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      Pastor Daniel C. Ezenwa: More light to our paths. GM may u live long. Please I want to know the difference between herbalist and native doctor.

      Odogwuakataaka: The difference between herbalist and native doctor depends on whom you call an herbalist and a native doctor.
      I have made it clear earlier on our forum discussion on telegram/WhatsApp that we have priest, herbalist and root worker.

      These three messengers aren’t same reading from their duty post (assigned by the gods and goddesses). But to the ignorant, they stand same and also serve same (before ofeke).

      These are reason you may look at a priest and call him an herbalist. Another will look at a root worker and call him/her a priest.
      This is what we call ofeke _ spiritual ignorant. One’s inability to differentiate black from white.

      A native doctor is whom I don’t know.

      I will first talk about a native doctor before I let you know the differences as seen in these three messengers mentioned above.

      If you ask me who an ofeke call a native doctor, I will answer and say, it’s the person he doesn’t know too well.

      This is why you can call someone a native doctor. When you don’t know him too well. If you had known him too well, you should know that he/her is not a native doctor for there’s nothing native about a doctor. A doctor is a doctor. There’s nothing strange, local, international, among the doctors that you could call one native and another foreign or strange doctor.

      It’s when people speak without knowledge of the truth that they make such statements. Every doctor is a healer. Isn’t it?
      When we say, he is a doctor, it means: he is a healer.

      So, when someone heals you from sickness or diseases. You can only call him/her a native doctor if your sickness is a native sickness.

      Don’t just laugh for I am not funny.

      It’s high time we face these deceptions from religious bodies to tie people apart. They are founder of these foul languages.

      What is healing that one heals and another has to call him/her a native healer. Yes, calling me a native doctor simply means am a native healer.

      If am a native healer/doctor, it’s either your sickness or you yourself is native. Reason I am your healer!

      It’s to make a difference with evil intentions, trying to cover white with black so that people would follow them to call white _ black: that made them to say, he is a native doctor.

      So that the other man who study becomes a professional or something doctor. A foreign or super doctor, English or white doctor.

      Haven said this truth, I wish to let you know why the gods by their infinite powers has appointed among us men and women with healing powers, given them the great ability to know the usage of herbs and to others knowledge of roots.

      These are too different doctors I know.

      To let you know them; they are root worker and an herbalist.

      An herbalist is person who knows and understands powers of herbs, use them for healing. This person does not need to go to school to learn moringa and its potentials. He doesn’t need someone to help teach him about Nchuanwu and its great healing powers.

      He must not stay with Papa Nwoke or Mama Odera to know about herbs. His chi and agwụ spirits are there for him. This is why, his inability to trade on this path speaks negative in his entire life. He must not succeed in whatever he put his hands. Let him study engineering and good in law, he must be exposed to misfortunes.
      Calamity must be failing him. Till he turns around to face his destiny. To do this is to know his chi and call down his agwụ.
      They are the persons to lead him on a path of spring water where he shouts with joy singing ‘you are great’!

      Only for him to turn around seeing that it’s the destiny of a man that make him great. This is when he finds joy and happiness leaving with animals in the bush and have to be the first to enter bush after morning dew and last to come out from the bush after sun set.

      They will visit in the dream to show him herbs for healing of the nation. They speak to him each time he sets his eyes on strange herbs.
      Such person is different from a root worker who knows powers of roots haven less knowledge about herbs.

      Though they look alike as I said earlier to an ofeke, but then, they themselves knows that YES, I know herbs but Okeke knows root more than I do. That’s because he is an herbalist, who heals with herbs while Okeke is a root worker who heals with roots.

      These are differences made by their chi and agwụ. A root worker knows roots of different plants and can call them differently and correctly even when you gather 10000 different roots from different plants inside a room. Call him there, he picks them one after another, set his eyes on them to say their names.

      To some he has to smell, perceive it, call its name. To some, he has to pinch at it and call its name. To some he has to eat it to tell the name.

      When you see such men and women, call them great men and women. They are truly in right with their destiny. They have nobody as their teacher or mentor. Their chi and agwụ remains the great teacher and mentor.

      Same thing with an herbalist who look on a dry leaf to tell the names. Eat some of them to tell the names. If you need herbs that are capable of killing, he makes them available for you. Thus, he who doesn’t know what kills can’t know what heals. It’s same creator who made them. This is why the spirits has to show you and make you understand them. So that you don’t give this for that.

      Don’t call these mean a priest for they can’t help perform ritual sacrifices to the gods on behalf of another person. They know that it’s not their destiny for no spirit taught them formations.

      Though an herbalist can make charms using knowledge of herbs.

      Remember, I told us earlier in our discussion that charm is a spirit. Charm has to do with a conjunction of two or more things put together for a sole purpose. Haven known that this ata has ability to bring bad luck to someone. Haven seen and heard from your chi and agwụ, you can make charm for someone in that perspective.

      When you set to do it, all you need to do is to get the ata you know, get one or two other herbs and items. Put them together right before your agwụ and chi temple (shrine). Remember, shrine is a place where more than two spirits are worshiped.

      This is why where your chi and ezumezu agwụ ikenga are kept is a shrine. Call them and remind them about that which they taught you about these leaves, items you have at hand. If you don’t know what else to say, say that you wish to test and see how it goes in the head of Chisara Nwadu from Ndikpa. Ask them to prove themselves. This is how to prepare juju.

      When you are done with the prayers, listen to them to hear what they have to say. If they ask you to give them hot drink for perfection (for instance). Give them.
      That is to say, you have to splash on the body of the charm as many times as you know for perfection. Asị na ọgwụ achakee – charm at its peak.

      When these happened, don’t mistake him for a priest for he didn’t say so. He can’t see áfà. There are characteristics of these parties you must know.
      These are reason we call you to know the truth and practice the truth you know to help you make a difference. Without knowing the truth, it’s impossible to make a difference. This is world of human and spirits. You must know this to be true.

      Talking about a priest, you must understand that he is not any other person if not a messenger too but with a difference. He can’t be said to be a good healer like a herbalist and a root worker thus it’s different from his akaraka _ destiny _calling. Why do we say, the gods are wise?

      It’s because we have worked with them, seen their manifest, their formation proves wisdom in highest order. We can’t do better than to acknowledge them. Thus, we have to say, truly the gods are wise!

      Indeed, they are wise!!

      To all men they have gift with different gift making us a god like them. You must learn to live with your brothers. Don’t hate your brother and never envy another person. It’s ignorant that brings about envy and jealous. Wisdom help you to find your real you in you, which makes you a difference.

      A priest is he who stand as a middle man between human and spirits. He can’t be said to be an herbalist or root worker. He is a priest – onye nchụàjà.

      Meet him in trouble times, he helps link you up to the gods and goddesses. Present your matter before the impossible possibilities. Helping you sought out the problems for liberation.

      To do this, he knows how to call upon them and has to hear them when they speak to him. See them when they appear!

      Solicit for help and your intention must be granted. We call them priest _ onye nchụàjà _ dibịa áfà.

      An herbalist is not dibịa áfà.

      A root worker is not dibia áfà.

      These are words of our forefathers, the ancestors used to defend the truth. Religion came in and rubbish them to gain entrance.

      Time has come.

      The time is now.

      The gods and goddesses have risen. This is why I the great Odogwuakataaka, isi mmiri Igbo nille is here to set you free using words of truth.

      Ezumezu the great made me understand that eziokwu bụ ndụ _ truth is life. They ask me to say the truth night and day. They always tell me the truth so that I know and make known to you. This is why I am here.

      The gods and goddesses are here to prove themselves from false accusation leveled against them by religious leaders. They said it and stand firm by the saying, WE HAVE NO HANDS IN RELIGION.

      Through them I got to know that all religion is an institution of men. They had not set any form of religious body neither are they in support of any religious body.

      They are one like all men are one. Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Africa, European, American, India are all one people. So, the gods and goddesses are one body and one spirit.

      Marine spirits aren’t different from earthly spirits, same as heavenly spirits. They are united! This is why we must get united like them as one!!

      It’s the truth they know which keep them together as one and in union. This is why you must know the truth to be one and in union with them.

      These are my messages for you my brothers and sisters. Know the truth!

      Shun ofeke maka na ofeke ajọka.

      Mmụọ dike.

      Angels guide

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