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      Having read the lectures and teachings of the GM and the wonderful questions asked by members, my understanding is clear and have no doubt that am at the right place were Wisdom rules. My question now is where do i start from? Because I have seen rituals and sacrifices done, can I start from there or? I just need directives. Thanks. Angel guide.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      The first thing you should do having testify the truth as it makes present at light house of wisdom. For your good, light on your path, seek for spiritual consultation.

      Light house of wisdom doesn’t call for beating about the bush but wisdom. Our gathering hereby is a call for wisdom. This is why you must be wise.

      When we talk about spiritual consultation, people don’t actually get the information right.

      But then, that’s the best you can do for yourself if you truly wish to grow, have a better life and future. Consult to know more about yourself.

      To do this, just meet a dibịa and ask him to help consult on you.

      Whatever be the price, pay it and stand to listen to him/her.

      Don’t ever tell a dibịa whatever be your problem you think. Just say, I want to know more about myself.

      This is why you will prove him/her. From the information he will give, since it has to do with you. Pay attention and listen to your spirit. If your spirit person bears you witness that these are true, ask for solution and pay attention.

      Now, these are ways to help confirm the truth. No matter what happens , a dibia can’t talk about you without you knowing a bit of what he said about you even when you don’t know or understand all. You must understand and know some, let it be said that others remain unknown to you. But from the ones he said which you know, you will be able to confirm the ones said which are unknown.

      Perhaps all information seem confused and strange to you, don’t bother getting to know about the solution from him/her for the the true fact that a dibịa who doesn’t know the root of your problems won’t be able to provide solutions.

      Moreover, don’t have in mind that spiritual consultation must cost you money after all information. It’s not true that’s why you must seek to know more about yourself.

      Some of you have a problem which only you and by yourself can provide the solutions.

      Take for instance, your problem has to do with your realm of origin. Perhaps you needed prayers from your maternal home. Blessing from your maternal home and that’s all that is required. Hence that is where you took ọfọ.

      Do you need to pay a spiritualist, a dibịa money for this exercise?

      Of course not!
      This is all you have to do yourself, visit your maternal home with ritual materials for effects.

      Sometimes, your spiritual consultation talks about you going home, sharing drinks with the ancestors who seek to hear from you.

      Just for you to tell them how your world is going, seeking their consent, it’s over.

      And these little piece of true information has so far cost people millions yet no solutions.

      This is why immediately you come here at light house of wisdom, the first thing you do yourself is not telling us about yourself but seek for consult to know more about yourself

      Immediately its done, you can stand to face your world rather than engaging with us on whatever rituals you think you can do.

      In as much as its good to engage with us on ritual practices but then, it’s wisdom to find root cause of your problems to help solutions.

      Your problems and root cause of your problems aren’t same as others. This is why to obtain the best of services in spirituality using wisdom, you do better know yourself.


        Greetings GM

        I need a consultation.

        How do i go about it isi mmiri igbo nille.



          Good day.

          I need a spiritual consultation.

          How do I go about it?


            Greetings odogwu akakaaka,please sir i need a spiritual consultation


              I joined these light house of wisdom 2days ago

              Grand Master

                For spiritual consultation, do write me on WhatsApp/call +2347062855001. Angels guide


                  Just joined light house of wisdom now….pls I need to know more on the reason for my existence here on earth..,…pls Odogwu,how do I go about it

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