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    Bernard Benson:
    good morning Odogwu akataka please I am a victim of the story a guy talking about marine wife I went to a Church were they told me that spiritual wife is the reasons for my misfortunes that they will do separation work for which they did but to greatest surprise this same people came back telling me that the marine wife is still there causing more blockage to my success. I am confused and worried nothing is moving for me all the people I started with I no longer see their back they have all made it and I am still where they left me. when something good is about coming my way one story will change
    the whole thing. I work and others will eat my reward when people call for something good my phone will be on with me but it will be telling the people calling me switched off until time will pass may be after some minutes hours or days when I call them they will call Me names saying I am an unserious person, and that will be the way I loose the job these and many more has been my negative experience. I am tired and I need help if the sacrifices you talked about is what I can do by myself tell me how I can go about it to be free at least I can be able to provide for my family because seeing what to eat is a big issue. I have thought of joining secret society for money but my conscience won’t let me because I don’t want to kill for money I want a clean hands money please tell me what to do urgently.


    Benard Benson you have to visit a marine priest/priestess who shall help reconcile you with the mariners. To do this, you have to make provisions for ritual materials for the settlement. The materials are sold in the market. Your spiritualist (the priest/priestess ) shall help you get all required ritual materials ready for the sacrifices. When this ritual hold, it shall be called “ibu udo” (Sacrifices for peace, oneness, unity) not “ibu nkewa” (separation) as it was called and performed by the destiny killers in the name of pastors.

    But before this ritual hold, I have to reveal you a secret to help find a true and experienced priest (for the exercise). Any dibịa (priest) who shall help you do this marine settlement who refused to talk about your chi (ịrụ ọrụ chi gị) lack knowledge and can’t have better result afterwards.

    Haven heard this, it’s left for you to watch him or her name the materials for the exercise. Then you may ask to know what the rituals entails? If he/she does not mention your chi (chi ritual), which is to come first, know that he can’t do it best.

    Your chi institution /ritual take place first before the marine ritual takes place otherwise it won’t be accepted.
    Because your chi first (Chibuzo), he must have first seat before other spirits makes present. Otherwise, they won’t accept the sacrifices.

    Do know that the case which brought about your predicament, yes it is said to be between you and your marine spouse but then, I tell you, if your chi did not agree, no way it could have taken place. For the fact that it happened simply means, your chi lost ọfọ to stand for you (that’s to say you are guilty).

    Still on the path towards ritual perfection. After the chi ritual are done. He/she will then take you to another stage called ‘ịtọ ụdọ’ (deliverance).

    The ịtọ ụdọ has to do with delivering you from negativity, jinx – ụchụ, shame etc the spirits placed on you these years. The effects are reason for your suffering. When someone is suffering from spiritual effect, it is not as if there are spirits working with him/her all the time to cause him/her misfortune but then, because the gods are wise. Upon wisdom they had marked you with a sign (proving negative wherever you go). It’s this mark that makes it possible for good fortune, luck, favour not to locate you when you laboured for it. This sign are what keeps any spirits that comes to favour you away.
    Telling them that “he/she is under chain and shouldn’t be helped”.
    That’s the work of the sign. It follows the ignorant/ofeke’s every where they go. Reason for hardship, poverty and hard luck

    This is where you see a priest delivering you with
    different ritual items which are moved round about, above your head four times at each perfection. It is the deliverance not that which are said with microphone. Deliverance are not done with a microphone.
    You must get knowledge and understanding of the spirits. Deliverance talks about paying back, given back, not holding still. When you say you are delivery a mad man from sanity, knowing that there are spirits behind the sane, they must be paid and settled.

    This is why we say, anyị ewere ọkpụkpụ isi onye nwụrụ anwụ wee gbara nke onye dị ndụ pụọ na uke, ụchụ, ife ifere na umeniyi (we use skull of the dead to deliver the living from jinx, shame, reproach, death, poverty etc so that he/she lives ).

    These are named using all materials one after another. Every material because it has what it stand for, will follow with a different prayer.
    This is how you come to see different items such as head of sheep, goat, pussy, items such as umeniyi, chisa chikọọ leaf, akọla na ekum, ọkpankụ, ụra atụrụ, njụ ọhịa, ikwighikwi, ụsụ, nkwọ, nchụegbe, isi ụkwa, aba igwe, ego ọlaọcha, onyima, ebenebe, mkpa, akwụkwọ ube, ọfọ asatọ, ọgụ asatọ, akpati, iwere agwọ, agba nkịta, agba ewu, mkpirisi ụdọ anọ, ụpụpọ etc. Let me name but few

    Upon perfection of this deliverance ritual, you will stand whole to be presented before the mariners to enable rituals. Our people would say, onye ana_ekiri ekiri anaghị ekpo ntụ. No matter what happens, you must stand with some height of positivity to make present before the gods if they must accept your sacrifices. This is reason for the deliverance.

    Haven done with the deliverance, you wiil now be available for the marine peace settlement.
    During the settlement, the priest /priestess as an oracle of the gods shall speak on your behalf just like always.
    Pleading them to accept the sacrifices and also accept you back to the fold to enable fruitfulness.
    That they should accept to help release all entitlement belonging to you under their watch.

    With so much prayers and supplications, the gods and goddesses shall have a course to accept and do as the priest says.
    Your chi will become happy and follow them back to the realm as you left. Coming back to you are with numerous blessings.

    This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules. We tell you the truth we know.
    Knowledge of the truth is power.
    Know the truth, the truth you know and practice shall set you free.
    More light on our path as angels guide us all.
    Mmụọ dike _ spirits are most powerful

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    Sir, please if one has done marine separation is there away to reconcile and settle. Cos I have come to love my life before now more than now


    Odogwuakataaka please can you give me your phone number?


    Please I need your number


    Very enlightening..



    I have done my marine settlement but it wasn’t done the way u explained it and after it there was no difference it’s just that I have stopped swimming in the river


    Odogwu Akataka: May your days be long sir! Honestly, you have opened my blind eyes, and now am close to freedom. Pls I need your contact. More light on our path as angels guide us all.


    Thank you so much Odogwuakataka, may the almighty chi ukwu okike continue to inspire you isee. Please sir your phone number.


    Good evening sir, please pardon my ignorance, I’m new here and I don’t know how to address you properly Sir. My name is Oghenefegor,and I’m 35 years old.Ive been having a lot of up and downs in life, and I’m hoping I can find solution to my problems. Sir you spoke about Marine settlement, I really need your guidance on how to go about it, as I don’t know any marine priest, please help me find my way in life, God bless you mightily

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