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      Prince Daniel:
      Please sir, teach us; is there any significance in using the book of Psalms to pray?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Do we need any book for prayers?
      That’s a question to ask, forget about pointing finger at a particular book written by anyone. Just ask, do we have need, praying with a book?

      To answer this is to know what is a prayer.
      Ezumezu abịa! Mmụọ dike!!

      Prayer we have said often and have to repeat so that you know, ‘truth never lie’.

      Prayer is asking from God _ chi.
      Your god not my god.
      Asking from your God!

      When you ask anything from your father, it is not a prayer, hence you don’t pray to any human being. You only pray to a spirit.

      And the spirit we have mandate to pray is our chi. This is why you must pray him always.
      When you set to pray, however and whenever, you can only pray your God

      Now, I ask you again, Prince Daniel do you need a book to pray your chi – God (spirit guide)?
      Of course you don’t have to pray him with a book unless you don’t understand what is prayer.
      Now, I tell you further what prayers are like:
      Prayers are like asking for something which you can’t get yourself, by your power and might from a spirit capable of doing it. Prayer has to do with letting known to a spirit responsible for your need, things that you desire. Those things which you know are beyond your control, asking your chi to do it for you.

      If you can do things or should I say all things on your own, I tell you there will be NO NEED FOR PRAYERS.

      But then, we are caught with limitations. Our powers as human are limited while the Spirits has unlimited powers.

      This is why we rely on them to help doing the impossible possibilities.
      Whenever you tender those needs unto them, it’s known as prayers.

      When we seek for their help on those things we can’t do on our own, we are praying them.
      Now you know these things. Do you need to recite psalms 23 before your chi help you on daily basis?

      If you said yes, then I have to ask you who wrote that book of psalms?
      If you answered saying David son of Jesse.
      Then, you have to tell me books that David recite while he said those prayers as written in the psalms. Because it was his prayer recorded. Whose book has he been using for prayers before he could record his own book, the psalms?

      This is how you think wise.
      This is how you lead by wisdom to find knowledge of the truth even when none was there to guide you.

      I was telling one pastor saying, even though you people kept on deceiving people for the fact that you have been deceived, yet your spirit bears you witness all the time that you are a deceiver (for not defending the truth). He accepted and said I am correct.

      Why I am saying this, it is because we all have spirits that are vibrant. Which bears us witness in all things. Which lives to tell us the truth even when we refuse to listen.

      This is why at last, we end up saying had I known?

      Do you know why you regretted and have to be remorseful to your improper actions?
      It’s because you refused to listen to your inner being (your spirit person) who foremost transmit the message unto you.

      Even when you pray psalms 105 and 99 yet you find out none is falling as prayed.
      If psalms 23 is solution to poverty, I tell you no single person would be poor today.
      We all can recite the chapter as often as possible.

      Don’t be deceived and be careful not to deceive others.
      This is wisdom in line with the gods.
      When you are doing these things, sky is your limit.

      When you refused to be deceived, you find yourself and be inform with forces that has an assignment with you.
      Do as they say, for your wish is their command.
      When you refuse to deceive others, you are inline with righteousness.
      You can’t be found guilty before the gods and goddesses (the judges and destroyers).
      More light on our paths as angels continue to guide us all.


        you are simply the best i have ever seen

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