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      Chalcedony Onyenwenwa:
      Thank you GM for the eye opening lectures.. mmuo Dike.. sir please can you shed more light on palmists people that read destiny through the palm.. is it possible to tell ones destiny through the palm

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It’s possible to tell ones Destiny reading from the Palm. It’s a destiny on its own which some people possessed. I don’t know about it even though I have seen great men on the field with truthfulness.

      It’s possible to tell ones future reading from the Palm. It has to do with the lines. They read through the lines to talk about your future which they often predict accurate.

      Know that the gods gifts people differently and all gifts are extra ordinary if you can connect with your chi and other forces that has to do with the gift. The gift of a man makes way for him. This divine gift we known as ‘Destiny’!

      The problem with people is only but ignorant. Ignorant is the inability to know what you supposed know.

      Ignorant is why people are jealous and greed. Ignorant is reason why people are poor and suffer today. Ignorant is why many are mad and in sick bed today. Ignorant is why people look at another person’s property and desire to steal it. Most people who are criminals has great destiny but are ignorant of whom they are.

      Many people who are harlot has great Destiny but they are ignorant of their being as a human being. Ignorant is the greatest enemy to mankind.

      Reading Palm’s are gifts from the gods which they gifted to individuals. A palmists doesn’t need to go to school to learn how to read Palm lines. It’s his chi that has to guide him on that alongside every other spirit’s that are attached to the Destiny. This is why you make a different the moment you gained spiritual knowledge-wisdom: knowing the truth. Truly wisdom is the principal thing!

      Everyone with his destiny. The very reason I often ask you know yourself. Man Know yourself: Woman know yourself!

      Knowing yourself is one way and only way of securing your path and future. People wander and has to keep wandering on Earth, jumping from one business to another, from one City to another, from one company to another in search of job and employment the moment they refused to know whom they are.

      The moment you locate your destiny and has value as regards your destiny: you sure to make a difference.

      No destiny is better and greater. Ofeke never know but think otherwise.
      A fool envy his neighbor despising his gifts from the gods. The very reason people cast evil spells on someone. The very reason people are killed by sword and poison

      When you are inline with your destiny, you have peace of mind, feel homely, feel human, less worry no matter what happen.
      In line with your destiny doesn’t mean you must be rich and richer like other’s. Not at all!

      But then, if you desire to get rich, the riches has to come through that which you do.
      Your empower it!

      Giving the spirit’s behind your destiny helping hands. That’s spiritual empowerment.
      How can one do that you may ask?

      I have ones told us that in the realm of spirit’s are different spirit’s with different positions assigned to them. We have spirit’s for money and for war, for hidden knowledge and for peace keeping, etc

      Therefore, it’s not “a must” you get rich and become a millionaire or billionaire through your destiny unless you desire so

      This is great revelation. May the goods and goddesses Grant you great years. Iseee

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      If you have wisdom, you must sure be successful in life hence wisdom gives maximum security and prosperity to it’s owner. This is the reason the wise makes a great difference in whatever they do

      Now you read Palm’s as a palmists. It’s not the duty of your chi to collect money from the people or not to collect money. It’s your duty.

      Do you now see how people set their standard to get rich and prosperity through destiny?
      It’s not the duty of your chi to employ or do juju for success on your path or not to do so. It’s left for you!
      This is where wisdom set in taken rightful decisions to help bring light on your path.

      If you like, do awele, If you like do oruru. Your chi and other forces are there to do what they were assigned to do which has to do with revealing the truth to you whenever a client visit you.

      Looking at his Palm’s, you must have a true information to tell him, satisfying his curiousity and at same time promoting yourself. Our people would say, ụzọ dị mma agaa ya ugboro abụọ _ when the road is better and good, we travel through it twice and more.
      This is why you must be wise and value your services. Do the very best to make sure you offer best of services to the people for better tomorrow. Money and riches comes through service rendered. No tree grows money!

      The juju for success you do is what will make the visitor to take your good news across the border without forgetting.
      Do you know that there are many to know about this life?

      Do you think it’s all about knowing how to sew a cloth that a tailor has to become so popular and wealthy?
      Not at all!
      It has spiritual attachment.

      First you must know your onion (you go Sabi wetin you dey do).
      Next, empower yourself. Am talking about spiritual empowerment

      This is why a trader after purchase, has to look for juju to help sale’s. Because you aren’t the only seller in the market. To make sale’s and become rich, your must not trust your capital and goods at your shop. Do you know that your Warehouse might be stocked with goods yet no sale’s while he without enough goods will have much sale’s daily?

      It’s not ordinary. It’s not what you can read in school. Reading marketing in the school doesn’t guarantee success in the market and trade. In the school is at the class: It’s not on the field.

      It’s like when you done with preparation of your masquerade. Haven done so to your choice, to know how strong and how well you did has to be seen on the field.
      This is why after preparations, you bring your masque and I bring mine.

      We go to the field. It’s at the square that we shall know which is more beautiful and powerful.
      So it’s!

      You may know commerce in book. In your field of practices, your success talk’s more about the knowledge you said to have in score card.
      This is why the wise sough for the help of the gods in their field of services but ofeke never know and will never understand.

      When you done with these, you stand to be great and wealthy hence riches and money is a spirit. To get rich and control money you must go spiritual otherwise nothing for you. Reason for rise and fall!

      Have value for your services and never neglect your gift. Make it great for to live great.
      People visit and you give them charges. They will be happy paying for the services. As you serve, you grow rich.
      The spirit which you employed shall enable them to gift you with different gifts. This must be done hence you keep fit sacrifices. Spirits won’t disappoint you unless you disappoint yourself. They must surely leave up to agreement.

      Don’t think one will just see you and write a cheque of one million naira and ask you to please accept this little from him?
      It’s not ordinary and can’t happen without spirits support.
      It’s the work of the spirit’s whom you employed and take care of to do so through the people.
      These are secret for wealth and prosperity through one’s destiny.

      When you know this truth and practice the truth you know, you shall reap the fruit of your labor and never work in vaịn. You shall grow rich and have control over money and riches.

      Get knowledge and understanding. Know how these things work. It’s your world and you have to rule it.
      ! Be wise

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