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      Good evening everyone, I’m so delighted to be here today, I found myself asking questions and looking for a way out, trying to connect with my spirit guide since I got to know about spirit guide.

      Being born with Dada and my parents cutting it just the way they feel is best, my whole life has been upside down, I nearly died as a child and I have a scar on my face to remind me of that.

      Talking about what I have experienced hmmm I have traveled out to so many countries and I came back with nothing, there was a time I thought dying was the best option.

      Though one thing I have noticed is that I help people to achieve something but I can’t do same for myself, I see things before they happen but I don’t know how to find myself and be in the part I’m supposed to be. I’m just lost.

      I am 32 years old and I can’t keep a relationship, I don’t have a direction, no penny to my name. Just there.
      Thank you Odogwuakataaka for creating this forum, I’m sure my spirit guide led me here.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      It’s sure your spirit guide brought you here because you have thought and concluded you had a problem not knowing you are the problem to yourself

      To know how you become a problem to yourself is why your spirit guide brought you here today. You see, you are still th same person despite what was done ignorantly by your parents, yet your chi still loves you and your otu still waits for you.

      This present dilemma is a creation of you and ignorant. You must say No To Ofeke maka na ofeke ajọka.

      As a dada, knowing you are one still makes you one. Is that well understood?

      As a dada, knowing it, is knowing you are a mariner. Don’t you know?

      If you don’t know these, it is why I said, is a creation of you and ignorance.

      Sometimes, some of you have life in you but has to cry for help from someone else to help you get the life in you. Say No To Ofeke.

      When you call life death, everything that gives life would become a threat to you. Call life life to have a life. Wisdom!

      If you don’t know you are a mariner, know it today. Tabugbo _ today is still too early.
      If you don’t know your chi loves you, know it today.
      If you don’t know your otu _ realm of origin wants you back, know it tonight.

      Haven known your home and why you must go back home, it’s now left for you to decide when to go.
      May angels guide us all… Iseee.

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