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      Odogwuakataaka: Our “ofo na ogu” rituals are done on Nkwo market days. Remember our ritual directives to be on barefoot during ritual performance. Be mindful of your affirmative. Remain focused and shun all vices causing distractions during ritual exercises.

      Here are first things you do! To open your oseoji, you must break it behind your back

      When you do, use a seed with your left hand to ward off negative energy, move round about above your head four times anticlockwise and throw away. Repeat same with your right hand.

      Count 7 seeds of oseoji (alligator pepper) and insert in your mouth. Open the nsiegbe (gun powder), take little and insert in your mouth.

      Say: okwu ojo, okwu oma: ka aja di ire bu ife ekwuru. Amara kwue amaghi kwue, ka aja di ire bu ife ekwuru. Amara mee, amaghi mee, ka aja di ire bu ife ekwuru, na afia eke, orie, afo na nkwo nille. Ma o meghi kamu siri kwuo, eligwe na elu uwa ekwekwala. Ebe aja ani bidoro na na ebe aja ani jedobere, ebe osimmiri bidoro na ebe osimmiri jedobere, ebe ikuku bidoro na ebe iku jedobere: ekwekwala! Ndi chi m, chi edu m uwam. Chi okike m, ndi nna na nna nna: ndi nne na nne nne: umu Ada na ndi ichie ala: ekwekwala. N’oga emeriri kamu siri kwuo na afia eke, orie, afo na nkwo.
      (go outside and spit out 7 times above the air. Come back to take your rituals).
      You must be saying and doing these within the four ritual days starting today.

      Let someone help the Translation in English while I go on with other things!


      Count 7 seeds of alligator pepper and insert into your mouth. Open the gun powder, take a little and put into your mouth.

      Say, Whether positive or negative talks, let this ritual bear positive results is my affirmation. Whether I said it rightly or wrongly my intention is for this my ritual to bear positive results. Whether it is done accordingly or otherwise, let this ritual bear positive results. Let this ritual be fulfilled on EKE, on ORIE, on AFOR and on NKWO market days. If it does not come to pass let heaven and earth reject. Where earth started and where it ended, where ocean started and where it ended, where the wind started and where it ended should reject. My spirit guide, God my creator, my father and great grand fathers, my mother and great grand mothers, our daughters and ancestors should reject if my ritual does not bear positive results. It must bear positive results as I ask on EKE day, on ORIE day, on AFO day and on NKWO day.

      (go outside and spit out 7 times above by the air. Come back to take your rituals) you must be saying and doing these within the four ritual days starting today

      Odogwuakataaka: As I take time composing the guide on mint do help us translate the ofo na ogu ritual on audio to English. Many thanks for the translation so far. Angels guide.

      Least we forget: as soon as you are done with your ritual affirmations, bring out the kolanut and break in 4 parts, add together (holding with your left hand and move above your head anticlockwise 8 times). Go out to drop on the road. Immediately you drop it, fiocha aka gi abuo (whip off your both hands and go back home).

      When you return, watch the video to see how you make your ogu using the omu nkwu – palm front.

      link to video here

      Having done with your ofo n’ ogu ritual the first day of the exercise, returning home, look for a bucket and pour some waters, insert 7 seeds of alligator pepper inside and wash your hands without soap or detergent.

      Keep the remaining waters inside the bucket to wash the pigeon and other items (which we shall inform you at when due). Go direct to where you kept the white piece of cloth. Spray it on the ground and place a white/blue/yellow/green open plate on top the cloth.

      Get your pigeon, look for same waters and wash properly the mouth and foot. Drop on top the white sprayed cloth. Look for a knife (wash properly as well).

      Get your mint leaves, drop on top the white clothes. Get one seed of alligator pepper, use it to cleanse the pigeon. Throw it away over your head backwards. Get another seed and do same on the mints leave.

      Now you are done with the cleansing. Remember, yesterday I asked us to get the mints leave today to help services. You were asked to get as many as possible hence it’s not sold.

      Whichever, the purpose for getting it plenty is to help volumes thus we asked to massage it (getting the water substance). The minerals are the essential commodities.

      Get as many leaves as your hands can contain and start massaging. When you have enough waters, do sprinkle inside the open rituals plate kept on top of the white clothe. Repeat second to third times and drop the chaff by the side.

      This you are to do until you get as many waters as possible (pending on the volume you have). Understand this is not a little assignment therefore, get a little stool to sit down while doing this, keeping your foot on top the white cloth until you are through.

      Be careful not to chat or discuss with someone else while performing this assignment.

      The reason is to help focus and avoid illicit words, which might ruin your exercise. Should you know the person whom you must chat with is not decent enough to respect what you are doing, kindly avoid his or her chat.

      While performing rituals, do your best to disengage oneself from third party chat. Chat with the gods and goddesses. Tell them what you wanted and how you wanted it. Enjoy such chat than mere chatting.

      Therefore, it’s good you speak powers to the mint while you massage it. Have these information about mint leave to help knowledge. Knowing what you have in position perhaps to help focus. Mint leaves are powerful herbs causing success and progress.

      It has the powers and supernatural ability to draw luck, success and progress if one’s ways are open!
      Since we are performing open-my-ways ritual @ofo n’ ogu: we are asked to invite mint to help success (being our key point).

      A bit of information for more knowledge. Helping you to know what you should be saying while massaging.
      When you are done, get the pigeon, untie it (cut off the rope on its leg or feather).

      Hold with your right hand on its legs and with your left hand hold it’s head. Raise it’s face up (face to face). When this is done say…….I am not killing you because I can but for your blood to open my way on eke, orie, afo and nkwo market days. You shall die for me to live.

      Your blood shall cause me desired success and promotion. Let it be said in the land of the living by human and spirits, in the land beyond by human and spirits that I did it because I did.

      No spirit or human shall counter this subject and purpose for the ritual exercise which your blood shall witness. This I mote and so shall it be! Iseeeeee.

      (Remove the little feathers on its throat and slaughter it)

      Pour all the blood inside the ritual plate. When you are done, drop on top of the cloth.

      Get seven seeds of alligator, put into your mouth. Get little of nsiegbe (gun powder) and put inside your mouth (take time not to frown your face or spit out nor demonstrate signs of displeasure as a result of the gun powder it’s not food.

      You should know better. You are on a course, let whatever that takes place at this point of ritual performance be a sacrifice you made. Freedom is not free. To be a man, is not a day job.


      Having done this, because of the presence of the gun powder inside your mouth, it will produce too many saliva. Bear it and never spit anything out. Be warned!

      Mote positive words as your spirit persons tell you and spit seven times inside the ritual plate. Use your finger to mix together. Look for an empty container such like water bottle and pour inside for daily usage.

      How to use it. Whenever you want to take your bath, you may use cover of the water bottle to add twice the ritual inside your bath water. You are to be using it anytime you bath until it’s finished.

      Angels guide!

      The chaff and the pigeon should be put together with the white cloth and insert on a black nylon. Throw inside dust bin or bush path. More light to our paths. Angels guide.

      Sylvester: This is great GM. More light to your path.

      Ikechukwu: Thank you GM.
      Please, what should we do with the remaining water containing seven seeds of OSE OJI which was used to wash the legs and mouth of the pigeon?

      Adigom: Odogwuakataka isi mmiri Igbo nine ,the great man of our generation, in fact you re really sent by gods and goddesses to save humanity, may you live long, pls sir can I start my own ritual exercise next Nkwo market, more light to your path angel guide

      Beluolisah: More light to your path GM.

      Beluolisah : I wasn’t able to get all my materials available.

      Beluolisah: Can we perform this same ritual on next nkwo day?

      Poku: Please after being with ofo stick for the first day what do we do with the stick should it be throne in the dust bin

      Ikechukwu: GM took put time to compose an easy and self explanatory direction.
      That the eight ofo sticks, eight ogu sticks, eight cords with the kola nut when broken should be dropped along the road. That is after circling them together over your head eight times in anti-clock wise motion.

      Ikechukwu : Here is the translation

      The voice translation.

      The ofo sticks, the ogu sticks, cord eight pieces each with the igbo kola nut that has 4 cotyledons which you have washed, cleaned. All these items you must hold together in your left hand.

      Hold them together in your left hand and pray seriously. That all the energies holding back my success, my progress, my favour with this ofo na ogu I cancel them.

      If only your hands are clean. Ofo na ogu will destroy all these negative energies. Any thing preventing me from achieving my goals, any force making me a fool, today being NKWO I am using these ofo, ogu, cords and kolanut to liberate myself. All these evils in my life, coming from my father or his lineage, from my mother or her lineage, from my male or female friends, from my brothers or sisters, from my in-laws, are they from my business transaction on EKE day, ORIE day, AFOR day or NKWO day, that today I am victorious over you.

      I am affirming that from today being NKWO (depending on the particular day) with ofo na ogu my hands are clean. I am washing myself clean and free from all evil energies on EKE, ORIE, AFOR and NKWO. That from the beginning to the end of this world, I am innocent. Whatever I do not know, should not know me. Should not affect me – if your are innocent.

      If u are sure that you are not in any form guilty against any body. Because in light house justice is supreme. That today, ( EKE or ORIE or AFOR or NKWO according to the days) I declare all my problems have come to an end. For I am standing as a (man or woman) to take that which is mine. From men, from women, from the spirit world all that is mine.

      I decree that whatever spell or juju done against me, whether it was done with the head of person, mad or not, the bones of a person dead or alive, buried in the sand, or thrown into the over, burnt or poured into the air, done with the tongue of a deaf and dumb, in a grave yard, all preventing you from achieving your goals, all eating and wasting your god given favour and success, u overcome them today with ofo Na ogu.

      This ritual is personal. Not for your father, mother, husband, wife or children.
      More light to our paths.

      Addul : Thank you so much

      Valentine: Thank you so much

      Odogwuakataaka: Those of you who could not make it this day can start next nkwo market. If you are going to do that, follow directives and don’t consider contacting me for I will register it as disturbance. There’s a time for a very thing I do on earth.

      I have this time for the exercise. Ask your questions on the ongoing ritual @ofo na ogu now. If you are starting yours next week, next month or next year. Count me off! You can serve yourself using available information right now!

      This is why, whether you joined or yet to join, kindly ask whatever question you have as regards the ofo na ogu ritual now and get clarified. I have made myself clear! More light to our paths.


        More light to your part GM as angels guides. How do members who are just gaining access to this information partake of this ritual seeing that it has already begun?

        onyii umeh

          Plz where can I watch the video on how to make ogu using omu nkwu?

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