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      Knowing who you are starts from knowing where you come from. We are Africa and our way of Spiritual practices must reflect Africanism.
      We all have dark and fair complexion. Our weather condition and geography stands to prove us different from our counterparts.

      Everything about us is different. Even the food we eat are different. We have so much forest and have lived inside for years, perhaps is the reason most of our gods chose to live in the forest. We must love them for a company just like they too loved us for accommodation. There’s no room for criticism.

      No reason for hate and rejection. We must not sabotage their being and have to respect our boundaries.
      We can’t reject our charcoal cooking pot because our visitor has a gas cooking pot. All “pot na pot” so far it can cook the food. Understanding your pot is as black as charcoal simply because you used firewood. It’s same metal pot but difference has to do with the cooking unit.

      Today our gods are leaving under shelter because of adaptation. Instead to feel intimidated in your spiritual journey, easily adopt. Change is natural. Bringing their white gods and goddesses to build houses in our land and put them in, lightning candles and incense for them, let us bring also ours inside, build houses too for them, light candles and incense for them.

      Those in the water, call them up and do same. Those in the forest, bring them home and do same. Make the environment conducive for human and spirits to coexist.
      It’s like changing from cooking firewood to gas, is your choice. It doesn’t change the metal pot but the look.

      As children and reincarnate, we must not castigate, reject, criticise or mal handled our inheritance. Our inheritance aren’t house and properties alone, these spirits inclusiveness.
      Whatever we do today, keep note, history never forget. If we must learn to envelop our Afrinism in literature, it will stand ages and survive sabotage.

      Our ancestors unlike theirs lack the ability to put down their spiritual practices in literature. That was how they felt short glory and it went to their counterparts with little debate.
      Today, reverse is the case. We can’t keep that way. We have to be vocal unlike our ancestors who lost their voices to the world of literature.
      We have to be literate in other to handle the pen. Pen I learned are mightier than the sword.

      Our ancestors are great warriors but because literature was not their to do the documentary, their valor have seen to the cemetery and grave have swallowed their memory.
      Our greatest rivalry today has proven not to be strangers anymore but our blood and fresh. They have left us to fight and kill ourselves by ourselves. This is why you can see them doing worser than their masters. That which their masters was afraid of doing, they proudly do without fear.

      We can’t fight them back to back, hit to hit, word to word but with wisdom: we would call them back to order. They aren’t happy been slave and serving to death but has no choice. They know there are powers in their various homes and these powers belongs to them but are afraid of the unknown. That which they are afraid scare them away from home. Even when they are not comfortable with their foreign gods yet they felt belonging in pretense for gain.

      Remember, he who killed his brother doesn’t kill anybody but himself. Reason we shouldn’t fight dirt with them. When a mad man walked to your bathroom and carry your towel, running after him in nude makes people who see you to call you a mad man too.

      Someone who can not work without your support, is today fighting you because of your backup. What do you do? A question to my fellow dibia’s. Do you fight back or withdraw from assistance?

      A question to my fellow dibia’s who collect peanuts from pastor’s and later stand public castigation?
      We have so many assignment to do and more correction to take. When a pastor come to your temple for juju, say capital NO to him.

      Admitting to prepare juju for him because of money is a mock to your deity.
      If your deity is not rich, add another deity to him or her. Two hands can work out success.
      If your deity has the powers to make someone rich, then trust him or her to make you rich directly and indirectly.

      Any wealth gained where angels failed trade comes with sorrow which the end is a disaster.
      No man is a man of God in particular, we are all men of God.
      Deities speaks through us on daily basis for life purposes. Stop the scam!

      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ajọ nwa. Ogbu onye ọjọọ ụbọchị ndụ na-atọ ya ụtọ. Ndenri atụ egwu. High priest from Abrudeh. Mmụọ dike. I have gone far in the realm of spirit, it’s impossible for me to return a failure. I promised to raise a new generation of difference. Surely, you must make a difference man/woman. Mmụọ dike.ọ


        Anya furu mmuo. 🙌🙌🙌🙌

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