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      Christopher Thomas:

      The Great GM.
      My nephew told me something about using URINE to ward away evil and cleanse.
      How true is this?
      Can more light be shed on this?

      Odogwu Akataaka:

      Urine is powerful and highly medicinal.

      Your urine can neutralise poison.

      Perhaps that is where I will agree and said YES it wards away evil.

      Should you experience poisonous attack on any part of the body. I mean at the earliest stage. Immediately you felt abnormality on any part of your body and you sensed poison. Remember, poison has signs.

      As soon as you get the feeling, don’t give it a second thought or delay a minute. If it was in the afternoon or night, exercise patience till next morning.

      When night falls, as you go to bed, make a provision for a container to store your early morning urine. Collect the early morning urine in the morning and drink half of it. Keep remainder to massage on the affected part till next morning.

      If you should do it continuously, it will cease and neutralise the effects.

      Some charms can also be destroyed with a urine but I have to warn you never try “piss on a charm”.

      The warning comes simply because some charm are more powerful than others.

      When we talk about charm, get to know that arụsị _ spirits are reason why charms are effective. This is why it’s possible for a dibịa to do juju and another dibịa can redo it.

      In most cases you find out that a dibịa would do juju which no other dibịa can redo!

      The secret has to do with the spirits behind the juju and materials used during the juju. Most juju has powerful materials/items/contents that makes it powerful and more harmful and aggressive than others.

      This is why all dibịa after preparing their juju, using their individual knowledge and powers: coming to display, competition (ịma aka) you find out that one or two among them has to stand out unbeatable.

      So, it’s true that urine mixed with salt may destroy juju but then it’s not all juju. It depends the juju. It has to do with juju with lesser powers.

      If you try urine on a powerful juju, the subject will see that juju is not far seen from spirits _ oke arụsị. It could cause impotency to men and cease menstrual circle to women’s and much more unbearable results such as deadly unpredictable illness.

      This is why you must stay clear from such exercise instead use akwụ ojukwu oil as I thought earlier than risking your manhood and health.

      Information reaching you from great light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules.
      Angels guide!


        <p style=”text-align: left;”>Good morning the great one, is it. Normal for someone to experience rat bite?  if no, what should the person do? Thank you odogwu Akaataka</p>

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        Agbodede nwankwo

          Thank you the great one odogwu akataka


            Thank you the great Odogwuakataka for this valuable information I really appreciate the knowledge and wisdom you are passing to our generation.


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