Should I Keep My Chi Temple With Me In Same Room?

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      Am living in one room apartment but is it advisable to keep my Oku chi temple in same room exposing it to any visitor though I don’t care what anybody will say but can I keep him d same room pls.
      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It’s not a question to us but to yourself. Ask yourself if you can do it.
      If for instance you are been disturbed by amosu and the only solution has it that a spell with same size and look like okwu chi has to be given to you to keep in same one room, to prevent amosu _ witch attack. Could you have asked perhaps have a second thought about it?

      When you meet people who understand life, they don’t care. Such people have friends but more friendly with the spirits. That’s why they mind their spiritual life greater than the attention they give to human
      Let me tell you. There are mistakes which majority are used to proving ignorant
      Do you know that people goes to night club, parties and events centres to meet famous people yet their mission could not be accomplished?
      Yet some sat at home while these great men and people that matters come after them!
      Can you give yourself connection?
      Ask yourself?
      Isi mmiri Igbo nille, ekelem GI Nnam, how about someone living upstairs, can he erect a small house downstairs for this purpose?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Can that person you call a friend who visit you frequently help you positively when your chi says know?
      I ask you make things that matters a priority.
      That’s why it’s written in the Bible, SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF YOUR GOD AND RIGHTEOUSNESS………

      Have you read the verse as I do?

      End of discussion
      Telling you that it’s not by thought and hustling, it’s not by power and might, its not by academics and family backgrounds that riches, fortunes, success comes to each and everyone of us. But by our spirit guide: Thus says the most high chi ukwu Okike
      It’s highest point of self deception to think that keeping your chi temple with you at home keeps your good friends away.
      It can only keep those witch and wizards in disguise away.
      Do you not know that some people you call friends are ụchụ?
      Their closeness with you add pepper for your eye problem. Imagine when you are suffering from an eye infection and pepper is also found in same eye.
      Alot of things you will know and understand when you draw closer to your chi than when you keep your distance.
      This is why amosu can’t fly above some people’s roof and to other people’s roof it can perch and relax like an owl inside its nest. Our spiritual practices draws alot of energy which ofeke never know.
      @Anthony I read your comment before you quickly delete it. Resist not to give advice on spiritual matters with canal mind. Spiritual matters are meant for those who are in the spirit.
      Telling him that ‘THIS IS NOT ADVISABLE’ is like telling him what is advisable
      It’s not advisable for one to keep his chi at his one room apartment. When and where will it be advisable?
      Do you suggest he stay until he build a mansion?
      That which you can’t do doesn’t define impossibility.
      Note, another can do it far better even though you can’t do it at all
      Never allow spirits to use you against another person’s life, progress and things that matters. That’s deception if you care to know. And I tell you, a deceiver is an enemy.
      Do you know who was Lucifer before the Most High chi ukwu Okike?
      Lucifer for your information was an apple before his eyes. The voice he cherish and an angel whom he love so much among all angels. If he (chi ukwu okike) could hear him sing a minute, it’s enough for him chi ukwu okike. But today, they are enemies.
      Because of lies.
      False information.
      Becareful and never take everything for joke. Catch joke elsewhere but not here. Make your suggestion elsewhere if possible but not here more especially when you lack knowledge of the truth
      Reason: so that you won’t be used as an instrument to cause failure to someone. Everyone here are precious. Reason we


        Greetings sir,


        There is this Igbo Adage that says “Ndi Mechanic ekweghi anyi mara Ndi Ara” The Real Truth nowdays we don’t have reliable Native doctors to help someone to erect himself and the required spiritual rituals.


        Majority of our Native Doctors are like some these fake pastors out there, who were full deceits and only after money.


        I have attempted to fix up fix up myself but have lost a lot of money at the cause of these with no result that I gave up.


        But today, I developed I interest to ask you because I saw great wisdom and truth in you through your teachings. My Question is “Please can you help me to build up my spiritual life and it’s required rituals?


        Thanks sir.

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