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      Items involve are:

      1. Half cup of fiofio (I don’t know it’s English name but you have to watch the photo below to identify it)


      2. Half cup of local rice

      3. Half cup of brown beans
      (you do better buy a cup of the afore mentioned items instead of half)

      4. A small can of hot drink/dry gin
      (sold at #70 to #100)

      5. A bottle of fanta

      6. 1 piece of male and female nzu

      7. 2 pieces of edo

      edo 2

      8. I piece of 4 kolanut cotyledon (buy oji ugo(eagle kolanut) if you see it. You have come out to shine) ugo gbuzue, o chakee (when eagle get matured, it shines)

      Oji ugo

      9. 4 pieces of ripe banana ?

      10. I loaf of bread
      (not big loaf but it must be a loaf for example a #100 bread)

      11. 4 cubes of sugar

      12. 4 sachet of biscuits
      (@#10 each )

      13. 4 pieces of sweet

      14. 4 pieces of sewing gum

      15. Fried groundnut that the husk remains on its body

      16. A white open plate for the saraka

      17. One piece of red feather/Abuba ume

      Red feather

      18. One native egg

      19. 20 naira paper money

      Complete Saraka Guides:

      You were asked to buy an open white plastic plate to put your saraka ritual sacrifices. Drop it on the ground (take note not to perform this ritual where someone will get you distracted), right inside your room, drop the plate on the floor.

      First put the handful of rice inside the ritual plate and say……..

      Multiplication I ask, in all the days of my life and so must it be. Let me multiple, increase in finance, area of my business (keep praying as you wish).

      Put handful of beans and say….
      Same prayers

      Pick up handful of fiofio and say;

      From today onward, let man and woman, spirits begin to talk about me. No matter what they say, good or bad, their saying shall curse an increase for me. Let their mouth never keep quite talking about me so that increase shall be my inheritance at eke, orie, afo and nkwo market days (all the days of my life). Iseeeeeee
      Put inside the ritual plate

      Open the groundnut from the nylon bag and add inside, say…..
      Opupa adighi akpu ahia (no matter how big and small groundnut are, it has a market demand). Let people who has ignored me, good things that has been denied me, begin to locate me from this moment onward. People who have rejected, hated me for no course shall leave to seek after me from this moment onward.

      Hold the 4 seeds of banana and say….. Banana has no bone. From this moment onwards, let life begin to get easy for me. No more hardship, pains and suffering. I shall suffer no more. Let my life turn to be sweet and full of joy at eke, orie, afo and nkwo days. No one leaves to reject banana because of its sweetness so shall human and spirits accept me without option.

      Now pay attention here, when you say Na eke or from the south : add one cube of sugar inside the ritual point. So same when you call on others. We have four names here with four cubes of sugar. Each cube represent one name for perfection of your affirmation).

      Holding the four cubes of sugar at hand and say;

      Na eke (breeze from the South shall blow me good) my life shall be full of joy and happiness (put one cube).

      Na orie (breeze from the West shall blow me good) my joy shall have no bound (put one cube).

      Na afo (breeze from the East shall blow me good) my home shall be full of merry (put one cube).

      Na Nkwo (breeze from the North shall blow me good) all my labour shall bring me bountiful reward (put the last cube).

      Get the four pieces of sweet and chewing gum and say;

      Both adult and children share from your sweetness. No one frowns at your presence. From today, I ask for acceptance before people, the gods and goddesses. Let my path become as sweet as chewing gum and as acceptable as sweet. No bitterness, no remorse, no condemnation, no rejection or whatsoever upon me and my career from anybody and any spirits.

      If it doesn’t happen as I said, let earth and waters refuse to accept (ma o meghi kamu kwuru, aja ani na osimmiri ekwekwala) Put all inside at once!

      Open all the biscuits and add inside the plate and say, food shall not lack on my table any more. I shall leave to find myself and people around me, feed sane and insane man and woman, feed my family and my relatives, friends and well wishers. My enemies shall eat on my table for satisfaction. If it doesn’t happen as I said, let earth and waters refuse to accept (ma o meghi kamu kwuru, aja ani na osimmiri ekwekwala).

      Bring the loaf of bread and cut it into 4 equal parts (use kitchen knife ?). That’s to say, divide it into two parts. Then divide each part into two equal parts to get 4 equal parts representing eke, orie, afo and nkwo (east, north, west and south).

      Say same prayers as seen on biscuit but round up mentioning eke, orie, afo and nkwo. Finally, put the bread inside 4 parts of the plate

      Hold the native egg and say;

      Let all that are hot ? in my life begin to cool from this moment. Let strife rest, let remorse rest, hatred and jealous as caused by enemies : let all rest. All burning heat, consuming my happiness and resources rest. I make a presentation of egg for all to come to normal.

      Let my money and resources stop going by the blowing heat. Let my home stop feeling heat of the wicked from high places. I call upon spirits of peace and justice, to hear me. Today, it’s done and nothing shall revoke the utterance as made.

      Let male and female spirits come and take their own share of nzu to effect the prayers so shall man and woman take their own share of nzu. If it doesn’t happen as I said, let earth and waters refuse to accept (ma o meghi kamu kwuru, aja ani na osimmiri ekwekwala).Put one nzu at the right hand side and the other at the left hand side of the ritual plate.

      Get the two edo and say;

      I seek for pardon, forgiveness anywhere I have offended a man or woman, spirits and nature. I seek for pardon and for forgiveness upon this ritual presentation. Let all that are going zigzag stop and begin to go straight. All that are working slowly in my life pick up a speed. All that are not working well begin to go well for my joy and happiness. This is I have mote and so shall it be. Iseeeee. Put inside the plate

      Pick the hot drink and say;

      I call my ancestors, elders of justice and all Holy Spirit that enjoy wine to come and have their share. This saraka is for all and for peace, progress, success and prosperity. Let’s human and spirits eat and enjoy. None is rejected and ignored.

      We bring you all good things so that you all in return shall bring me goodies, prosperity, joy, happiness, progress and longevity. May I not lack any good thing in life at Eke, orie, afo and nkwo.. Iseeeeeee. Put inside the plate.

      Pick the fanta and say same prayers asking same with hot drink only that your words has to do with sweet sweet things to come to you by the presentation of this fanta drink which call for all female and male spirits that enjoys sweet drinks. After your prayers, do put inside the plate.

      Get the paper money and say, today I pay all debt I owe knowingly and unknowingly, spiritually and physically which my enemies have been using as witnesses against my life, success, happiness, joy, promotion.

      He who pays what he owes becomes a free man, I hereby pay with moving currency as known by spirits and human, as known by men and women, as known by young and old. Let heaven and earth bear me witnesses and set me free. If it doesn’t happen as I said, let earth and waters refuse to accept (ma o meghi kamu kwuru, aja ani na osimmiri ekwekwala). Put inside!

      Get the red feather and say;

      I am not here on earth by mistake neither is my life a mistake. Any man, woman, spirits that has been tormenting me, causing my hindrances, setback, for no cause. Haven sworn to put me to shame and have worked towards achieving that.
      Whether it’s charms (spell casting) by a man or woman that has been working against my life and success, tonight I remove it from my eyes, head and forehead, ears and my path so that I will leave to see, hear, walk and enjoy my earthly visitation.

      Haven said this, hold the red feather on the pole and use the feather to draw on both your eyes 4 times. Hope you know how to draw otanjere? Or as ladies draws eye pencil, use same method as if you are removing something blocking your eyes though you don’t open your eyes while doing this to avoid injury. Use same method on your forehead, use on both ears and finally turn above your head 4 times anticlockwise and point it standing on the edo).


      Hold the kolanut and facing the rituals and say;

      My sacrifices are for the spirits. Let holy spirits receive my saraka rituals and cause effect. Even when I have said it right, and when I have said it wrong: let it be well with me. Even when it’s complete and when it’s not complete, let my saraka be accepted.

      This saraka is for my progress at eke, orie, afo na nkwo (All the days of my life). Let all that I have asked and all that I forgot to ask be granted by the wise spirits to whom I have made this saraka. From this moment onward, let me leave to celebrate and rejoice, enjoy and progress as a result of this saraka.

      Let the most high accept and bless me.

      Let the gods and goddesses accept and bless me.

      Let the angels accept and bless me.

      Let my ancestors accept and bless me.

      Let all holy spirits accept and bless me.

      Let my chi accept and bless me.

      (break the kolanut and pour inside the rituals)

      (Avoid sitting down)
      Put the ritual plate on a nylon bag and go to the ritual point to drop by the centre of the road. Drop on a straight road. Turn back and return home).

      May your saraka receive spiritual attention from the most high, the gods and goddesses, angels and your ancestors.

      More light on your path.

      Angels guide

      (Please write down the ritual guides as given on a plane sheet of paper and use it during ritual performance.
      Do translate in your mother tongues if you can or to any language you can speak fluently and understand. You may choose to do it in English language if that seems okay for you).


        Wise one, I greet you and thank you for the eye opening message. Please, can someone perform this ritual in a lonely bush? Anytime of the day? At night? Thanking you!


          Hello Wise One

          Thank you very much for your teachings please which time is good for this scarifies (saraka)




            <p style=”text-align: right;”>Thank you so much for this air</p>


              Greetings wise one,

              Forgive me learning, for before you I’m still a child and before the Gods and Goddesses I am child still holding my mother’s breasts. Earlier today I did saraka by buying biscuits and sweets and sharing to children. It is what I had learnt, I only came across this post this evening as I am a new member. I hope the rituals I did would still find favour in the eyes of my Chi and Chukwuokike?


                Wise one I greet. Which time is the best for doing this Saraka.


                  Greetings Grandmaster ,please what else do I use if I can’t find Fiofio?


                    Good afternoon wise one,please what time do you advise I do the saraka and my second question is if I want to do Saraka for Onye ona uwam what and what do I need and which date(Nkwo,EkeEOrie na Afor) and time is most suitable for it…Thank you sir


                      How do i chose my ritual point or can i use any road as my ritual point

                      Henry steve

                        Please I want to do my own Marine saraka I’m a student is it must I will travel down to my village river to do it



                          Wise one. Please what days of the week is good to do the Saraka Ritual Guide


                            thank you so much the wise one ..



                              Greetings wise one, please at what time can we perform this ritual?

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