of spirit and can never return a failure….mmuo dike

      Engr Chijioke:
      You’re natural by their fruit you shall know them

      Because agwu di n’obi, oji agwu, okuku agwu and oku agwu are all reside at the obi (ancestral home), making the shrine. Even though he might go elsewhere only with ofo agwu.
      These are what you must take time to observe before sitting for a spiritual consultation.

      Get to know also that a dibia who takes Igbo (weewee) must have false information in most cases to give, therefore know your spiritualist too well.

      May gods and goddess of our land guide us all…more light to our path..GM

      Engr Chijioke:
      May our ancestors add more grace to your grace

      Only igbo or any cigarettes at all
      Because I met one that can’t stay minutes without lighting cigarettes

      I said Igbo not cigarette or hot drinks. Some dibia might consume so much liquor but he never get intoxicated. The reason been his agwu. Some agwu nsi like alcohol and the more the dibia consume, the higher he goes spiritual. Take agwu away from him, you find out that he has no appetite for alcohol unlike Igbo

      Since my spiritual mission and engagement, I haven’t come to meet a spirit which say or asked for Igbo. Igbo leaf, roots and stems are medicinal. They aren’t meant for smoking as such.
      People must not misunderstand the gods and purpose of creation

      Igbo consumers know its for waywardness not for wisdom. As a matter of fact, no wise man takes Igbo.
      Wisdom asked for quietness and calmness. Anything that has to do against the brain must be cancelled and not to be taken for any reason. When you take Igbo, it’s a spirit of its own.
      You may ask, which spirit are Igbo?

      We have different spirits that control almost everything not just one spirit or two but billions of spirits assigned to various workforce and each are busy doing his work diligently.
      When you take Igbo, you are consulting a spirit of madness knowingly or unknowingly. Now tell me, should he who is said to be wise need to behave like a lunatic?
      Onye ana-ekirir ekiri o di mma ikpo ntu?

      Because we know what Igbo stands for, each time we have a spell to cast for madness we also make sure Igbo herbs and seeds are among the ritual materials so that the subject have madness to the core.
      That’s the kind of madness that the bearer do not remember putting on clothes

      Our body is a Temple if you must know therefore, whatever is corrupt shouldn’t be used in us.
      As a matter of fact, there are some shrine that if you smoke Igbo before or behind the temple, you become mad immediately.
      No good spirits tolerate that and no dibia who has nso ala that would have appetite smoking Igbo.
      Do you know that no dibia eats what his agwu forbids?

      So ask yourself, the manner of dibia that smokes Igbo.
      He can’t offer the best result upon angels guide

      Engr Chijioke:
      Odogwuakataaka thanks plenty you are a spiritual man I appreciate

      May angels guide….more light to ur path

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