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      blood sacrifice 1
      There are things you must know about spirituality to help you stand right. Spirituality is a movement.

      In every movement, there’s a wheel (propeller) or call it a force.That’s why you must know the unknown.
      The world where you are is a spiritual place.

      Do you know that the world (planet earth) moves all times?
      If you do, that’s to say, all things here on earth move also.
      If you like understand, but then, this is perfect truth.

      As your time ticks all times, so your life ticks. The forces that work with you tick also likewise your body.

      This is why when you were young as a kid, even your world tenders you with care; your mother, father, relative, everybody pampered you.
      The gods and goddesses pamper you too.
      At your tender age, your parents understand that it is their responsibility to provide your needs. When they do, it gives them joy.The gods and goddesses are there guiding you, your chi never leaves you alone, your agwụ always fights for you. While they all do these, none asks for your thanks or acknowledgement until you grow up.

      Now you can feed yourself and even give to your parents. Before you, there’s a need to provide for your parents when one asks you. That’s why you have to give to them out of your great abundance. When you bring these gift items to them, they say thanks and have to receive for work well done. That’s when Igbos would say, azụsịa nwa, nwa azụba ndị zụrụ ya (after training a child, he ends up taking care of those who brought him up)

      When you do these to your parents and relatives, you forget the need to do also to the gods and goddesses, your chi and agwụ. For your mind, you are wise and right?

      Blood sacrifice 3

      Now, they have turned back on you to place a demand. A fool will stand there saying I am a pastor. He has to tell you that those are evil spirits; that you have to come for deliverance.

      He thinks with microphone and coerce voice like a dog you can obtain deliverance. You will be here telling me you have fasted and prayed yet nothing has happened!!
      When Christ asked you to give unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar you think he is a fool?
      Someone is there telling you that Christ has died for you and all things passed away. That he died so you live. Why do people die nowadays even the believers? You have never asked but believed him (the preacher/pastor)

      He said, Christ died for been poor so that you become rich if you believe. What does it cost to believe or you don’t want to be rich?
      For years you had believed the saying and professed your faith as a Christian, why are you still poor?

      Many are deceptions seen clear in Christendom yet people are still stupid, suffering daily.
      Now I tell you, no matter how long you counted deliverance on microphone, you will never reach to the height of deliverance until you get knowledge of the truth.
      Knowing that it takes sacrifices for things of the spirits to get well.
      Yes, when you give things to me, it’s called a gift because it’s unto human you have given. Given unto the spirits is sacrifices.

      The truth I know I make known to you. For those of you who always hate hearing the name ‘sacrifices’.
      It can’t stop to exist till you die because it has existed before your birth.

      To proof the great importance, it was done right from the days of creation. And you know what, no matter the amount of sacrifices you do, if you haven’t done a blood sacrifices, you haven’t done things right before the gods.

      Read your bible to see how importance blood sacrifices are. I often quote bible thus it was the book which was used to deceive you people. Same book we shall use to get you back to positive track because the book talks about life to humanity not death and sorrow as religion made it to be.

      Let’s read from the book of Genesis 4. Genesis 4:3
      “As time passed, Cain brought an offering to the LORD from the fruit of the ground.”

      Genesis 4:4
      “Abel also brought some of the firstborn of his flock and of its fat. The LORD respected Abel and his offering,”
      Genesis 4:5
      “but he didn’t respect Cain and his offering. Cain was very angry, and the expression on his face fell.”

      Did you ask why Cain’s sacrifices were not accepted by the spirits?
      As it was recorded in Genesis 4:4.
      “Because the sacrifices made by Cain has no blood”

      Fruits from the ground presented by Cain had to do with yam, cassava, carrot, corn, potatoes, millet, rice, beans, etc.
      Did spirits eat yam and vegetables?


      Rather they use them for a purpose for our own good. What they eat is blood. Vegetables are for human and animal consumption; not for the spirits!

      That’s why he says, I have given you all these for food even the animals but you shall not eat their blood.
      Water, food, vegetables gives energy to human. The energy we use for workforce.

      Blood is the only thing that offers energy to the spirits. This is why the wise can’t deny the gods blood ritual sacrifices.
      To help yourself grow physical is to empower forces behind your earthly existence. They are your chi, agwụ, reincarnator, forces from your realm of origin such as ọgbọ na uke (sects), ndị ichie ani (ancestors).

      Blood sacrifice 2

      When these are done for them, it’s at this point of service that others which aren’t mentioned but have other assignments to perfect in your life has to receive their shares (from the rituals meant for the afore-mentioned forces).

      This is light house of wisdom discussion forum on telegram _ ebe ọ na-akpọtụ

      It’s our obligation to tell you the truth. The truth we know we make known to you so that you know the truth. It is only the truth you know and practice shall set you free.

      This is why you must know the truth. When you do, you must practice the truth you know.

      We never get tired saying the truth we know. Light House of Wisdom is orimmiri _ deep waters. Deep waters never dry that is why it is a common saying that ‘sea never dry’.

      When you think you have seen us, we prove you wrong. This is wisdom house online. You can’t reach to the dept of our spiritual knowledge. Truth is our watch word. We have gone too far in spiritual matter, as a matter of truth, WE ARE MORE SPIRITUAL THAN PHYSICAL.

      We have promised and shall leave up to our promises, to help you rule your world.

      This is why we are here. To do so, we must tell you the truth.

      To help yourself grow in all perspectives, you must trust in the truth. Know the truth and walk by the truth at all times.

      Because eziokwu bụ ndụ _ truth is life.

      Once more again, more light on our paths as angels guide us all.


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