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      We need clarity day and night. We need lights on our paths day and night. We don’t have to entertain darkness!

      For this is reasons, we have to pray daily using nzu. Do you even know that all these items we have been using and talking about, none are man made? Do you know?
      We know that Oseoji is a fruit from plant tree.

      What about nzu? Have you seen nzu?

      NZU are found in the river. You can only see NZU from the river source. That is where NZU are found telling you that it possess high spiritual powers to help effect. Drawing positive energies on your parth .Even when fools said that these practices represent idolatry. Ask the fool purpose of its creation. A fool won’t tell.

      Nzu doesn’t have any dent, spot on its body. It symbolizes purity and clarity. This is why we use it for daily progressive rituals.
      When you know what you’re supposed know, you do what you should do. Onye aghogburu ka agbara – the deceived becomes a looser

      There are more of life than what you were been told or meant to belief.


        Please i would like to know how to use the white chalk


          Master please tell me how to use Nzu for my daily prayer


            Thanks you wise one, please how can I pray with Nzu ?


              Nice one

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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