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      Son of man, I ask you to get knowledge and understanding. Know the truth. The truth you know shall set you free. Know your chi!
      Human is a spirit.
      A truth you can’t deny even when you do, you can’t hide it.

      If I said that fishes are waters and waters are fishes, it simply means that these two bodies has connections. To prove this further, take water away from fishes and take fishes away from waters. What do you see?

      Get knowledge and understanding. Know how these things works.
      Don’t be deceived!
      Know the truth!!

      The truth you know shall set you free.
      It’s not all about believe but knowing the truth. Don’t believe on active nature of earth, just know the truth. Your belief or disbelief don’t make truth lie.

      Don’t say the nonsense, you believe in this and do not believe in that. Know the truth.
      We were asked to know not to belief. Activities as seen here on earth and in the realm of spirit asked for true knowledge not belief.

      No spirit would ask you to believe the truth but to know the truth.
      Knowledge of the truth helps practices. Practicing the truth makes you a different person. This is why you stand for positivity, progress and success the moment you know the truth and practice the truth you know. This is why we are here at great light house of wisdom discussion forum.

      I have gone far in the realm of spirits to know words which are true and false.
      I am a spiritualist not religious man. I am not a member of any religious family neither do I buy any religious idea. I stick with the truth.
      To prove this beyond, take these practices to China, Germany, Canada. You have same result. Why? It’s simply because ala bu otu (it’s same earth).

      It’s simply because waters are same.
      It’s same water that flows from Imo river that goes to Atlantic Ocean, you see it to Mississippi and to Niger etc
      What does it tell you?

      It’s same air.
      When you have a case with your realm of origin, travel to Indonesia, go to Hong Kong, come to Ghana, they are with you causing same effects.
      When you have ancestral course, change your name from Maduka to Harrison, from Ayodeji to Chukwuka, from Seun to Jennifer, from Bruce to Leo: you still suffer the effects.
      What does that tell you?

      When you travel to New York City, and refuse to relate with your people at Umunze, spells done against you at Oko still reaches out to you over there in New York City and even follow you down to New Jersey and New Delhi. So what are we not saying?
      Why are you deceiving yourself?

      Get knowledge and understanding.
      Know how these things work.
      It’s world of human and spirits.
      In all your get, get wisdom.
      Only the truth you know shall set you free
      Never despise wisdom.
      Say No To Ofeke Maka Na Ofeke Ajọka.

      Eziokwu bu ndu that’s why we keep saying it day and night.
      I wish you ‘Long life and prosperity’ on earth which is the possible reason for the true exposition.
      Angels guide!

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