The Difference Between Chineke and Chi ukwu/Chukwu – Do They Have similarities?

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      Henry Jos:
      Also, grand master sir, please what is the difference between Chineke, and Chi ukwu/Chukwu, do they have similarities?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Because you seek for knowledge of the truth, I shall teach you wisdom.

      Igbo is a spirit given language to the people. This is why we could communicate with it even to the realm of spirits.

      We ask from human using the language and get answers, so we do when we ask the spirits with same language. Telling you that the language like other languages has spirits approval.

      It’s disheartening that many speak the language today not knowing the meaning of some words.

      This is where you or someone will call “Chi ukwu okike” by the name “Chineke” assuming they are same.

      ‘Chineke’ is different from ‘Chi ukwu okike’.

      Chineke means “Chi and Eke” that’s Chi Na Eke. Here, those of you who did Igbo Language in the school should know and understand that in Igbo Language LETTERS “Na” is a conjuction _ ya bụ njikọ okwu.
      “Na” here binds Chi and Eke being two different spirits persons.
      Chi we have taught you who are chi and Eke we have also taught you who he is.
      In Igbo, we have Eke as a god. Reason we have a market known as ahịa eke.
      Chi are high rank spirits; these we have taught you earlier.

      Remember, as we offer you spiritual updates on spirits and their positions. You were meant to understand that spirits stand for different purposes (they serve differently).
      Reason for their names!

      Chi is general names for all the spirits persons.
      Among the chi, we have chi ukwu and chi nta. We have eke as a deity just like other deities.
      We have orie as a deity.
      Afọ is also a deity.
      Nkwọ is a deity.
      Amadịọha is a deity.
      Agwụ is a deity, Ogwugwu, ala, anyanwụ, etc.

      So, to say Chineke is like to say Chinanyanwụ or Chinorie or Chinafọ.

      When you do, don’t think you are referring to Chi ukwu okike (the grand creator).

      There are other names for Chi ukwu okike they are Ọ̀basi, Olisa and Osebulụwa.

      We say chi ukwu okike obinigwe (God the creator who lives in heaven above).

      We say Olisa bi n’ụwa (Olisa bi n’ ụwa) _ God the creator who lives on earth.

      We didn’t call him Ala (earth/sand) hence he is not ala(earth).

      We don’t call him Anyanwụ (the sun) hence he is not anyanwụ.

      Telling you that we (the Igbo’s) truly understood these spirits beings in their true nature.

      Chineke meaning Chi na eke talks about high ranks spirits and the very strong spirit (eke) who helped creation. Eke played a significant role during creation, reason for this specific identification CHINEKE as given unlike other deities. The two strong deities that helped creations.

      This is why after the visit of the four deities to the great King Eze Nrijiọfọ, the great deity eke was identified as first before others who happened to head other deities such as Orie, Afọ and Nkwọ.
      Reason we say, Eke bụ isi (Ekebuisi).

      Proving his true nature as strong deity after Chi ukwu okike he said he is the head among others (orie, afọ and nkwọ ).

      This is why today, Igbo calendar reads from Eke maka na Ekebuisi.

      This truth of headship among equals are reason we say Chineke (other spirits in general and eke specifically).

      Chi is general names for all the spirits.

      Because of Eke role in the spirit world, we have to acknowledge the truth saying Chi na Eke.

      Get to know that this Eke is different from Èkè (python).

      Just like the Igbo word egbe and egbe.

      Ègbé (kite) and Ègbè (gun).

      This is a language. It’s a spiritual thing. You must understand them to help knowledge.

      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      (Reaching you from light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram _ ebe ọ na-akpọtụ).

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