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      Henry Jos:
      The grand master during one of his message tonics in this great forum said that Ekwensu is not the Lucifer of the Bible, but a deity of war in Anaku, Ayamelum LGA of Anambra State, and that was where he stopped. He didn’t elaborate more on the topic.

      The grand master of wisdom, for the sake of knowledge of the truth, please kindly throw more light on this Ekwensu and Lucifer! Who are they, and what are their differences, as well as their similarities!

      I, and other light bearers in this great forum of wisdom where the knowledge of the truth is often revealed seek to know because most of Ndigbo refer to Lucifer the Satan as Ekwensu!

      Odogwu Akataaka:

      How could one link the great deity Ekwensu to the Lucifer?
      Ekwensu in Igbo means, if you agree for war, chaos, troubles, fight, wahala: let it begin now!
      Ekwe osu! Ekwere osu!!
      Ịkweta, o su!!!
      This is why immediately you agreed, it starts right away.

      This is a deity of war that doesn’t accept a sacrifice of an animal that has white colors if not black (dark colors).
      This is a deity that doesn’t negotiate peace or talk peace. Coming in contact with him is dangerous hence he goes and visit with all weapons of war.

      How could one say he’s same as the lucifer, a chorister (singer) in heavenly kingdom?
      Does that mean a singer turned a warlord such as Ekwensu?
      When did nature has such permit to spirits and humans?
      This is spirituality and not just whatever you may think about. Therefore, you must have wisdom for sound understanding otherwise you mise the truthful path.

      Even though he lucifer contended with chi ukwu okike, seeking rulership over mankind, that doesn’t make him ekwensu as religion tag him. He rebelled against heavenly kingdom and has to fight using other host of angels (from same kingdom). All through the period of war as seen in heaven, he lucifer didn’t touch a sword for he couldn’t use a sword. His cohorts did instead.
      Among those who contended Michael are those angels who are under him.
      This information shall be discussed in details next time. But then, I reference it, telling us that he (Lucifer) was not and is not ekwensu whom we know today despite the misconception and misinterpretation given by Christianity in Igbo land.

      Religion last time I check took formation many years after creation and was not before creation. Knowing this truth is wisdom. Truth never lie!

      If truth never lie because it never lie that’s to say, all things remain same for the purpose of the creation.
      This is why it was same plant trees then and now. Same air, moon, stars and the sun then and now. Nothing has ever changed. The gods never change!

      After creation, the gods and goddesses saw the importance of division of Labour. The reason why the angels of heaven and other spirits body as seen on earth and water bodies was assigned to different workforce for the universe and world beyond.

      Lucifer as we knew upon angels guide was one of the angels (in the heaven).
      He was a high rank spirit, an angel who led the singers in heavenly kingdom. To the most high (chi ukwu Okike) they worship and sing praises day and night.
      Other spirits was seen on duty, perfecting other assignments to humanity and other created things.

      Get to know that it was upon wisdom all things was created. Wisdom makes things right. Thus wisdom is perfect.

      They were many gods and goddesses who was assigned to different post such as war. Its wisdom understanding that in every empire/kingdom, security is paramount. That’s to say, the perfect spirits who oversees creation couldn’t have ignored security during commission.
      The very reason for angels of war _ ekwensu!

      Now, understand this. Origin of religion was foreign to all men even to those whom you may think are the originator. If you had read in your book of Bible stories and find out that Michael is an archangel of war, don’t expect an igbo or Yoruba to call same angel Michael.

      The reason has to do with the truth as seen in language. Remember, language is a spirit and
      remains spiritual. Therefore, a Hebrew may call such angel Michael upon angels guide while an Igbo will call him Ekwensu upon angels guide. This truth has to do with languages. It’s come in English and bịa in Igbo. It’s Bienvenue in French and welcome in English, Nnọọ in Igbo. An Hausa is an Hausa who is expected to speak Hausa not ijaw. Don’t cast stone on him if he must speak the gods given language.

      Don’t expect an Italian to speak Urhobo . Don’t expect Ashanti to call same angel as the Arabic would say in Arab. However the spirit guide them to the knowledge of the truth, so they speak differently.

      Before the arrival of Christianity who introduced the name Lucifer and Michael to us, we have seen in place the great deity Ekwensu whose temple serves the same as the Michael. The great temple of ekwensu are for war purposes just like the Michael.

      Before Christianity introduced the most high whom they call Adonai in Hebrew, we have seen Ibin Ukpaba temple where we have a chamber for Chukwu Abiama. The temple stand the greatest and highest temple in Igbo community where there is a chamber for Chukwu Abiama. Telling you that among all the spirits stand him as the greatest. This truthfulness, proves that these are institutions upon angels guide.
      They said, the most high (Adonai) is the grand creator, we also known him as the grand creator whom we also call chi ukwu okike.

      Before they introduced heaven to us as his dwelling place we have acknowledged that saying Chi ukwu okike bi n’ìgwè. We also call him Obinigwe.
      Before we read the bible, understanding that Michael is the war Lord, chief of heavenly armies, we have acknowledged the great temple of ekwensu which is found at Anaku and Ibin Ukpabia temple at Arochukwu. The name Arọ are messengers in Igbo. The people are set aside like the Levites (in the present Israel) for worship. Arọchukwu people are priest in Igbo nation just like the Levites in Isreal nation.
      Arọ means ịgọ – worship.
      Arọ Chukwu means ịgọ Chukwu.
      This is why Arochukwu happens to be the most populace in igbo nation today. Haven so many descendant across Igbo land. We make it issue of next day (ụbọchị nta ka a chụọ na ọ weere nchi).

      What more do I say?
      Before we read in the bible seeing the great importance of the ancestors as the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob/Isreal reverence them, we have been keeping reverence of our forefathers whom we known as ndị ichie ani.

      Before we read seeing how important the same chi ukwu Okike made animal blood sacrifices to them, it’s here in our tradition, where we have great deal with animal blood sacrifices.

      Why would someone call the gods and goddesses to judgment for not being an Isrealites?
      Why do people claim Abraham and his descendants when you truly know your origin as an Igbo and Yoruba, ashanti, wolof, Hausa, fulani etc?
      Isn’t that self deception?
      Aren’t you deceiving yourself?

      Must I call water water before taken it if our people calls it mmiri?
      Do you know that it’s high rate of ignorance neglecting your language? Through your language, you come to understand nature the more. Spirits made it possible.
      You can’t understand nature haven wisdom when you ignore language. This is why you must learn to understand perfectly your language. Whatever language you know, get it perfect. This is how you come to draw more closer to wisdom.

      So that when your language speaks ndị ichie ani, you be able to understand who they are. Knowing that ndị ichie ani are the ancestors, this knowledge proves wisdom which ask for acknowledgement. If the Isrealites has acknowledged their great grand fathers for whom they are, being proud to say I am a Levy, I am from Dan. I am not a Samaritan. Why must you be ashamed to say I am from Nkwelle, I am from Mbala. I am not a Hebrew?

      If you know you aren’t a Hebrew, why do you take pleasure with their traditions?
      Don’t you know it’s the wood that people has in common that they cook with (nkụ dị na mba na_eghere mba nri)?
      Ọdịnala n’ebu eke _ python doesn’t have to fly in search of food. It’s as a result of what it found o
      n earth that it grows so big.
      Never neglect traditions.
      Ọdịnala dike _ mmụọ dike!
      This information are for ofeke’s who fight, stress themselves, seeking to get something which are found on the floor upstairs.

      Knowledge of the truth makes a difference!
      Wisdom is calling. You must get knowledge of the truth and understanding of the spirits to make a difference.
      This is light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram where wisdom of the truth rules.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

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