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      JP PH:
      Daniel Ibrahim:
      GM Sir, I wish to know and learn, what’s your take on Tithing (Tithe)? Also, when we pray, how are we to end it. Is it by saying “In Jesus name” or just saying “Amen”?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      First of all, none asked you to pay tithes. If you are looking for what to do with your money and property, listen to the voice of truth and hear them saying “GIVE”.
      Give and it shall be given unto you!

      You are not an Israelite when you are born an IGBO, Yoruba, Hausa, Urhorobo, Ijaw , or Ashanti man/woman. It wasn’t a mistake you were born an Igala, Ibibio, Wolof or Wupe man/woman. The gods are wise!
      Therefore, you were not by anyway asked to pay tithes to anyone today and tomorrow.

      Problem with people is that ‘some are good in bringing heavy loads upon themselves ignoring their little task’. That which you were asked to do, you don’t deem it right. It’s that which you were not asked to do.
      You were asked to give to the poor, less privileged, the needy: this you find impossible.
      You became afraid given to the beggars but are happy giving to fools and deceivers in the name of religion and belief.

      How much do you know that the spirits you believed to be given in disguise (when you give to the church) do not care for your financial gift?
      Have you been told?
      Do you know that millions and billions you gave yesterday to any man(who claimed man of God) is not a gift to holy spirit when you gave by his instructions?
      You don’t give money to spirits because spirits do not eat money. This is why a spirit could not asked you bring 20.000 naira for sowing of seed or for tithe or for thanksgiving.

      How does this information sound to you?
      Stupid or awkward?
      Does it sound like voice of wisdom?
      This is why you must think right like a human being with your god given brain.
      Brain is one thing that makes a clear difference between human and animals in the bush, hence some animals look like human but can’t think like us.

      While the Most High gave instructions to the people of Israel to pay tithes. It was for the Levites.
      Do you know who they are?

      They are one tribe among the twelve tribes of Israel. They are the priest. They don’t have a plot of land from the inheritance of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (like their brothers).

      The Most High appointed them to be priest among the people.
      He made a provision for them as priest, who have no portions and inheritance from their ancestors (like other tribes). It was for this reason he asked other tribes to pay tithes to them (the Levites).
      The tithe here serves as a means for their survival not for the survival of the spirits.
      The tithe here asked others who are farmers to bring to these priest (the Levites) food stuff, animals and not money. They has to share among themselves these gift items for their priesthood. They have to eat from these offering. It’s through these gift offering that their family has to sustain.

      Because it was his command. This is what attracts a blessing when you do it, he bless you for honoring his commands.
      Hence, the priest works for him to the services of the people (the Israelites).

      Therefore, whatever you give unto them for the love of the Most High, you are given to him (the Most High) as well.

      This is why he said from the mouth of Malachi. Test and see if I will not open the floodgates of heaven and pour my blessings upon you.
      A Nigerian that is paying tithe to a Nigerian, who asked you to do so?
      An Igbo man or woman that is paying tithe to a pastor (an Igbo or Yoruba), who asked you to do so?
      None Jewish paying tithe, for what reason must you pay tithes to none Levites?
      Do you pay tithes simply because you are a Christian or you are a Hebrew?

      Does your Christianity make you a Jew (an Israelite)?
      What are your bases for tithing?

      You as a pastor who is collecting tithes from people, do you do so as a Levite or a priest?
      Are pastors priest?

      Do we know difference between a pastor and priest?

      Do we know functions of priesthood?
      If you know, then tell me, are pastors priest?

      Why is it that they have to receive tithes?
      And someone will ask me to talk about tithes as if it matters.

      Look let me tell us. It was end of discussion when I said “Onye aghogburu ka agbara (the deceived becomes the looser)”.

      If you like sow your wife and children in seed of faith and seed of love to pastors.
      If you like pay your father’s inheritance to tithe pastors, the truth remains. Onye aghogburu ka agbara!

      I tell you, if not because of deception in Christianity which enriches their pockets: none of them would be there to answer a pastor.
      Because it is paying like ATM machine, everyone wishes to become a pastor.
      This is why Tom and Jerry are there shouting and screaming like Mad Men in the name of prayers and preaching.

      Your second question talks about prayers and how to end prayers.

      I’m surprised to read this question from a grown-up. Nevertheless, it’s not a surprise though. But then if I may ask, before the coming of Christ (whom they call Jesus), have people not been praying?

      Was Christ the person who introduced prayers? Am sure you know he wasn’t! Therefore, people have been praying before his birth.

      We read about Hannah who prayed and his prayer was answered. He gave birth to Samuel.
      We read about Elijah who prayed and rain failed (and so many other people if we must go through the Bible history).

      How did they prayed and in whose name did they prayed?
      Questions that begs for an answer.

      To have the answers! Let’s first and foremost understand what prayer is all about.

      If you are asked to define prayers, what do you say?
      What is a prayer and to whom do we pray?
      This is what wisdom has to say.
      A prayer is act of talking to the gods.

      You don’t pray to human. Because you don’t pray to human, you must understand that prayers are important.

      For your prayers to have answer, you must know whom you pray for.

      When you know whom you are praying to, that simply ask you to ask direct using knowledge of the truth. As you mote, so shall it be.

      You don’t need to pray with any name for your prayers to get answers.
      Just say your prayers with wisdom, mote it: so, shall it be.

      Why? Because you were made in their image.
      You don’t need a second party to say his name for your prayers to be answered.
      It’s an offender that seek for a solicitor.

      If you are in good terms with the infinite possibilities, no point praying with name of Hezekiah and Nimrod, Jehoshaphat and Zephaniah.

      Ask and it shall be given unto you (it is a natural mandate).
      Read accounts of creation to grow in wisdom.
      Wisdom is profitable to direct.

      If you like, forget about this and ask by my name, it’s your piece of cake.
      It doesn’t make truth lies.

      Our purpose of been here is to learn and understand how this world functions. The truth that governs planet earth and powers as seen in land beyond and heaven above.

      If not these, we have no reason to be here @ great light house of wisdom discussion forum (ebe ọ na akpọtụ). And when this is been done, we are careful to avoid deception.

      Here, we don’t preach neither do we talk about believe nor faith.

      We talk about knowledge. Activities going on in the world do not function per believe and faith instead knowledge.

      Knowledge is power.
      Know what you’re supposed to know.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.


        Greetings sir, @Odogwu Akataka

        The Grand Master/Founder of Lighthouseofwisdom

        How about in Catholic Church, whose doctrines declare that their priest should not have land or business but to live in parish and feed through their parishioners?

        Can Tithes work upon as it works to Israelites who pay their tithes to Levite’s?

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