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      Nna Anyi I want to ask.. What about those of us who are from the Ugwu (mountain) what’s our stand??
      Please answer me.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Any dibịa after spiritual consultation, turn to you saying “you’re nwa ugwu” (you are from mountain) is just like these foolish pastors.

      No one comes from the mountain as his realm of incarnate. You can only have affiliate perhaps with goddess or gods of the mountain.

      This is how it is.
      While we come to this world as messengers. As a result of our destiny, we may have affiliate with a sacred tree to help the destiny. To some, it could be with their ancestors and to others a god or goddess as found in their maternal or paternal home. This perfect arrangement makes it possible to see one as a mariner and at same time aka ji ọfọ ndị Ichie

      In a family, there is possibility that 15 out of 25 members of the family are mariners

      But then, these mariners, among them have affiliate with different deities. Some with oké osisi ngwu (ngwu tree) Some with oké osisi akpụ(akpụ tree) . Some with oké osisi akpụ ogwu. Some with anyanwụ (the sun). Etc

      Remember, as I said, these affiliates are only possible owing to one’s destiny. If not the destinies, it won’t be possible seeing one with oké akpụ ogwu osisi bi na osimiri or a deity in her paternal home town or with the sun.

      These forces help rule the destiny. Most times, people with strong assignments like the dibias do have affiliate with as many as possible strong deities. Making it possible for him /her to help fulfil the mission.

      Many tress as we have are powerful deities. People who have affiliate with them are as powerful as these trees.

      Take for example, you know a tree called inyi.

      This tree we say inyi agba ọkụ

      That’s to say, it is fire resistance.

      Among all trees, inyi does not catch fire.

      It’s subject has such quality. Throw it’s subject inside fire, he comes out unhurt. If you like call it juju or whatever you like, these powers which are with him. He has it as a destiny owing to forces with him.

      Understand that same inyi is eze amosu. It fights against witches. The tree is not good for life. Do you know what it means that a tree is dangerous for life when others are good for life?

      Osisi akpụ ogwu is another powerful deity among trees.
      You can’t kill it’s subject with poison. His body is resistance to charm. You can’t get his subject hypnotised.

      These people might be mariners but you see how they are affiliated with these deities/trees.

      This is how one can have affiliate with a certain mountain found in his maternal or paternal home.
      When this is seen, it doesn’t mean his realms of incarnate are mountains or hills but he has affiliate with such.

      There are also people who have affiliate with animals but aren’t from animal Kingdom while there are people from the Kingdom as well

      This is why it requires a true spiritualist for proper spiritual information. Hence, it takes wisdom to get information from the spirits. They are here to guide humanity.

      If you have consulted and it was said you are from mountain, consult further to know more. There are still more information about your being which is not yet found.

      A spiritualist can’t see beyond his position/level.
      There are levels in the spirits, reason why all spirits aren’t equal and don’t share same spiritual position. Chi dị iche iche!

      Forces behind your destiny help in your spiritual journey. Ka onye raa ka chi ya raa.

      When forces behind your destiny are great, you shall be great.
      Greatness you must know goes with so much assignments/sacrifices.

      This is why those who are born great (haven great destinies) should not expect to face little challenges or make little sacrifices.

      There are priests who don’t make sacrifices even with a ram to their ezumezu for a period of twelve months to two years.

      Would you compare him with a priest who almost every month must have different demands from forces behind him?

      The demands of the gods are like the coming of a thief. They don’t ask, allowing you to go think about it. When they ask, they cease network until it is

      provided. These are what we
      see here.

      Making the sacrifices when most needed, all the times and all the seasons offers spiritual promotion.
      The more you promote them, the more you are promoted.

      Don’t you know human promote spirit bodies?
      Yes we do!
      Sacrifices are ways it is achieved.

      When you enter into the realm of spirits, all of them sit, have gathering according to their levels/ranks.

      Spirits who have not been sacrificed with a ram can’t sit and gather with powerful spirits that are been serviced with rams.

      Their powers, might, (ebube) aren’t same. They can’t stand or behold them.

      So it is to spirits that often receive cow and other powerful bloods such as human blood sacrifices.

      These are most fearful, dangerous and powerful among the spirits.

      As their subjects who make these sacrifices to them, as they are well known, respected and honoured so you are in the realm.

      This is why you can ask anything to get the information

      The more they review information for you; more demand they make from you.

      As you make up the demands through sacrifices, more light and promotion on your path.

      This is why it is said, oké dibịa gbaa àjà ọ dịka enyere mmụọ n’aka (When a great dibịa performs ritual sacrifices, the effects come so quick like they were given hand to hand to the spirits)

      A temple that sees ram and cow blood almost everyday is a higher temple.

      Can’t be said to be equal with a temple that rarely makes sacrifices with stated animal.

      When you wish to go higher, go with strong beings. A bird that look upon Eagle to fly must soar high on the sky!!

      Don’t sit with ofeke dibịa to consult the gods.

      He won’t see far and won’t tell you much you needed to know.
      Angels guide.


        Great one I want to consult and know about my self.how can you help me achieve this grand master?

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