This Is Why We Possessed Different Colour's As Human Beings Yet From One Creator

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      Uchechukwu Origwe:
      Odogwu Akataka 1 whose teachings inspire my being: your life shall be like tomorrow, because tomorrow never ends.

      Sir little question on this topic.
      As we came from different realms not necessarily a descendant of Adam, how come Adam’s fall affected everyone? (because we are not necessarily of Adam’s origin).
      Or if we all (all humanity) descend from Adam, how come our different genes and colours as it is today?

      More light Ezi nna m (my true father)

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Nke bụ eziokwu ka i kwuru – you just said the truth. Mmụọ dike – spirits are powerful.

      Now to your first question. I have to acknowledge the true fact that your questions defines sound understanding on the subject discussion. It simply defines your deep sense of understanding over subject discussions. I have looked forward to see this question from someone in the house but none asked.

      I have to tell us something, even though I teach upon angels guide, I do live rooms to share from your understanding, proving you are following. That’s to say, I do often live a column to examine your thoughts, understanding, humour, sound reasoning as a young practitioner who is called to be wise. Wisdom are being proved. This is why you must prove yourself as you read, learn and practice upon angels guide.

      To your question, the reason why Adam’s disobedience affected mankind has to do with the true origin of creation. Remember, I told us there was an agreement reached among the spirits bodies before creation of mankind.

      Take for instance, when the messiah accepted to come and pay the price for eternity with his life. He didn’t come with his spirit body but human body
      What does this mean to you?

      Even though his birth saw no man’s commitment as seen in most of us who are humans today, yet he was said to be son of Adam. Christ was called son of Adam because he took human’s body!

      This was why he was tempted by the Lucifer otherwise he couldn’t have been tempted by any spirits hence he is a higher spirit (he maintained higher spiritual position in the realm). This could have made it impossible for any spirit to tempt him.

      But he was tempted simply because he took flesh like a man. He was a descendant of Adam (possessing flesh) but not a descendant of Adam reading from his true originality.
      Does this help question? Did you now understand the truth?
      Angels guide!

      You asked also to know why the difference in genes and colours as it seen among men today. Another good question from a reader and young practitioner.

      I have to tell you that spirits are most powerful. They are wise which left their work and artwork in perplex state to mankind: more especially ofeke’s (the ignorant).

      Have you ever asked why the earth (sand) has different colors even though they could be seen or found at same place?

      Have you dug a hole or well?
      If you haven’t, take a trip to where engineers are opening borehole or better where people are digging a burial tomb. You see different colours of earth (sand) as the digging continues.

      Looking carefully, you will find out that these earth are compatible yet having differences in colours. The uniqueness are reason we have to acknowledge the wisdom of the gods.

      If this simple fact and theory are true because it’s true, how much more the difference in our colours and genes as humans?

      What about the stones?
      Can you tell how many colours stones possess and their differences in nature even when they are found under a mountain (making up the mount)?
      Were they not created same day and same time?
      Did it take the creator(s) different hours to make the differences on the day of creation?
      Of course Not!

      Humans and their nature can’t be different hence they are one of the creations.
      This is light house of wisdom where knowledge of the truth rules. We tell you the truth we know so that you know to make a difference.
      Make a difference man/woman.
      Get knowledge and understanding. In all you get, get wisdom.
      Wisdom is the principal thing. Be wise to save your life from ofeke.
      Ofeke ajọka.
      Angels guide
      Mmụọ dike – spirits are powerful

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