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    We use oji (kolanut) to pray to the gods and goddesses. All deities knows about oji. When we need nature to take dominion over our life and destiny, we pray the gods and goddesses daily with oji.

    I have in so many occasions told us why oji ritual prayers are most effective. Oji ritual prayers are most effective, a reason why oji present are seen in almost 95% of rituals done everyday (in a spiritual home).

    The only ritual which refused oji are ritual that refuses ofo. Oji goes along with ofo. When you have ofo, you pray with oji. When you don’t have ofo, don’t touch oji.

    That’s to say, when you are innocent, inline with nature, doing right as nature demands, not harming others and having joy in persecution: you have ofo.

    That’s when you can say prayers with oji and drop it on the ground (earth), the gods and goddesses would take action, haven received and listened. A ritual that asked for effect. Knowledge that makes a difference.

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