How to manage a diabolic neighbor who never want your progress

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      How do I manage a diabolic neighbour who never want my progress? More light to our paths as Angel guide.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Better say, how do you manage an enemy.
      An enemy is someone who doesn’t want to see you progress and succeed in all endeavour.

      When you ask us how to manage such person, we then ask you to hold ọfọ na ogu for him/her. Ọfọ na ogu is only weapon for warfare which we use against enemies to ensure victory and success.

      We say, iro n’egwu ala, ọfọ na ogu ọ nwere mkpochi (When an enemy dug a pit for us to fail, ọfọ na ogu will be there closing the pit)

      Ọfọ na ogu have been a defensive weapon for the just, right and upright servants. It have been applied for years by the traditionalist and it worked wonders.

      When you talk about ọfọ na ogu, it keeps you away from many things which normally you could do. Ọfọ na ogu refuse you to fight physical fight. Ọfọ na ogu refuse you to speak verbally when you were expected to talk. Ọfọ na ogu pull down you mighty hands and weakened your arms

      Ọfọ na ogu only makes you weak when you are strong. When these happens, you will become victorious over your enemies

      Ọfọ na ogu was practiced by our forefathers that made them leave long and grew white hairs.

      Today, good number of people have ọfọ na ogu on their mouth when they have totally lost control of virtually everything. When they have applied all they could and none worked. When they have tried retaliation and it didn’t work. When they fought back and lost the fight. They end up saying, e jikwa m ọfọ!

      If only you know what is ọfọ na ogu, you will never have an enemy or remember there are enemies

      You will leave a life of water and air

      Waters has no enemy

      Air has no enemy

      Those who are enemy of nature are enemies to themselves. Prove yourself a human being and be an honour to your maker. Stop fighting winds. Stop given your time on things that doesn’t matter and perhaps doesn’t exist

      Why would you become an enemy to your diabolic neighbour if truly you are a son of the soil?

      Get sense and make your ancestors pride.

      Ka afa eri anaghị eri onwe faa

      Witch no dey witch wizard (words of odogwuakataaka)

      It’s when you said you are a man but not man enough you will be afraid of your fellow man

      It’s when you said you sabi juju whereas you don’t know juju you will be afraid of juju practitioner.

      Get sense and be truly what you said you are.

      If you said you are a believer of religion, let that which you believe save you.

      If it can’t, then know there’s no power in your belief. Change your believe before your believe changed you.

      End of discussion!

      Timothy Chukwunwike:
      Every day is college and we learn every day, I have learn alot this morning and will put it in practice. thanks for the answers and advice odogwuaktaka the Igbo say’s (onye na eweghi nna k’ikpe na ama)

      Eziokwu bu ndu..

      Daniel Ankpa:
      Odogwuakataaka!!!! This is deep

      Abugu Ernest:
      Odogwu Akataka the dibia of our time.

      Plz somebody should assist me with the account details.

      Words of wisdom is a “spirit” and words of knowledge is also a spirit. Odogwu Akataka isi mmiri Igbo nille asim iga di ooo…. May ur days be long our GM. One man but embedded with different spirits(gifts).

      Ifeanyi chi Ukwu Eze:
      Odogwuakataaka bụ anya fụrụ mmụọ _ the eyes that sees the spirits. An eye that sees the spirits knows the spirits and could tell more about their nature

      Of a truth, you have gone far in the realm of spirit and can’t return a failure. Jisie ike, moses of our time

      I’ve followed your teachings and indeed they are very sound.
      Eziokwu ka ina ekwu

      What spirits are responsible for all certain calamities that befall certain people perhaps in a time when a male child was dieing like fowl in the family.
      Which then calls for the institution of Arobinagu deity

      This record is mysterious
      2 Kings 3:27 Then he took his eldest son that should have reigned in his stead, and offered him for a burnt offering upon the wall. And there was great indignation against Israel: and they departed from him, and returned to their own land.

      My question is why did israel loose this battle.
      Is it that the deity of Moab is stronger than the most high of israel

      Chidike Okeke:
      I greet you Odogwuakaata. Isi Mmiri igbo Nile. I was reading your write up on Arobinagu and your last statement caught my eye which brought about a question. You mentioned this

      “Imagine what happens when such was removed from its place or been denied off ritual proceedings owing to religion and belief. Why the mighty are falling!”

      My question is when such has been removed or the rituals stopped by the fact the descendants don’t know or forget what then happens and also if the the children or descendants wants to appease and continue will they have to do the whole process all over again or theres a way to go about it. Daluoo

      Nwatakwocha Aka:
      Thanks father like no other, the great Odogwuakataaka isi mmiri Igbo nille. Nde nri atụ egwu. Ajọ nwa siri n’owee banye nne ya afọ. The high priest from Abrudeh City. Ogbu onye ọjọọ ụbọchị ndụ na-atọ ya ụtọ.

      Ikechukwu Awuz:
      I replied you same day u sent me a massage. Go through your chat.
      More light on your paths

      Chibuzo Ike:
      Good afternoon house

      Peter Excel:

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