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      James: My Great GM thank you for the wealth of knowledge you make out time to shear with us.

      May the gods and goddess continue to keep you strong in wisdom and understanding.

      Pls I want to ask if masturbation also affect our spiritual life? Because it is not stated here and it is not also in the bible.
      Angels guide.

      Odogwuakataaka: More light on your path. This issue of masturbation is what I don’t seem to understand. What is truly the meaning and how do people practice masturbation? How does it help?

      They said masturbation is self sex?
      How does self sex help and how could one indulge in self sex?

      There are things I haven’t experienced as a human irrespective of my old age. I ask you have wisdom and understanding. Everything must not be told before you have a sound understanding over them.

      If you found yourself guilty practicing masturbation, then desist from it!
      Reading from my level of spiritual knowledge, I have come to understand that everyone has a conscience.

      Conscience works with our spirit person (spirit guide). It’s the spirit guide that works differently in individuals. Making us sound and look differently even when we are one in spirit and body (as human and spirits incarnate), yet we share individual spirits guard (Chi).

      Therefore, learn to connect with your Chi _ spirit guide. He has a lot of messages for you, letting you know what is wrong and right even when none is there to tell you.

      Truly, it’s not all that you do which do not have negative effect on someone is evil. Yet, even when it’s not evil, this is where your spirit guide set to act as a judge over you.

      This is while Igbos would say, Ife di onye mma, ya dikwa Chi ya. Meaning, let that which pleases you also please your chi (spirit guide).

      Reading from this, you see wisdom. It’s this wisdom that leads and direct your path. Setting your path right with justice. Keeping you off from self condemnation and illicit act. You see through your mind eyes.

      Have conscience, doing things right for your world and life. Knowing that this is your world and your life: you rule it.

      Deliver yourself from self condemnation. Whatever you do today to have remorse tomorrow, don’t do it. Stop whatever that shall make you hate yourself. Do this with immediate effects.

      In conclusion, since this is not what the gods have openly condemned. We get to be wise! Let wisdom lead and direct us to do what is right.

      This is my twenties at this spiritual mission as a spiritualist, I have not come across spiritual information which has to do with self sex (masturbation).

      That’s to say, a situation whereby the gods would say, this person you asked about is suffering because he often masturbate or he masturbates. Such report has never come up in this temple.

      But then, in so many occasions, the information(àfá) has it that someone is suffering as a result of having sex with someone’s wife or a widow (who is still mourning her husband’s death).
      This has a spiritual penalty against men and young men. Hope you are reading?

      This true information as given does not ask you to start masturbation if you haven’t done it earlier neither does it ask you to go ahead if you indulges on it.

      Emma: Yes wise one

      Odogwuakataaka: Instead, I am hereby passing a spiritual messages to help mankind. Truth is our watchword!

      The truth I know I make known to you. So that you know the truth to make a difference. Maka na eziokwu bụ ndụ _ truth is life. This is why we keep saying the truth day and night no matter what it cost to say and defend the truth. We pay the prize!!

      This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. We make a difference. I am a different man knowing and practicing the truth.

      More light on our paths as angels guide us all!

      Mmụọ dike _ spirits are powerful.

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