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      Ututuoma the chosen of our time, please how do I appease the water spirits and the ancestors for their assistance in life especially if I have already performed a water spirit sacrifice at the bank of urasi Okija and ubu ihembosi

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Few days ago, we discussed in details the difference between appeasing spirits and sacrificing to the spirits

      We made it clear that you don’t have to appease spirits such as your chi, agwụ, ndị mmiri (mariners) etc but sacrifice to them.

      You can only appease a soul, which you hurt, offended, harmed, etc
      These soul has to do with dead people.
      Whatever is done in this regards aren’t a sacrifice but appeasement.

      Haven said that, to sacrifice to mariners as requested has to do with what they did for you or what you want from them.

      Haven done marine ritual settlement as said, you might want them to assist you win a particular contract or post for example.

      Looking at this case, you see that it’s àjà ịnata ihuoma (sacrifice for receiving favour). You go with female and male nzu, seven piece each. 2 pieces of edo, 1 yard of white cloth, yellow and green cloths, 2 pieces of native eggs, white open plastic plate (bold enough to contain these items), 7 sticks of 999 incense and white candle wax, 4 pieces of cowries (ego ayori), 4 silver and gold coins with one paper money.

      The paper money has to be your country currency/denomination and a Kolanut.

      If you are a man, put cap (like igbo native red cap).
      This is if you are looking for a post /promotion etc
      If not, don’t put cap.

      Put Dan dual and six flower scents.

      You may choose to add fowl and cock for completion. If fowl and cock are among, the sacrifice is said to be complete therefore, no need to make promises to revisit later with animal for thanksgiving (take note).

      If not, you must make a promise to return visit with any animal of your choice immediately your prayers get answered.

      If you are doing this in the marine, call your ancestors to come and have their shares with the mariners (for they are one).

      If you are doing it at your home (obu), you call the mariners to come and have their shares with the ancestors.

      This has to be done together and this way hence you requested to sacrifice for the mariners and the ancestors.

      You don’t need to make the sacrifices differently hence they are one. You must do your best to always unite your guardians. Don’t separate them for they are not separated.

      Should the ritual call for a particular force(s), we tell how best to do it.
      This is spirituality, it calls for wisdom upon angels guide.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all

      Offor Paul:
      Thank you very much Gm isi mmiri Igbo Nile, indeed you are what you said you are, the teaching of omu is 100% correct and accurate.

      OdogwuAkataka.Thanks once more for another wonderful lecture. More light on your path.Iseeee!

      Ikenna Okoye:
      OdogwuAkatakaa, ozoigbondu. Thank you sir for your most illuminating teachings. Sir I saw myself having sex most vividly in a dream. What does it portend sir.

      Ikechukwu Awuz:
      Thanks Odogwu akataka I.
      I remain loyal.
      Your lessons are always refreshing to my soul for they are true.

      Uchenna Linus:
      greetings!:+1: wise ladies and gentlemen

      pure truth wise one

      pure truth wise one

      if a person gives u kolanut to eat in the dream , what is the meaning——— wise one

      David Louis:
      Great house just coming back from the east went for my liberation as instructed by our able GM wat an enjoyable experience

      Ezeh Oge:
      Thank you odogwuakataka for this lectures, you have thrown more lights on reincarnation which I have always questioned and today you have illuminated me am so great fuel, may chukwu okike the great dibia in his infinite mercy bless you!! Isee!!! Angeles guide

      David Louis:
      The truth u know and practice sure brings result isee

      Uchenna Linus:
      Uchenna Linus, [05.05.19 17:13]
      if a person gives u kolanut to eat in the dream , what is the meaning——— wise one

      David Louis:
      Gm may ur path be ever laid with light as angel guide !!the wisdom u impact will forever remain on ur pat

      h isee may ur enemies av course to continually fail and ur path remain blameless as the shining sun so mote it be …..

      Ezeh Oge:
      Please Gm I won’t to know the mining of oye uwa, because if you go to some spiritualist he or she will ask you if you know your oye uwagi. That you need to do salaka for your oye uwa that the spirit of the person is disturbing you, what ex exactly is the mining of that. Thanks

      And one spiritualist told me that we can know our CHI by his name that Onye nooroo gi uWa/onye uwa = Chi is the same, I am confuse how come Onye nooroo Mmadu uwa is same as his CHI-guardian angel. Please odegwo akataaka I need a clear explanation/lecture on this subject matter

      Uchenna Linus:
      what are the spiritual uses of bitter kola

      Joseph Mazoje:
      Congratulations more light to ur part as Angels guide

      Gozik Ahams:
      I have redeem my pledge for month of April

      Joseph Mazoje:
      More light to your parth

      Gozik Ahams:
      Thanks biggy

      David Louis:
      Angels guide

      Read, understand,be guided by wisdom and practice

      Nkechinyerem Jessica:
      Nnam dalu for your teaching, can one who has not done his marine settlement equally get assistance from the mariners when he goes to them for assistance?


        Wise on, I did medicine for good luck and to bring more men to me every day I hustle in a hotel but it spoilt several times without any money on me, I want to know why it spoilt is it bcos if Marine spirit or what I don’t understand and I don’t save, I don’t buy good things for my self


          I also fly in my dreams, eat, urinate and sex in my dream is it also a sign of marine spirit


            What can I do to make spoilt medicine work again


              OdogwuakatakaI, simmiri igbo nile.

              Biko kedu ka mu aga esi mata mmiri nke mu nsi bia?


                Greetings wise one, I’ve been told by different seers that I have marine spirit and I need to appease them because they are very angry, though I’ve never seen myself in the water in my dream but I have fear for water and I use to have sex in my dreams although it’s been long…please wise one, what should I do ?

                Nelson Asieba

                  Hello sir thank you for your lectures please Sir can I have your contact so that I can talk to you sir about some issues thanks

                  Nelson Asieba

                    Hello sir sir please do one go to any river to sacrifice or is a particular river that you’re marine wife or husband will be please I want to know can I do it in any river or I will go to the village where was born


                      Birikwa the great teacher of our time odogwua akataka, I want to know the meaning of Edo as u mentioned


                        The wise one I greet you and may your days belong.Please I was doing well before but suddenly things turned around to bad to worst.I have had 2 fatal accident to extend that my car sulmasulted it has happened 2 times but in both accidents no scratch on me.I was born dad and I know am mariner and have go native ways for assistance and direction but upon all no change yet.To eat and feed my family is a big problem for me now I live in borrowing.

                        Please wise one what should I do?


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