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      Odogwu Akataaka:
      A warm greetings from me to you all. It’s a very good day of eke here. I ask the Holy spirit of money and riches to visit each and every one of you at your work places. Whatever you do to earn a living, may it produce you money and more money. Okwu ego!

      Today on okwu ego _ Money discussion.

      I have come to understand the great importance of money to life, reason I must encourage you to fight hard to get rich and stay rich. Life without money in this present world is penury.

      It’s only but money that makes a man to shut up where he should be vocal. Whatever that would make you keep mute where you should have said your mind may the gods and goddesses take it away from your path. Isee

      I have observed the responsibility of money to every given soul in this present world, which is why I employ you to go for ‘money making’ if you haven’t considered it a necessity. Money is a holy spirit. A messenger which every home must employ. It’s one of the messengers who makes you a master upon his arrival. You need him!

      This money messages are here to open your eyes so that you see. You can’t hate money. Whatever that makes you hate money calls you to hate life. With money, life becomes more enjoyable. Anything that makes life enjoying is worthwhile. You need to acknowledge money to make him relevant. Money is worth your acknowledgement.

      Why do I so much like money: someone may ask.

      I like money because money is a holy spirit.
      I like money because money is a servant that makes you a master.
      I like money because money gives you courage.

      Because I like money, I have money. I have come to realize that you can’t have what you don’t cherish. 100% truth!

      To have money, you must like money. Whatever you like, you hunger for. When a man develops likeness for a woman, he goes after her. I charge you to develop likeness for money like a woman of your dream. When you do, you will have money and more money.

      When you do, refuse yourself to entertain fears. Fear are one of the things that could pull you backwards on your pursuit for money. You must cease to fear anything. If you have any thing to fear in life, give it to poverty. When you have fear for poverty, it will enable you to get exposed to riches. In all, fear nothing!

      Fear is a killer decease just like ignorant. When you have fear over anything, it prevents you from getting much closer to it. Reason I ask you to fear poverty to enable you run towards riches. That is, If you must fear!

      In your pursuit for money, haven knowledge of the truth _ wisdom. Cease to pull yourself back when the drum ask you to move forward, given to religious doctrines. You must not see money as an enemy. The love of money as you have been preached, is not any evil. I told you today and you must not forget ‘MONEY IS A HOLY SPIRIT

      How do love for holy spirit become an evil? Even the religious leaders know this truth but are afraid to tell you. Reason their love for money are non negotiable.

      To count but few: they can lie to make money.
      They can cheat to me make money.
      They can kill to make money.
      They can rob your conscience to make money.

      All of the above I charge you to do same like them except one. Don’t kill human to make money. If there’s need to kill, let it be an animal. This is where you make a big difference from them.

      To lie for money, instead of you to be poor and remain poor, lie daily. After all, each and every everyone of you lie daily. So, do it for money.

      Stop been judgmental. You aren’t a judge and can’t judge mankind. Whatever a man does for money today is equal to what another man does to make money.

      No rich man is a Saint.

      The poor man alike.

      No poor man is a Saint!

      Poverty the last time I checked is not a destiny of anyone. No poor man is a Saint!!

      You can see to yourself. Poverty brings about envy. It’s only the poor that have occupied the space of gossip in our present community today. They will gossip and have to talk ill about one’s progress. They will become envy as well. Jealousy is their next name.

      Putting this into consideration, I charge you to get rich at all cost to enjoy your life. You must live by all means to enjoy life because you were created for it. Stop counting ceiling every night.

      Wake up to stand tall against all odds that subject you into counting ceiling all nights. It will cut short your life soonest if you refuse to stand against it today. Poverty is not a welcome note and must not be allowed to excel in your life anytime any day.

      Some of you can’t lie but can lie to get rich and more riches. Aren’t you deceiving yourself?

      You are indeed a deceiver. You are deceiving yourself.

      Someone of you are killers. Some of you went to school to join cults even after school are still with the street cults, killing and maiming: yet you haven’t killed a ram or fowl for your chi or any diety for wealth and money. Aren’t you a deceiver? You are indeed deceiving yourself!

      Some of you could steal penny but afraid to steal millions, aren’t you a deceiver?
      As for me, whatever you can do, do it well well to reach a point of professionalism. That’s my philosophy.

      In other words, that’s a theory of life.

      Life asked you to show the best of you. That’s professionalism!!!

      Today in our world, take a look at people who have gotten to the apex, aren’t they the best of their DOINGS?
      Just like the richest and wealthy pastors, lies and deception are their profession in religious undercoat. You can see them being recognized as legends and celebrated as pioneers in the society today. Yet you lie in the street for no gain and still call yourself a guy man. You are deceiving yourself.

      Guy man without ordinary 100k in the pocket. A guy man that has never made a million naira all his life.

      Stop been cowed! Stop been milked!!

      You are a coward when you can steal, but can’t rob the bank or the government. Get to the best of your profession to get rich. Get update on current affairs.

      Today many are professional robbers not on the highway but on the offices. They can rob with pen. They can rob the government. Government itself are robbers.

      Don’t you read what is happening in Nigeria today? Government robing the masses.

      Why do you think it’s a crime if you must get all necessary update to the rob the robbers? Rob the government, no curse for alarm. They are robing the citizens. Rob the robber!

      Been a civil servant, you have the opportunity to steal from the government but are afraid to do so. Your turning point are against non governmental organization: that’s crime. It’s even the worst crime. Steal from the thief. Rob the robber. That’s justice!!

      For those of you who might be surprise where this message is coming from. This is the Great Odogwuakataaka anya fụrụ mmụọ. The spiritual director of light house of wisdom. This is the Great light house of wisdom forum on telegram where we break the truth in bit and pieces.

      Like always, we are glad telling you the truth everyone is afraid to tell you. Why do we do so? That’s to make you a difference. We tell you the truth you must know. Know the truth. It’s only the truth you know that will set you free.

      Today, we are enlightening you, presenting before you true update to ensure your deliverance from poverty.

      I’m rich by my profession. Get rich by your profession. That’s what a true father and friend makes known to his sons and daughters, friends and families.

      Using myself as an example so that you understand more better. When I was a business man, I do lie uncountable times. I lie like Lie Mohammed.

      I would lie to make double gains. Goods I bought 5£ I don’t mind telling you I bought it 10£ so that you buy it from me at 12£.

      And it works for me. I got rich by the means. I was a young millionaire.

      That is applicable to all merchandise. No trader is honest. None!

      So, don’t try to be different from the game but you can make a big difference when you lie too well like me (then).

      Today, I am a priest (spiritualist).

      I am not a trader anymore. Coming to my present profession, lies is anti progress. Any dibịa in Igbo land who lies won’t get rich.

      In Igbo, we know dibias from what they do best. In Igbo, dibias are rich because they are good in afa _ spiritual consultation.

      Dibias are rich because they are good in juju making – ịgwọ ọgwụ.

      Dibias are rich because they are good for àjà _ sacrifices.

      Dibias are getting rich for their knowledge in herbs and roots for healing.

      These are great possibilities by dibias could access wealth and riches in Igbo land. By the power of the gods and goddesses, I am a professional in almost all.

      Why because I have tested riches and wanted to remain rich like a rich man. I sacrificed myself to the spirits so that I arise to become a vessel of honour to myself and the entire society.

      This is why I serve mankind today in all forms and ramifications.

      As much as that, I have many goods in the spiritual market excelling.

      I work hard day and night to remain rich and stay in the corridor of riches. Do you now understand why I charge you to get rich? Because I have tested riches. It would become of no value to me if I don’t tell you the truth within the border of riches and money.

      Still on professionalism for monetary purposes. Some of you women are good in bed. Because you love bed more than any other thing in life, you find it hard staying with one man or finding a man to love for life.

      Why don’t you get into prostitution and make it a profession? Do you know how much prostitute could fetch you in Europe? What of Asia?

      Take Africa out from the map. Travel abroad to make money with your waist and vagina. Stop fooling yourself. It’s high time you stop the self deception. Get deep and rooted into whatever you cherish in life for financial gain.

      Don’t you like living in luxurious apartments? Of course you do. Reason you find it hard marrying a poor man. So, take a step forward hearing me today.

      Go oversea and come back a big lady. Join international league not local and village leagues. Lagos no dey even pay, enter Abuja. I can tell how much a night cost in Abuja when you run VIP.

      Am I a leaner? I’m not!

      I have many of them under my services.

      Get rich men and pass them over to us to enjoy their wealth. Soup is sweet only when you add spices.

      Their are spices that makes soup better and more enjoyable.

      Those of you who are street scammers. Get out of Okpoko streets, Ojuelegba, Ijesha, Ojota, Mile 1 and Mile 2 streets.

      Upgrade to Internet world. Average Nigerians are suffering while average Americans, Europeans, Asians have made it.

      Upgrade to Internet world and exploit them. It’s cyber world.

      Whatever you are good with, come up and showcase it on Internet. Don’t get foolish like Hushpuppy. It’s name of a pet. Reason he has no sense.

      Don’t do juju that will make you lose common sense. Always ask your Babalawo or dibịa what are the DOs and DONTs of any juju introduced to you so that you don’t suffer the penalty tomorrow.

      Wise men are those who got rich today and retain it tomorrow in good health. They are countless.

      Fools try imitating wise men but lack knowledge of the wise. They think all things are DOINGS.

      Before you join any league, get information and stay updated. Failure to heed to my warning, you will make yourself an escape goat.

      Cult guys, stop!
      Any profession you are into today that fell to settle your bill but ends up accumulating bills for you doesn’t worth fellowship.

      Cult is ancient. Ayees, bagas, bucca, black axe and yellow axe: can’t take you anywhere in the society. Forget about Davido and Tubaba. If you don’t make it outside the box, you can’t gain recognition by the trend. When you think outside the box and made it by the power of your thoughts, you will become a trade mark for the box. No hitman ever smell the authority of fame because of vengeance.

      Stop, cease and disengage yourself from wicked operations!

      They will end up using you and dumping you. It’s only your gods given sense that can create the way for you. You can’t see road from them because they aren’t ever ready to show you the way. Have you seen any rich man taken his body guards in to Inn?

      It’s not done, they all wait behind the bar and doorways while business takes place inside the room.

      Being a hitman, you are like a tissue paper. You are only valuable at the point of execution. Afterwards, you are forgotten.

      Never kill a human being when you lack the authority of the gods and goddesses. Vengeance is inexcusable!

      I was asked to share this wisdom with you, revealing the truth which your soul clamour for. Now I have done, I am proud and happy you read it in good faith.

      Money is the issue of discussion because its a ruler. Money rules the world. Onye ji ego ji okwu. Okwu ego _ Money discussion!

      I have said it I repeat “in your pursuit for money, No second thought”. Only wisdom is needed. No fear of failure. Failure only existed where there is poor spirited been. Have a heart of Lion. I can tell, nwata namu iri elu, obi sie ya ike. Money is not easy when you haven’t discovered the root and channel.

      Don’t count money as the strongest thing in life to get. If it’s true, then why are millions of people making it today?

      The truth I know about money, making money and more money is that it calls for wisdom, understanding, brave, and steadfast.

      Moreover, to make money, you must like money.

      Your likeness for money is the key for getting money and more money.

      Because this is a word of the spirits given to many souls who seek for it. Haven gotten to you today, the application shall make you a millionaire before a year today.

      This platform shall read your testimony.

      You shall become a blessing to yourself, society and family at large as a result of this soul seeking true lecture delivered this day.

      More light on your path as angels guide us all. Isee

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