More Knowledge on Agwu and Why a Priestess shouldn’t Institute Agwu for a Man

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      Odogwu Akataaka:

      Nke m mara kamu n’ekwu _ what I know I talk about.

      We are human being both men and women: but then, we were not created equal. That equality exist beyond our creation but to the border of assignment. It’s only now you can hear people saying, what a man can do, a woman will do better.

      Not to be argued but spiritual and traditional facts and figures proved it false.
      No matter what, spirituality and tradition still stand and play a maximum role in our life today. Believe it or not, you can’t beat standard of the spirit.

      Coming to agwụ and his institution, agwụ has ọfọ, ezumezu, okuku and oji making the ezumezu ikenga agwụ.
      Ọfọ is a sacred tree which talks about purity and sacred.
      Ọfọ spelt a woman out here because agwụ has ọfọ. So, a woman in Igbo tradition should not hand a man ọfọ just like spirituality made a man superior and head to a woman.

      From this base, I stand to tell you that a priestess has no spiritual power to institute agwụ for a man. I will end with a man to prove my words truthful.

      She can institute agwụ for a woman priest. I will not argue that with truthful facts. Being a priestess who has agwụ, she can help institute agwụ for her fellow priestess. In Igbo tradition, we have umuada sect _ otu umuada. In umuada sect, a man does not make/enact a law. It’s an institutional body and a government of women, in other words a world of women. So in a world of women, woman rules.

      Finally, in whatever we do in life, we must watch the foundation. When there’s fault from foundation, don’t expect that to offer best of services and must not reach to desired expectations.

      Reason it’s absolute wisdom to be careful building your house from the foundation in other not to record cracks and sudden fall. Many are settings that causes malfunctions in our spiritual life and physical life today that has to do with the foundations.

      Mmiri arighi ugwu _ not until waters start going up the mountain top, we can’t stop to follow tradition and spirituality in our world today.

      Not until there’s no sand on earth, you will forever observe traditional powers. Ọdịnala n’ebu eke.

      These information called for knowledge and understanding, not believe and religion.

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        thanks so much Nna’m ukwu

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