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      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Good day my able Grand Master. Please, I want to know about the area of Marine kingdom. Good numbers of people have testified been to the realm located beneath the water, that every good thing of the world is there. Some alleged that people go there to acquire spiritual powers. Some also said that marine people do initiate non Mariners, that they cause lot of evils such as sucking human blood, tying people’s destinies and etc. That the photographs of beautified women with beads and others holding Snake is Eze Nwanyi (Marine goddess) said to be their Mother. These photos can be found and are sold in spiritual shops. Please Sir, I want you to throw light on this beliefs. Thank you.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      You just said some people’s mind and opinion from your questions. However, I will cease no moment to say the truth, give all true information on Marine as a Mariner and a Marine priest.
      In my world, I have gone far in the realm of spirit and can’t return a failure: Its impossible!
      When I said I have gone far, truly I have.
      First of all, I have to clear the notion, the information as seen, heard or told by the people in the area of Eze Nwanyị Mmiri (Marine goddess) photo which has a snake circled on the body as seen and sold in the market.
      This is Light House of Wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules. We tell you the truth we know and nothing but the truth. And when we do, we give thanks to all divine entities for their help and supports.
      I will tell you that no spirit has a photo.
      Do you read that?
      There is no where you can get a true image of any spirit body be he this or that. You can’t get the photo anywhere.
      The reason been that camera or whatsoever can’t capture the spirit. This is the very reason, if you watch closely you find out that at Light House of Wisdom, we are conscious of image /pictures.
      We don’t use pictures to define or talk about any spirits being hence this is a spiritual forum where angels guide.
      Whatever that lacks the truth, is not advertise or display here. None has taken a picture of any spirit to say this is picture of angel Michael or angel Uriel. None has taken a picture of any Arusi (Deity), to say this is Arụsị Ogwugwu or Arụsị Nkisi.
      All the photos was an artwork of your fellow human based on imagination.
      Did you read it?
      None stand for test of truth proving the true image of the so called Eze Nwanyị (Marine goddess) or angels. Therefore, disregard them and be careful with images.
      Any shrine or temple that display such images are fake shrine. The priest is an imposter. They only have to display them to get you scared, believing something is happening here. Nothing happens there!
      Getting to where things happens, you don’t see such image and pictures rather true representation of nature in place of carved image(s), stones and anthills.
      The carved image before putting in place where you can now see them, taken present in the shrine have earlier been empowered to serve faithfully.
      As they sat, they make true representatives!
      Pictures can’t do it.
      The reason you may found an anthill in a shrine has to do with ọfọ oke arụsị riri oké àjà n’isi nwa ada.
      As a young spiritual practitioner, I have to warn you to be careful with images you keep at home more especially when it’s not yours and you can’t help tell its true originality.
      Don’t just buy things to keep at home because you just like them. Get to know the root of what you are bringing into your home. Your home is something else that you should have regard and be mindful of. I shall take more time to give more information on this next time.

      Further on your quest to know more deep things about marine world. You alone can tell who was telling you all that you said @Kobimdi but then it remains the truth that Marine is another world of its own where perfection is seen.
      In marine world, all things are available. Mariners lack nothing.
      You see it as water but we see it as a world.
      This is why we are comfortable dwelling in it just like the most high and the angels dwells in heaven so the holy spirits dwells in the waters ( get to know the difference between angels and Holy spirits).
      As humans dwells on planet earth so we dwell in water, happily and comfortably. It’s our world and we rule it. None visit Marine world without been a Mariner.
      Yes! We have two types of Mariners;
      The Initiates and non initiate. The initiate are most times unconscious of their initiation while the non initiate are true mariners by origin. They are conscious of their being.
      That’s to say, some are initiated into the Marine world by an admirer for a purpose best known to him or her. I understand it’s possible as a result of love and affection, otherwise no other reason that can possibly lead to that.

      When you said that people goes to Marine world to acquire powers, it’s not as if one can just wake up and start a journey to Marine world, for the purpose of acquiring powers if he/she is not a Mariner. It’s not true and can’t be possible hence there’s no road that leads to Marine world, where you may follow if you aren’t a Mariner. As a Mariner, we all knows that every where is a road leading to the Marine world hence we can locate any flowing waters or lake. That’s the reason we connect and make entrances from any flowing water/river mindless of her dept or length. So far it connected to another stream, river and sea. It’s an exit and entrance that leads us home and back to our abode.
      I have to draw the cotton here. Ife ju akpa, amachie ya ọnụ. More light on our paths as angels guide us all.
      Ka emesịa!

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