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      There is this gardening tip we ever got from our elders explaining the unfortunate fact that money does not grow on trees. Although, this proved to be good financial advice, perhaps, they neglect to mention all the health, emotional and wealth benefits we get from plants, flowers, trees and shrubs.
      For centuries, plants have also been imbued with meanings by many cultures for reasons that are sometimes immediately obvious and at the other times escape explanation. Just like the saying ‘’nkụ dị na mba na-eghere mba nri’’ meaning, what a society have in common they make use off.

      It’s good to know that earth purpose for plants produce is for health, happiness, peace, love, wealth, longevity and good fortune. Nevertheless, there are things your spiritualist/herbalist won’t tell you for a reason best known to them. Those things are the reason why am here.

      Just like the saying that ‘’dibịa gwọọ, dibịa agwọgharia’’ meaning whatever a native doctor does can be redress by another native doctor. This is to define mysteries surrounding herbs, plants and roots (which is their top secret and power); hence no one is a monopoly of knowledge. Knowledge and wisdom is spiritual and controlled by the spirits. For this true reason, they give unto men, as they desire. Revealing secrets to mankind to prove their infinite powers.

      Knowledge of truth, knowledge of herbs and plant, accessing high spiritual point remains a top and divine secret that made them (dibia’s) stand differently and most powerful in their various town and communities. Here, we shall share some knowledge of the truth to help your being as a human being.

      I have to give you for free because free I received. I have to give you freely because they have given and would give their sons and daughters free for prosperity in business, politics and carriers enabling them to excel and become an excellent. They give them free to prosper in business, politics and carriers to enable them become more famous and rich because it is a secret knowledge for success. Yes, they won’t tell you but their sons and daughters must know it.

      Undoubtedly, is necessary that’s why we say: health is wealth. Our people would say, aghara ndụ kpaa akụ, onye iro esoro rie _ when you ignore life for wealth, your enemy will enjoy your money (when you are no more). Because life first _ Ndụbụisi, we have to start from talking about how to protect our lives to a point of discussing how to become rich and grow more riches.
      In this thread, I shall keep updates on things you must know as a human being irrespective of your tribe, culture, norms and traditions; regardless your ethnicity and nationality.
      There’s a common knowledge for mankind. We are bind by the rules of nature at same time control by the four elements of nature. These rules and elements proves us to be mankind as a result, we must share this knowledge for our well-being.

      In as much as you can drink water for life, its good to know that same water can as well serve as a healing: this is why you need spiritual knowledge.
      Fruits, plants and herbs are not only meant for human consumption, with knowledge you will use it for financial success.

      To know how and guide you on the possibilities is why we are here. However, it is painful to see few people with little or full knowledge about herbs, plants and roots access riches more abundantly, rapidly with what that is common within our reach while others without knowledge suffered in abject poverty. ‘’KNOWLEDGE AND LACK OF KNOWLEDGE’’. I call it WISDOM and SPIRITUAL IGNORANT.
      Do you regret? Never regret for it’s not yet late. HEALTH AND WEALTH, the undoubted truth.

      Many have gone and more will still “die_go” as a result of spiritual ignorant: do not be among. Shun the social religious doctrines that usage of herbs, root and fruits for health and financial success is act of idolatry: Nonsense!

      In the bible book of Genesis 1:29 And God said, See, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the face of all the land and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food.
      Revelation 22:2 – Through the middle of the broad way of the city; also, on either side of the river was the tree of life with its twelve varieties of fruit, yielding each month its fresh crop; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing and the restoration of the nations.
      In the book of Ezekiel 47:12 we read…. And on the banks of the river on both its sides, there shall grow all kinds of trees for food; their leaf shall not fade nor shall their fruit fail [to meet the demand]. Each tree shall bring forth new fruit every month, [these supernatural qualities being] because their waters came from out of the sanctuary. And their fruit shall be for food and their leaves for healing.

      Isn’t act of ignorant that one should misunderstand the chemistry as idolatry?
      The fact that you lack knowledge of something shouldn’t be a reason for criticism. This teaching is what we found in Christianity.
      Don’t forget so quick that Moses reminded the Israelites about the importance to recognize this truth. He said, it’s He (God) who giveth the power to make wealth Deuteronomy 8:18. When you read this, what do you understand?
      Did you understand from the body of message, the expression of spirits support in money and wealth creation other than and would ofeke thought money and riches comes per effort and skill input?
      Our talents are differently as Apostle Paul recorded in the bible book of Ephesians 4:11 And His gifts were [varied; He Himself appointed and gave men to us] some to be apostles (special messengers), some prophets (inspired preachers and expounders), some evangelists (preachers of the Gospel, traveling missionaries), some pastors (shepherds of His flock) and teachers.

      Why must you talk against the usage of plants, fruit, and roots for human benefits or have to criticize someone for a gift found wanting in you?
      Blasphemous behavior!
      Its not evil when you eat apple so is not evil when I use same apple to cure cancer or cause financial favor to myself or someone else. A wise man will be inspired to know more about it while a fool embarks on criticism.

      Gradually, I will take you to the land of divine knowledge for the common man. Did God hide knowledge for man after creation?
      No! He did not.
      Rather he said to the man, ‘’eat from these trees. While the fruit from this tree…… thou shall not eat’’ (information and knowledge). He continued, ‘’for a day thou eat from the forbidden tree, thou shall die’’ (instructions and penalty).

      The fruits were at their disposal but he forbid them for assessment while the rest he asked them to share the benefits: for its ability to cause growth and longevity.
      It is on this note I hereby warn you my readers to be very careful to use what am to teach you for positivity reasons instead.
      There are two ways for everything, nature made it possible. Same water we drink for life kills during bullet wounds and other way round. In their midst was found life and death. Therefore. I advice you choose life if you have the opportunity to choose between life and death.
      Knowledge is keyword!
      knowledge is power!!

      Ignorant is the most dangerous decease in history, it can bury you alive. What is life when its not worth living? If you must suffer today, understand that your suffering does not have divine mandate as you were meant to believe. You have to suffer as a result of spiritual ignorant. Hosea 4:6 my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou ……

      What is ignorant we have to ask?
      Finding an answer for ignorant helps cases. Ignorant is the inability to know what you suppose to know: No more no less!

      To get into money vibration, it’s a call for nature to share with people what you have even if you have very little (top secret). Ofeke amaghị mgbe ekere nkụ ụkwa – an ignorant doesn’t know when a discussion comes to an end. For years now, I have helped people move in the direction towards their dreams and talents, gain health fitness and stand all negative odds using all nature given resources. Its divine mandate, service to mankind which we have purpose for services.

      Revelation 22:12_Behold, I am coming soon, and I shall bring My wages and rewards with Me, to repay and render to each one just what his own actions and his own work merit.
      HEALTH AND WEALTH. What your spiritualist won’t tell you even when you desire to know. What is that your spiritualist won’t tell you even you ask And Why won’t he tell you?

      Your spiritualist cannot tell you that the leaf you see day by day, eat often and even misuse has solution to your financial, emotional, health and prosperity cases. He would tell you that an apple a day can keep a doctor away but he won’t show you which of the apple. He won’t tell you that an orange mixture can save your love palaver.

      Why won’t he tell you? There are many reasons why he won’t tell you even when you devote to know.
      Here are some of the reasons:
      1: Financial/Monetary purpose.
      2: Service purpose.
      3: Spiritual purpose.
      4: Social purpose.
      5: Professional purpose.

      On this professional purpose, our people would say ‘’nwa dibịa chịpụta ụkpụ ya n’ama, ofeke akpọ ya ataṅụrụ’’ if a native doctor exposes its secrets, people devalues his profession.
      Because of this, your spiritualist won’t tell you that which you would like to know or hear.
      Now, having warned, promised, willing and ready to educate you on how to use a common plant, herbs, shrubs and fruits within your reach to attain financial freedom and solve health problems: I hereby drop it down bit by bit.

      Let’s start with health. To start with health is like to start from down to up. We see morning before afternoon and evening though all of them make a day.

      We are to have a brief discussions on mkpuru akwu ojukwu.


      Before now, we had made a little remark about mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu though we didn’t have enough discussion owing to the fact the it wasn’t issue of the day. I am to let you know the advantages of mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu to help you praise the most high. Whenever, you are expose to new knowledge, never cease to say ” thanks to the most high” the great grand creator, your chi and other forces that works for your good. Doing so is an act of wisdom. Wisdom asked for appreciation.


      Looking at the pictures here, I want you to tell a different reading from the previous (mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu). What do you see that makes a difference between the two species of palm nut?
      Hope you can see both clearly?

      They are palm nut with difference. The difference is clear but ofeke can’t help differentiate between the two species of the palm nut.
      Now, zoom the first image above (mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu) as we made known. You see that the nut has no black spot as its seen in the second image. Look at the second image. Can you see it has black spot round about the body unlike the previous image (mkpụrụ akwụ ojukwu). The second is the well known palm nut we also call banga. I think this is simple way of identification. With this you can help find out what its called in your dialect.

      This palm nut is not common unlike the other. I don’t know why but I think it’s so owing to the spiritual attachment. First, the palm tree does not grow in a land that is under contention. Secondly, in our place and I also understand in every other Igbo community, a plot of land that bears the tree can’t be sold to another person no matter the condition. Its taboo for one to purchase or sold a plot of land with the akwu ojukwu palm tree.
      The palm tree is said to be so special that you can’t stand under her to point to another akwu ojukwu palm tree. That’s is to say, its very scarce to prove her uniqueness.
      In Igbo land, a widow does not pick the nut with mourning cloth.
      Coming to the value!
      I think the only purpose for her creation is to save life and keep life, if not this, nothing more!
      Hence, we make use of mkpuru akwu ojukwu whenever life is in danger. Everything about the nut is life saver. Ranging from the kernel to the oil. Its 100% anti charm and poison.

      The black oil_ude aki from the kernel!
      When a little child suffers fr
      om convulsion, with the black oil as found in mkpụrụ akị ojukwu_ the kernel, a child gains health from spirit attack we call convulsion. Good number of us doesn’t know that convulsion occurs only to children who have spiritual cases mostly ọgbanje (as we call them). Though sometimes, witches may choose to take life of a child using this means but what I want us to understand is that whenever there’s issue of convulsion at home, understand its a spirit attack not common sickness as assumed.
      To prove this, wherever you reside, America, India, China, Australia, Lagos or Aba. Whenever there’s a case of convulsion, get this black palm kernel oil made of mkpụrụ akwuy ojukwu. Open the sick child’s mouth and pour some and force him/her to swallow it. Though she won’t open her mouth, which you must force open using a spoon. You can’t achieve this result without a helping hand. That sign proves to you that the sick child is under attack by force greater than her power.
      So as another person force open her tooth (using a spoon), pour the black oil known as ude akị inside her mouth and close up to avoid vomiting. Force her to swallow it all.

      Some minutes later, open her both eyes and rob the black oil_ ude aku. Rob also all over her body, armpit, back and waste, stretching her hands and legs, one after the other the fingers. When you are done with massage, allow her to sleep a little while. Within twenty to thirty minutes, she will gain freedom.

      Another different application, medication proving that convulsion is spirit attack is this. When there’s a case of convulsion, look for ogirisi leaves (see photo below). Find some piece of firewood to set fire at the compound gate and insert the leaves on top of the fire as it smoke. Immediately the smoke or scent covers the environment, look at the convulsion child and see how he /she feel a bit relief from the attack.
      The action is a proof that changes are taking place. Spiritually, at that point the spirits has left the compound only to watch from afar waiting for a period the smoke will vapor to make a return that is while we make use of black oil_ude akị for permanent relief.

      To make black perm kernel oil _ ude akị, you would get akị akwụ ojukwu – the perm kernel from this very specie known as akwụ ojukwu, enough quantity. Soak with water for a period of two days afterwards it and insert inside a basket to dry waters.
      Look for old clean pot, pour inside and begin to fry. The nut will all burn for the black oil_ude aki to come out. The quantity perm kernel you have determines the quantity black oil you see. This oil is not only for convulsion purpose.
      Its pure anti poison!

      The black oil_ude aki is found in herbal treatment we offer to a patient who is suffering from swollen leg, arm or any part of the body and other poison.



      How to use nkpuru akwu ojukwu oil to destroy charm/juju

      Nkpuru akwu ojukwu oil is sold in the market. To buy it, visit spiritual stores in major spiritual market and ask for it. Be careful not to buy adulterated. Because of its scarcity, some sellers sometimes mix it with ordinary palm oil for increase.
      Nevertheless, the oil is pure red if you must observe, if found some questionable colors, do ask question to get original.

      Most times as a result of ignorant, we failed victim of evil spells or marched a poison either meant for us or another person. Whichever, the effect does not leave body and blood same. Many have lost life as a result while some lost positions and others left with untold ailments. However, you can only become a victim as a result of spiritual ignorant.
      I have to introduce this oil which fight poison buried or sprinkled in the compound, at work place, home, farm land or business premises. The world is full of wickedness and we are the wicked. We are the world, so whatever that happens here is possible because of us (human).
      Just like the Bible book of Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things , and desperately wicked: who can understand it? So when we talk about wickedness as seen on the surface of the earth, get to know we are involved: YOU AND I.

      Because there are evil men and women all over, you can’t even predict your neighbor. Only carefulness through spiritual knowledge you will overcome and remain safe.
      You better be careful and remain vigilant day and night. This we help prolong life and save property. Many things can place you under enemies watch, if not envy for your property, it will be your life or position. These bring about enmity!
      Some poison when not sent through dreams or air (as an element) could be buried, sprinkled or drop on target. Am bringing you these information just like the saying, Nwanyị n’ere ogiri mara ujiji anya kpọrọ _ one has more information about his profession.
      As a spiritualist, I should have known better!

      Through carefulness you can easily take notice of changes in your office, corridor, plot of land or compound. Some have visited their compound and observed displacement on the ground but ignored it only to be affected later. Poison can be rob on your padlock, only when your are careful you would take notice and avoid touching the padlock.
      It could be buried or sprinkled at your door post/foot march, gate or entrance to your compound. Looking careful helps recognition.

      When you observe such environmental changes, there’s no point shouting blood of Jesus or that of Hezekiah, just turn back or find way to where you keep this oil. The blood is no where to be found and does not spoil effects of poison, don’t be deceive and stop deceiving yourself.
      The creator (s) aren’t as foolish and stupid as you are making all these possible. If by the mention of the blood poison and charm can be destroyed, the creator (s) couldn’t have spent days in creation. Because they knew all things, present and future, they could have asked us to call and shout blood of Jesus that of Moses or Hezekiah for perfect solutions and deliverance.
      Don’t mock wisdom for wisdom can’t be mocked. Ọrịa gbuo mpete, ọ laa ya n’afọ.
      Go get the oil and sprinkle round about the suspected point or above the object.



        Thank you for this knowledge, please I want to know more I can do with mpuru akwu ojukwu for braking of long hardship as a result of charm. Thank you Master.




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