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      How Spirits Acts Like The Children.

      @ Odogwuakataka GGM.
      On Spiritual Hierarchy.

      What happens when a stranger (an enemy) offers a sacrifice (probably a higher one) to your CHI spiritually as a bribe or permission to harm you?

      What is the inter power play in the spiritual realms according to hierarchy?

      What are the categories of spiritual hierarchies and placement?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Remember I made a promise to bring to us updates, more information on spiritual hierarchies. I look forward doing that upon angels guide

      All the same, I have to tell you the truth I know as it happens in the realm of spirits where wisdom rules.
      For you to be hypnotized, killed or harmed with charms or with any other spiritual powers: it could only be possible the moment your chi was defeated. Otherwise, nothing can permit such ugliness.
      I said nothing!

      If you are in good term’s with your chi. Your ability to kept fit rituals, promoting your chi, taken care of him at when do. He won’t look by the side to protect you

      For an enemy to get you spiritually, he must first win your spirit guide. And this can be done in many ways

      Its he who doesn’t know that asked to know. When you know what you should know, you wake up and rise up to stand on your fit.
      At this juncture, none tells you what you should do neither would you be forced into doing performing necessary ritual sacrifices to promot your chi

      Look at how it’s done

      If I want to harm you now, because of my spiritual knowledge, I won’t just try. No I won’t do it

      For perfect result, I first and fore most engage you on a spiritual consult to know all about you. This is why witches and wizards are all powerful. A witch and wizard always consult over spiritual assignments before undertaken. This is why they hardly felt a mission.

      If I find out your chi is as more powerful as any powers, I rest my case and hands up. I won’t try knowing I will not succeed. But that doesn’t mean I can’t fight if I wish

      Normally, we are good and allowed to contest. Its allowed spiritual. If I decide to fight that powerful spirit, it only requires a higher sacrifices which I have to make to my chi and all forces that I would need for the mission

      In that case, I might require to make sacrifices with human blood (specification). They may say, bring to us a hunch back.
      They may say, give us a Virgin girl or boy. If I should present the sacrifice, I have beat the drum of war

      These Powers now owes me victory and cheers and that they must work towards delivery hence the sacrifices. When the war broke, your chi runs back to you (seeking empowerment).

      If you are ignorant (ofeke), you won’t hear the spirit calling and crying for help. When he cry and cry and no help was given unto him, he then surrender to the higher and powerful authority. Know that blood ritual sacrifices are one way by which spirits gain promotions. A spirit that are been served with a fowl which has not been served with a ram can’t share same hierarchy with a spirits that have been served with a ram, cow or human blood. These sacrifices are empowerment, promoting them to higher orders. The order has to do with strength

      Now that his chi cried for help, should he get the knowledge and information, reinforce him, the chi will stand the rivalries

      This when happens looks like when two elephants are fighting: the grasses suffers

      Because you know what I knew and can do whatever as odogwu (valiant), the spirits would keep fighting to no end. The fight continues till a year, two to ten, twenty to time indefinite until one day both party decide to give up

      And before this happens, the spirits must have made it possible. How possible you may ask?

      The spirits because they have fought for years might decide to quit the fight. When they do, they won’t accept nor asked for any sacrifices anymore. At this juncture, they have to agree to bring both of you together with any possible means

      In other words, should your enemy offer’s higher sacrifices to your chi greater than what your chi have been receiving from you, your chi has no option than to grant whatever be his wish and prayers. At this juncture, we said: SPIRITS ACT LIKE THE CHILDREN and it’s true. They do!
      I often said that SPIRITS ARE LIKE CHILDREN!!
      Yes they act like children!!!

      Spirits has longer throat – mmuo di usa (what the wise know to be true owing to our years of spiritual knowledge and engagement). To know the powers that children and spirits possessed in common, take up this simple assignment tomorrow. Tomorrow, go and buy chichin, call all children together outside their home and out from their parents, ask each to call you papa and take one chichin

      The first to do that, knowing you are not his papa truly would call you papa only to have the chinchin. When you give him or her one chichin as promised, he eats. Others look at him and turns to look at you

      Ask them to call you papa to collect their own, they will drag and sing it like chorus calling you papa papa papa papa papa…….The more you share, more they call and comes closer to you.

      As soon as you go, another man comes with banana and call all the children together.
      He said to them, call me papa and have one banana each.
      They will drag him calling him papa papa papa papa…..
      He shares the banana. They all ate and be glad.

      When he goes, another man brings fried meats and call them saying call me papa and have a piece of meat.
      Because they know meat are not like banana and chichin, they gladly call him papa papa papa papa papa papa papa……..
      He shares them meats as promised and left.

      Now, I tell you one thing. These children must surely return to their various individual homes to meet their parents and real papa but then, at that point in time you had them under your services. You could control them as you like and they have to do as you say.

      Because you have given them the meat or the banana, you might ask them not to greet their papa good afternoon this afternoon. That whosoever that does that,if you come tomorrow, you are going to dash him a toy car

      Hearing this, none of them would agree to greet his papa reaching home. Now they took it up to themselves asking “did you greeted your papa”?

      This one answered and said ‘Noooo I didn’t’! Some might tell how serious the case are by monitoring others to see who does and who doesn’t.

      The other replies and says LIKEWISE ME, I DIDN’T!

      “I didn’t greet my papa. When papa comes tomorrow, I shall have my car” Another proclaimed joyfully.

      They will have to trust on the promises made to them. This is truth as it happens in the spirit realm when the wise uses knowledge, powers of sacrifices to oppress the ignorant.

      Are you gaining knowledge of the truth?

      This is spirituality, the Truth as it happens in the realms

      Now, if the real father sensed what happens or that something is wrong. He asked himself, Why is it that China did not greet me?. He calls him, China come. He comes, he hold him at hand and use the other hand to clean his face, wipe off small tissues on his nose. Pet him and scrub his hairs, kiss him and ask, have you greeted me this afternoon?

      Look at that child, he won’t quickly accept but sluggishly look at his papa face putting one of his finger inside his mouth.

      The caring wise father now understand that something is wrong somewhere but have not yet drawn a conclusion what it could be

      Haven sensed that something is wrong. He stand up, take him inside his room and search for availability more especially his favorite and gift him with gift.

      The child then receives and become happy immediately. If his papa asked him further to greet him good afternoon, he will gladly do it

      At that point ask him whatever, he answered, telling you anything without no hidden information

      Spirits and children act alike: their attitudes are same in regards of gift and sacrifices.

      Your sacrifices to your chi keeps him in Union, oneness, togetherness with you. Failure to do that, he hates you and like a stranger more than you so far he gets that blood sacrifices from the strangers. Do you know why dibias seems so powerful despite the facts they are called to serve and are gifted with powers to do exploits?
      Its because they often has blood sacrifices to make.
      At that juncture, vultures never found wanting in their domain. Who are vulture’s?
      Vulture is a literary word here which means spirits in truth and representations.

      This is great response to my probing mind in sacrifices being offered to bribe one’s CHI. The GM is truly endowed with knowledge of the truth.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      That very powers your chi has to do works for you shall be applied to someone else. This is the very significant reason for destiny robbing

      Or don’t you know that we have destiny robbers?

      This is a great mystery revealed.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      If you don’t know, hear it from me that I said MMUO DIKE spirit’s are most powerful. People trade with people’s destiny. You can do it if you have the will power/knowledge!

      Making money is all about haven the mind, courage, will powers, knowledge. To make money and get rich has never been child’s play – not kpakpakoro

      Its only the rich knows what he passed through to become rich

      Even though it’s a stubborn and strong spirits, we surrender him to work for the wise and caretaker

      If the spirits proofs so stubborn, we put him inside bottle where he stays and has to be released at when needed for the commission/services.

      Humans control the spirits just the same way the spirits controls humans. Its all about the knowledge

      Haven the knowledge is haven the powers

      Spirits only works using knowledge so we work when we have same knowledge

      Knowledge is knowledge, there’s no two ways about it. Its same truth wherever you go

      The truth that rules in the marine world also rules in the heaven, earth and earth beyond

      Wherever you go in the realm of spirits, there is no other thing to learn differently if not same knowledge of the truth

      I ask you Know your chi and keep fit rituals

      Ofeke won’t understand

      An ofeke says, Eh he said I should feed my chi and I did that last year

      Who said you should fed your chi?
      A dibia!

      If he doesn’t, you won’t do what you should have done?

      Is alright. When you are called ofeke you assumed someone insulted you

      Eh I have done my chi GM. Since you did your chi, after the iwake chi rituals (the ritual initiation done with a blood of a fowl) have you ever sacrificed to your chi again?

      He kept quiet

      When you are called ofeke you said Someone said

      Not knowing that ofeke you are. The inability to know what you should know and do what you should do makes you an ofeke

      You can’t dispute that!
      If you want to argue it, ask your chi. Look at your ugly life to see that life is not fare to you

      But then life is good

      Otherwise we won’t have been sent. Life is good, earth is a beautiful place

      The most beautiful place in whole of Creation are earth

      Earth has all it takes to say thanks to the gods and goddesses

      Life is good

      Make money and experience the beauty of the world. Stop suffering yourself assuming you are doing someone else. You can’t be doing anyone if not yourself

      You are doing yourself!
      Did I not said to you, its your world and your life?

      When it get good, you enjoy so its when it get bad: you shall suffer it and languish in pains and sorrow

      My dear poverty is a curse

      Living in poverty is the worst that can ever happen to human in our present world

      Get knowledge and understanding. Be free from ofekeism

      Ofeke ajoka!

      Wisdom is security, it saves the life of its owner

      This is why the wise are happy enjoying their lives. Ofeke seems okay with poverty

      Good and fine, live and pretend to be okay with poverty as you seems okay. You won’t, if you see a successful one, you call him onye ogwu ego – a money ritualist

      Tell me, who made money without rituals?

      Say it’s Obasanjo or Dangote, Orji Uzor or Peter Obi?


      Who is financial buoyant without knowledge of the truth and practices?

      When you tell me one man or the woman, then you tell me what is money?

      Tell me what money is and what it looks like.
      What is Money?

      Do you know anything about money?

      What was that you knew about money without knowing that money is a spirit?
      If it’s true that money is a spirit because its true MONEY IS A SPIRIT; how then do you get a spirit to serve you lacking knowledge for ritual performance?
      Do you see why ofeke are poor? Why the poor get more poorer and the rich more richer?

      Rapu okwu – we talk because we know the truth not because talk is sweet

      If people talk because its sweet, then I end up saying that I have no power to talk

      But because we say the truth, we keep telling the world until ofeke is out from the people.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      Our rituals hold tonight. Get all ritual materials ready for the exercise

      Mmuo dike!!


      Udochukwu Uzuegbu:

      Uchenna IGWUILO:

      Wao!!! this morning lecture is more eye opening … Thank you GGM … This topic your treated is a blood tonic … Mmuo dike. May gods and goddesses continue to bless you sir.

      Uchenna IGWUILO:
      This house is indeed light to my life !!!!! May Gods and Goddesses continue to bless you Sir!!! I ask for blessings to fulfill my heart desires for this house !!!!

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      GGM,you’re great indeed, may your wisdom know no bound, more light on our path. Iseee

      I recently noticed cobwebs falling on my body,most times,if I finished my early morning body cleansing, on opening my door to go and throw away the oseoji,I will meet cobwebs, today again, I did my midnight cola nut ritual, this morning after doing my oseoji body cleansing, on my way to go and throw the oseoji, I met cobwebs again, pls this is giving me concern, I need help,may angel guide us all

      Chidimma Anene:
      Iseeeeeee.. May the gods and goddesses of your land and chi continue to guide you… Thanks so much

      Washington DC:
      This knowledge today was really an eye opening…knowledge is really power… Thanks for the Light GGM…. May the gods and goddesses continue to shower you with more light and more blessings.

      Chidiebere Jos:
      GM and fellow light bearers I just redeemed for the payment. More light to our paths as angels guide

      I have redeemed for this month. Thank you Daddy for this great idea.

      Anything that comes out from our great GM’s mouth is pure/undiluted wisdom from above.
      I remember reading about what gm posted about the specie of ski used for udeaki was from the gods and is used in treating convulsion and other ailments that are attack from evil spirits, that it is is used to ward off evil spirits.
      My first son has been having nightmares since last year, anytime it happens whether its in the night of afternoon(anytime he sleeps), he wakes up crying uncontrollably as if he doesn’t know himself even if you call his name or tap him, till after sometime he would regain himself. This happened since last year and my husband said its sleep trauma after researching on goggle, but it got worst. That even my second son began to cry from his sleep this year. We began to get worried as water don pass garri but we didn’t know what to do. I prayed and tired nothing.
      Until I got wisdom after gm post that day, I left my phone and ran to get udeaki and rubbed on their bodies that night I read it and my husband was like what am I rubbing, I said udeaki because their cries have gotten out of hand and I have gained knowledge that it wards off evil spirits, and will use it on them. He said its a lie it is not any evil spirit, that I’m assuming what I don’t know. I told him to leave me alone that anything I do I have done my research.

      My brethren, its been almost a three weeks I’ve been using it on them and not one single noise or cry from them when sleeping. They sleep peacefully. My fist son has put on a bit weight because he sleeps well now and his appetite has improved unlike when he was under attack.
      May the gods bless you GM
      May you never lack
      May your fountain of knowledge never run dry.


      Washington DC:
      Please I need the telegram link

      I still use it on them everyday. Morning and night after bath

      I will do what ever I can to support the project

      Melvin Blink:
      Thanks to the God’s and goddesses,,, may the God’s be praise,,,

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