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      Obasi: I’m a Catholic but I believe more in tradition. please how can I summarize my prayers whenever I’m praying with colanut? Like Christian religions say *”in Jesus name”* and in tradition how do we summarise our own prayer?


      Grand Master: You’re God.

      How much do you know and understand this truth.

      This knowledge will take you further into knowing what prayer is all about.

      Prayer is talking to the spirit.

      When human is talking to the spirit, he/she is praying.

      Because you were created in the image of God (making you a God), do you need to end your prayers in someone’s name?

       When we done saying prayers, we mote it be.

      That’s to say, you affirm it to be as said.

      Reason you can say this by the powers in you “SO SHALL IT BE”

      OR ISEE (in Igbo Language)

      All that I have said, so shall be.

      By the power in me, so shall it be.

      By the authority of my being as a human being, all I have said, so shall it be.

      Because all I asked are obtainable by the power of my sacrifices, so shall it be.

      This is just but the truth you must know which even our forefathers knows. You don’t have to go to the spirits in prayers through anyone. When you were created, you was given a direct access to all spirits. You don’t need a mediator to talk to any spirit. Reason, even Christ taught his disciple to pray in the secret.

      Ogbonnaya: In the name of chukwu okike abiama, but you pray calling ezumezu mostly in your videos.

      Grand Master: Why praying to the great Ezumezu I do mention their names.

      When am done saying my prayers, I don’t say in the name of Ezumezu rather I do say “Isee”.

      Praying to the great Ezumezu doesn’t permit me to end up saying in the name of the great Ezumezu Isee.

      Am I believing them for my prayers or have just prayed?

       One must know what is prayer before you start prayers to help you end well.

      To pray, you need to start well to end well.

      That makes the prayer answerable.

      Ogbonnaya: Thank you sir

      Grand Master: In the name of chukwu okike abiama is when you want to imitate your Christian brothers. Because you want to imitate them, you have to do opposite.

      Ogbonnaya: Ewooo

       Grand Master: In spirituality, we practice the truth we know not imitation. We don’t imitate anyone rather we seek to know the truth at all times. Even Christ said it and it was recorded, YOU SHALL KNOW THE TRUTH. THE TRUTH YOU KNOW SHALL SET YOU FREE.


      Ndukwe Ogbonnaya: You just reminded me that am a god as created in the image of God, I don’t have to pray in anyone’s name, its now I was realized I belittle the power as a god in me when I pray in anyone’s name. You just made me realize I have to exercise power too as a small god

      But you know grandmaster, inferiority complex is a problem too for man

      I will change that idea of praying in anyone’s name from today

      I hail you grandmaster 🙌🏻

      I hail the great ezumezu 🙌🏻

      Mmuo na apu-apu🙌🏻


      Grand Master: Angels guide

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