Ize chi iwe (Pleading our guardian angel to stop tormenting us)

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      kingsley abasili:
      Good day our able GM, Odogwuakataka and all members of LHW, please I will like to know the proper way of doing the ritual called Ize Chi Iwe, yagazie.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It’s done with native kolanut, egg, nzu, edo, Ogirisi, oil and salt. Put them inside white plate. When you’re done, take the rituals and drop on the road, beside the road (straight road).

      kingsley abasili:
      Thank you my able GM, I did it with only egg, red oil, salt and oji, of which I was instructed to go drop only the oji on the road, please Odogwuakataka if am not asking much please may you find a way to teach us the step by step way of doing it. Thanks a lot our able GM, may your chi, ndi ichie, ndi otu and agwu never forsake you.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Isee (in response to the prayers).
      Why spirituality and our spiritual practices goes with different results and ways of practices has to do with people’s level in the realm of spirit.

      This level/position we talk about is reason you can’t know what you don’t know and guide someone beyond your level of understanding in spirituality. This is why you have so many teachings and directives today. Maka na ebe onye jedebere ka ọfụdebere _ where one stopped determined his experiences.

      Ize chi iwe which stands for pleading our guardian angel to stop tormenting us.
      This is a ritual done for a person who’s áfà _ spiritual consultation revealed anger of his guardian angel on him, promoting difficulties.

      He will be guided by a priest/priestess to pray his chi using white local chalk (nzu), edo, kolanut, Ogirisi, palm oil, salt (white plastic plates), to perform the ritual sacrifices.

      Here, you are going this way which is quite difference from blood ritual sacrifices or sacrifices as seen on your chi temple thus it’s not a continuous exercise.
      Take note of the information as given!
      This is knowledge of the truth that makes a difference.
      That’s to say, it’s not such a ritual that asked for repeat. This is why it’s called, ize chi iwe – calming down the anger of your guardian angel on you.

      To do this, you need a white ritual plate. The white ritual plate here is a symbol of purity. Since, the plate is the carrier, it has to be white. No other colour than white.
      What you are asking for is for light on your path. This is why white should be the best colour of choice.

      Drop it on the ground and pluck three or four branches of Ogirisi leaf.
      When I asked you to pluck a branch of Ogirisi leaf, I didn’t mean you should pluck a leaf alone.
      Branch in my letters here means the hand leafs of Ogirisi. When you pluck a branch of Ogirisi leaf, you could find many leaves on one branch. Some of the branches might consist of four to six leaves or more.

      Put like three to four branches to cover the bottom plate.
      Without been told, you should know that we carry some seeds of alligator pepper on our mouth for ritual effects.
      This is why you might have seven seeds of alligator pepper on your mouth which you are to splash on the air after the ritual exercise. Eat and splash above the air four times, affirming positive on your ritual rites.

      This is another great exercise, adding flavour and powers on our ritual exercise. Thus air is a powerful goddess whom we can’t ignore for life purposes.
      If I were you but I can’t be you _ because you aren’t me. What I will do is to face the sun, splash facing direction of the sun. It now, invites numerous deities. Sun deity whom we call and known as anyanwụ na agbara alongside the air.
      Note:(every discussion on alligator pepper here is just an addendum).

      Haven put down the leaves of Ogirisi leaves, take nzu and say prayers for light on your path, praying as well for the light on your chi (guardian angel).
      When you’re done, drop inside the ritual plate (on top the leaves).

      Don’t ask me which type of nzu. When we face important rituals such as this, we must employ nature. This is why you should look for ógbè nzu.
      Ógbè nzu here stand for those nzu which are not molded. Talking of nzu, we also have nzu nwoke na nwanyị, but that’s the ones we’re talking about now. Instead buy natural nzu as it was taken from water. Which has not passed through construction. No matter how little they are, it’s enough for prayers like this

      Get edo and pray for peace, calmness and awakening, on your path as well as your chi.
      Put a little volume of palm oil on your left hand and a pinch of salt. Mix together with a finger (with your right finger).

      Pick up the ritual egg and rob all over the body of the egg. When you done, hold it with your right hand. Raise up a bit, facing the sun or whatever you feel connected or attached to at that moment of exercise.
      It could be the air, tree, open space of light (light here aren’t electric or man made light).

      But then, I have to tell you that our chi is best call down from the sun. While I suggest open space light or tree or air has to do with those of us that leave in Western world where sun rarely appear on the sky or those who might have chances of performing the exercise at night.
      Call on your chi who has been good for you all the days of your life, providing and protecting you from dangers and in terms of need.
      Let him know that you didn’t mean harm or separation, even when your actions proved otherwise, it was as a result of spiritual ignorance.

      Let him know also that the union remains inseparable. Just like salt and oil aren’t in contention and ceases to be enemies to themselves, so enmity won’t forever exist among you. Whatever be the case, ask he should not expose you any longer to danger, poverty, wants, difficulties, hardship, failure, etc instead pamper you like human and spirits pamper an egg.

      Continue with prayers such as these, holding the ritual egg at hand until you are done praying. (Touch the ritual egg once on your forehead, bend down and touch once on your left toe and right toe. Rise up and touch once on your left and right shoulders. Move four times round about above your head anti clockwise. Put inside the ritual plate).

      Collect the kolanut. Here I suggest you make use of four or five or more kolanut cotyledons. Use the kolanut in continuation of the prayers in line with your prayer intentions. When you’re done, break the kolanut and drop on top of the ritual plate. Take the ritual plate to the road. Drop by the side of the road. On a straight road. Return home!
      More light on your path as angels guide us all.


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