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      Our people would say Ndukaku – Life is greater than prosperity. Yes, everyone knows that life has to be taken care of, the very reason we pray to prosper but then Life Is Greater Than Prosperity.

      ‘A hapu ndu wee kpaa aku, onye iro esoro rie’ is a popular adage in Igbo meaning when life was neglected, rejected, and unprotected the enemy ends up enjoying your fruits of labour. This is why we have every reason to protect our life even though its said Chinechendu – god is the protector of life.

      Undoubtedly, Chinechendu but then heaven helps those who help themselves. This is why we work to chop even when the animals, fishes, birds of heaven and plants that were also created by same creator (s) has no reason to work yet humans work day and night to earn a living; heaven helps those who help themselves.

      Chinechendu, the gods are wise. Wisdom is the principal thing, the very reason the young King Solomon asked us to get wisdom and understanding. Yes he has tested wisdom and found deep understanding for knowledge of the truth as it has to do with the mystery surrounding humans existence, in conclusion he said: wisdom is the principal thing. He goes further to talk more of wisdom when he said, wisdom protect the life of its owner.

      The wisdom one may ask to know so that he remains protected hence no one wish to die young or suffer untold hardships. But then, wisdom is not far seen from knowing the truth. When you know the truth, the Truth you know shall set you free says Christ during his earthly ministry.

      It’s by WISDOM the world was created and all thing’s came into existence. Wisdom was the pillar of the world and source of creation. The gods are wise! Spirits more powerful!! The truth you must know.

      They are done with creation and their labour was not in vain hence wisdom doesn’t make mistakes. Among all creations, human and other creature shall exist: says nature.

      This is why we drink water for life and breath air for life without waiting for them to ask us for a breath of air before we do. When you fall sick like others do, its left for you to seek for healing herbs and plant’s or better a healer (person with great knowledge of herbs and plants for medicine).

      Failure to apply these methods, you shall see death and have to die while life continues. This is wisdom and the truth!

      This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rules. We serve mankind using nature. @ Light house of wisdom we give back to nature what nature has given to us, the very secret for our good health, prosperity and longevity.

      When we do all these, we don’t think twice haven sound knowledge. We are rest assured that wisdom protect the life of its owner, have no fear!

      The gods are done with creation, it’s by WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING that we must exist by their services otherwise oria gbuo mpete, o laa ya n’afo.

      This is Odighi Eshi – Nothing Dey Happen: The protector.

      Odeshi 1

      When you are faced with guns by the enemies to intimidate you into doing as he/she said, you said to him/her – O dighi eshi; dear nothing dey happen.

      If he doubts and try to tell you that this is gun and not a toy, he ends up understanding why you said – odeshi; nothing dey happen!

      It also serve for protection against bottle and cutlass. It protect you against sharp object that an enemy intend to use to attack your body. It won’t penetrate like the gun shot.

      Odeshi 2

      When you look at the content you find we have chichangele – eyes of the spirits inside the bottle alongside different Root’s and many other natural minerals for effects.

      When you have ODESHI at your services, here are rules:

      1: This is not a kind that you insert on your body. The very reason why you must find original ijaw drink. Original ijaw drink is also known as kai kai but here, the kai kai or ijaw won’t contain ethanol. That’s to say it’s not those you get from kiosk which is sold per hot shot for drivers and drunkards.

      To get original ijaw without ethanol, meet dealers within your locality and explain to them that you need original kai kai without ethanol for medicinal purposes. Let him/her know that you need it to mix with a herbal medicine. Its sold at high cost, therefore the prices varies pending your locality.

      When you find it, test it before payment. For confirmation of original ijaw, it doesn’t bridge on tongue when you sip it. You only find out you have taken a hot drink when it gets on your throat. Angels guide.

      2: When you return home and put required volume inside the bottle/charm, don’t drink same day but after four days.
      After four days, you start taken for the sole purpose as stated above.

      3: Each time you want to drink from the medicine, make sure you do so using left hand. Don’t drink with your right hand. Tight the cover well after usage.

      4: Each hot shot serve for a protection for period of seven days. You might be taken daily but then, from the last day it counts till seventh day when you have to repeat again for continuous services till next seven days (continue). You may decide to have a calendar for this purpose to avoid mistakes. The calendar helps you to note the seventh day from your previous taken. In conclusion, each taken protects till seven days (expires from the body after seven days).
      Be guided!

      5:This medicine can be taken by anyone; male and female, mama and pikin, Papa and pikin but a woman in her menstrual circle must not touch the bottle for any reason. Any day she does, the powers goes down to zero level. Taken it at that period is taken just a hot drink not a protector. For activation, get a seed of oseoji, use your left hand to cleanse the medicine/bottle as seen on our oseoji body cleansing. Move four times round about above its body and throw away. Haven been renewed, start using again.

      6: Each time the kai kai is finished from the bottle, refill the bottle and keep for next four days before consumption.

      This medicine last for years if you can protect it well. It has no expiration. No herbs inside and nothing can make it corrupt.

      Because we aren’t here to talk about believe or to ask you to believe. This medicine has guarantee and asked you for no prayer before or afterwards.

      You may try testing yourself for more confidence. To do this, perhaps the first day of the consumption, make sure you give a space of an hour or more after consumption (been the first day). Because it works through blood, you must permit the circulation in the body before testing.

      Therefore, ask for another person to test you with a gun, bottle or cutlass. You are not under prohibition if you can test yourself.

      This is spirituality, we practice the knowledge for true confirmation hence truth don’t lie.

      For order:
      Price $300
      local delivery within the country at #2,000
      Shipping overseas: Contact us for shipping quotes and options.



        GM may your days be long as angel guide. What will someone avoid why using this Odeshi protector, and is it good to use it after having sex without taking bath. Is all Odeshi protector the same, is they anyone you can insert in the body that serve the same purpose? Throw more like on my path wise one.


          Welldone sir please I need to know more about herbs for healing of different sickness can you help me.


            Question please


              Odogbu akataka I ask is there any home pattern one can prepare odeshi by himself


                <p style=”text-align: center;”>How do I get one sir</p>


                  I so much respect you Sir.

                  Ever since I was born i have never seen a man like you .

                  You are special

                  Mr. H

                    Please Sir, I need the odeshi.

                    Kindly email me the cost includinv delivery to Lagos, Sir.



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