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      Sacrifices is the answer, is the key and the secret.
      When you give unto the spirits through ritual sacrifices. You must surely prosper in whatever you do. Why?
      Because you aren’t owing the universe.
      Therefore you must be blessed!

      Ofeke find it difficult to understand believing success is luck.
      Have you studied the life of ants?
      There’s a chemistry!

      Ants gathered what they consume in the raining season in dry season.
      So, in the raining season, they have to close up their hole.
      It’s power of wisdom.
      You must learn to invest. Without investment, its impossible for one to get rich and at the same time record abundant success.
      That which good number of you do call money ritual comes as a result of long time investment.
      But then, sometimes it looks like ọgwụ ego.

      All of us have brain but not all of us have common sense.
      To see the future you must have the eyes of Eagle.
      Heart of a lion and a sound mind.
      Wisdom helps in decision making.
      There are many forces that could stop you from progress. These forces if not declared war against them could succeed bringing you down to the corridor of poverty.
      I sabi book no reach am.

      I often tell people and I repeat. This is world of ndị ike and ndị ikenga (world of powers). Do you know why they are called FORCES?
      Before your birth, I trust John the Baptist must have been born?
      Never forget, since the birth of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffered violence.

      So, are you still sleeping?
      Don’t forget, if you slumber, your gun will be taken away from you.
      Onye raru ụra, eburu egbe ya.

      Always be at spiritual alert. Do the necessary through the power of sacrifices and the rest of your worries shall become a history.
      I remain the great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. Ajọ nwa.
      Having gone far in the realm of spirit, it’s impossible for me to return a failure.
      I know road to light, life, success, prosperity and great abundance.
      If I lead, you will never miss road.
      Mmụọ dike

      Take your time to study plantation.
      Though you are not a farmer but I can tell you much about farming because I am a farmer.
      In agriculture, there’s a season.
      So we farmers we are aware of seasons.
      It’s quite unfortunate that good number of young men and women today refuses to acknowledge seasons.
      They do think and often believe, every season is a periods of harvest. Who told you?

      As a farmer, I know for sure that it’s exactly what I sow I will reap.
      So what do I do?
      I sowed cocoyam if I want to reap cocoyam. I do cultivate yam, potatoes, vegetables, carrots, cucumber, ginger, garlic, Nutmeric, cassava etc.
      When I do. I refused to sleep and fold my hands over the farm work rather often do I check the farmland. When there are unwanted weeds, I remove them. Sometimes, I send labourers to help oversee the crops.

      Why do I have to do so?
      That’s because, it’s one thing to sow a seed and another thing to see through the crops for good produce.
      How much do you know this truth?
      I don’t believe in miracle but in labour.
      Miracle is scam, labour has wages.
      The result of miracle is poverty while the result of labour is riches.

      The gods and goddesses are labourers.
      The angels are labourers.
      Holy spirits are labourers.
      They are all hard working. Reason you and I met a beautiful world in place.
      How then do you think you as a human being, image of the gods and goddesses will be a subject of miracle?

      Do you not know that snake breeds snakes? Scorpion breeds scorpion? So lion and antelope?
      You must work to chop.
      You must plan to succeed.
      You must sow to reap.
      There is a popular true saying, Rome Was Not Built In A Day.
      How then do you think you can become a success without proper plan and investment?

      This is a blessed generation and you must count yourself a blessing.
      Yes the blessing of the gods and goddesses could be seen all over the earth. Its only ignorant that would keep you blind over them. That you have eyes but can’t see.

      Miracle is scam. Nothing like miracle. Your creator is a master planner. Make plans and work to succeed. What are your plans? Do you care to plan? Have you planned for tomorrow, today?

      Even in the realm of spirit, nothing happens unplanned. Everything comes in place by plan.
      Some of you have a problem planning. The problem starts from your state of haste. You often want tomorrow today. You often want to eat your future now. You often don’t have hope. Your plan today is your hope for future. Without planning today for tomorrow, you will be hopeless seeing tomorrow and forever.

      Going back to a farmer and life of farmer. If a farmer had ignored to sow seeds during plantation period, do you think he would have a harvest period?
      If a farmer had refused to oversee his farm land, removing unwanted weeds and at the same time using insecticide and pesticide to kill living things that could destroy the life of the crops, do you think there will be hope for bountiful harvest?

      When you invest for the future, there’s still much work to do using sacrifices to keep away the eyes of the enemies who also wanted to reap where they do not sow like the weeds, insects and pest in the farm (against the crop).
      There are millions of opportunities online and offline to get yourself rich. Why are you still poor?
      You are poor because you don’t plan to work. You are still poor because you have not sacrificed enough for your world to enable the universe open door of success for you.

      You have no reason to be poor if only you can accept the truth. Truth as I always made known to you is life. When you get to know the truth, you must definitely be exposed to light and life.
      Spiritual ignorant causes poverty and wretchedness.

      We have the truth to tell you. We have the time to share with you. The question remains, how many of you are ready to hear the truth and accept the truth? How many of you are ready to prize our time shared with you.

      I don’t make noise. You all know.
      I don’t boast, you can say it after me.
      I don’t do showbiz.
      But then, I over sabi.
      I have gone far in the realm of spirit, it’s impossible for me to return a failure. I’m here to build a new generation of difference. You must make a difference man/woman.
      Angels guide!

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