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      Able GGM, Pls there are some children born with dread hair(Dada).
      1. How can one identify them after birth?
      2. How long will d hair last before it is barbed?
      3. Is there any implications when one combs dread hair knowingly/ unknowingly that d child is dada?
      4. Must rituals be done b4 d hair is barbed for the first time?
      5. If yes, what are the rituals for barbing dread hair for the first time?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Mmụọ dike.
      You asked a very powerful questions here to help humanity hence many have suffered the innocent as a result of this information.
      Many have as well lost their beloved child reading from same information.

      When dada (Dread lock) is born in a family. Been a child of destiny as a our people would say.
      He comes with many signs to help notification.
      Anụ nille n’egbu opi bụ nke bụ eziokwu mana ọ nweghị nke opi ya na_ada ka nke nkapi _ all animals whistle and makes sound but none are like the sound of the shrew.
      This is why you take note of dada after birth thus by their friuts you shall know them.

      A dada because his/her sects (ndị nje ya, ndị ọgbọ na uke ya) has to visit frequently, day and night, has to be very worrisome (to the parents).

      This worries comes as a result of events that took place at the period of visit. This is what could cause him constant sickness. Body heat!
      Ewere sị n’ahụ na-achakarị ya ọkụ (body heat and constant fever).
      When you the nursing mother or caring father observe this mode, shun visiting a hospital and never use syrange (ntụtụ) on him/her. It worsen the situation, making his condition become so much.

      Another means to know a dada after birth is too much night cry. This is another means of identifying who is dada. More especially when a mother keeps constant night light in the room. This gives disturbances to the sect who visit him at night. To them, it is like they can be seen but not as if they don’t know your won’t see them. This is why they have to torment the child in a way he /she has to feel the pain. The cry and purpose of the torment is to give signal to the mother or anyone who cares, so that the light can be switched off

      This request is to enable them carry on with their duties. This is a period they are locking the hairs (causing Dread lock).

      Your ability to take note, responding to their signs keeps the child on quiet mode (without disturbances). Your inability to understood makes the child to cry almost all night which must bring about a sickness.

      These are earlier signs which dada has to demonstrate.
      Coming to your 2nd question.
      The hair must reach one year at minimum before it will be cut off otherwise it affects his /her movement. Failure to reach one year and the inability to perform necessary rituals settlement to the sects could make him/her not to walk. This is where the child has to sit on the ground talking like an elder.
      When his /her mates walk and run round the village, he crew and follow them.

      Your number 3 question is the possible reason why the child has to fall sick at the range of death. Each time you comb his /her hair after bath, he/she falls sick and raises eyebrow. So far you keep combing his /her hair, he/she kept falling sick.

      Question No 4.
      Ritual settlement must be done before the hair will be cut off for the first time otherwise you ruin his/her life unknowingly.
      The ritual aren’t meant for her/him but for the sects ( òtù ọgbọ na uke).
      Upon the ritual sacrifice the priest has to say many prayers, pleading them for their permission to enable the child to leave normal life as a human without disturbances.
      While these takes place, sacrifices has to be made, the amount of sacrifices would come as a result of one’s destiny.
      At this ritual period the sects has to come with so many information to help his/her destiny.
      This is when they may say, tell his parents not to give him meat of any animal or fishes from the river (that’s to say, he shall not eat meat or fish all through his life).
      Its upon this ritual peace settlement that they have to say, make saraka for him/her seasonal, share among children. Etc

      When these information and lots more are given to the priest, he shall transmit to the parents for effects. Parental ability to observe these instructions are reason some people’s destiny are too quick to shine like early morning stars. Shines so bright like stars on the sky.
      They are so lovable like the moon!
      Everyone would want to associate with him/her as star boy.
      Whatever he lays his hands shall prosper.
      He/she shall make the family proud.

      Your No 5th question.
      There are two ways of the ritual.
      One way involves a priest/priestess.
      This is the perfect way whereas the other way do not involve a priest or priestess.
      This is where the risk are, causing harm to the innocent child.

      The first where the priest /priestess are involved said to be perfect reading from the explanations as given in No 4. When the priest are done with the necessary ritual sacrifices, he/she shall cut off the hair or cut little to allow the parents cut the rest. Whichever, it has to come upon spirits guide. If there is reasons for the priest to cut the first hair completely, leaving no hair, the priest shall be inform. Haven known, he would cut the hair all by himself and the first hair must not be burnt with fire (upon spirit guide).
      In some cases, a priest would be asked to cut off few hairs, permitting the parents to cut the rest.

      Coming to the other way round, if the parents do not need service’s of a priest/priestess, to cut off the hair without harming the child, they shall have to bring an egg and a coconut.
      Get a white plastic plate or a calabash (local plate) not metal or glass plate. A pinch of sand and charcoal dust (ntụ ọra).

      Break the kolanut and put the water inside the plate or calabash plate, open the egg and put the minerals inside (throw away the husk), add little of the earth (sand) and the charcoal dust. Mix together and rob all over his/her head saying prayers. When this is done, the hair could be cut off.
      Angels guide.

      Able GM, thanks for enlightening us with the answers to my questions. Where failure to do necessary rituals before barbing the hair and it leads the child NOT TO WALK,
      1. Is there possibility of the child walking again if the ritual is later done?
      2. Haven failed to do the necessary rituals before barbing the child and he/she failed to walk, Can the 2nd method of ritual be used to rebarb the child after keeping the hair for a year without cut?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      When the child refused to walk. The parent and relatives must get worried and begin to ask questions. This is when they shall come to understand what happened and possible solutions. As soon as the ritual are done, the child stand up and begin to walk.

      Coming to your 2nd question, if the hair was cut ignorantly by the parents without first performing the necessary rituals to help his /her destiny and it makes the child not to walk. The second ritual as thought which has to do with mixture of earth, charcoal dust, egg and coconut can’t savage the situations hence it was not done at when due. The parents as I said earlier hereby lost the fight and have to embark on a spiritual consult to find out from the gods what truly is the case and possible solution.
      Its áfà that would say what could be done.
      When it’s done as said, the child will be released (by the sects) to walk.



        I think I was born a Dada but my parents cut Off my hair before I was 3 months old,my daddy was also a Dada when he was young.My parents said they’re christains and my mum said she isn’t sure only dat my hair is always rough,hard to comb.I was very intelligent at a young age,I always talk to people I can’t see almost like I am running mad.i am 25 years old & always feel frustrated,pls help me before I run mad pls,I can’t even keep a relationship

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