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    Grand Master

      Promise Chizurumoke:
      Onyeisi nchu aja ekenem gi nnam, Odogwuakataka 1, dalu.
      Pls my father I want to ask, if a member of light house of wisdom wants to do Awele, Odeshi, Chi temple etc, is there no discount for the person from the general price posted on our website?
      Angels guide.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      The price as posted on the website is the price for each ritual assignment.
      This is our world and we rule it!
      I am my own boss even though I am the servant of all servant’s.
      I have my prices for every ritual assignment which is left for me to decide hence I foot my bills. If you have seen our services and cost of service’s, don’t bring in light house of wisdom on it. Light house of wisdom doesn’t foot my bills. Do you or anyone in the house send me weekly or daily or monthly fees to help foot my bills?
      Do you give offering or pay tithes as a member of light house of wisdom?
      Why then do you have to bring the name light house of wisdom before my services as if I owe the house a discount?

      Have you not heard that it’s the duty of left hand to wash right hand? When it does, right hand in reverse wash left hand.
      You in person @promise, have you at any day send odogwuakataaka a recharge card for calls or one Kobo for feeding?
      Are you not a member of light house of wisdom?

      If you haven’t and none does, that is because it’s not why we are here. Now, how on Earth would you think or assume there should be a discount on my services particularly for members of light house of wisdom?

      If that has to be done, it’s left for me to decide. Not your duty to remind me! You don’t have such right to demand for it.
      The knowledge and services as shared in the house doesn’t asked for your patronage. You must know this. This is why, you may decide to meet other spiritualist for various spiritual services. I have no problem with that if you must do so. Your happiness is my motto!
      Should you think there’s a reason for discount, I asked you visit other spiritual home at least to know the cost prices for such service’s.

      I like it when you travel, you see! This help comparison!!

      If you haven’t gone here and there probably you won’t know the differences. The very reason you should travel and see.

      Our people do say, it’s how one does that the drum calls on him – ka onye si eme ka ekwe si akpọ ya

      If you draw close to me and see me as your friend and a brother, on a very good day I show you love. This is life and humanity!

      You don’t keep your distance and on a very good day you come to me and said you are a member of light house of wisdom therefore…..
      Therfore what?

      Do you pay me for services after services and lecture delivery as a member of light house of wisdom? Don’t I deserve it?
      Have you paid for knowledge since your joining or heard someone did?
      Do I care?
      What makes you think and seek for a discount on ritual assignments?

      Those of you who are close to me actually knows that am close to them. I am a human no matter what you think of me. I am a human!

      So far blood runs in my vein, I must feel human. I possess a fresh!

      Don’t joke with my services for I haven’t called it a cartoon. Meanwhile our money and riches doesn’t come per services delivery but on thanksgiving

      Did I not report last time about some money deposited on my account by unknown people which should be confirmed?
      Only one person among the three depositors said to be for services with little sum while two persons send the rest for thanksgiving

      One of them said he wish I had no data to deliver messages (jokingly), the very reason he deposited the sum of 150,000 naira.
      I laughed and gave thanks. Such I call members of light house of wisdom, because the progress of the house is his priority.

      He wish the master to always be online telling the truth, revealing words of truth and wisdom. Making the wise more wiser and ofeke more foolish using the word of truth. The truth as I often review is enough for him. He wish continuity and has to make sure the light keep shining. The reason he gave the sum to help services.

      What have you done to see that the good news goes far and the light keep shining if you understand you are a member of light house of wisdom?

      It doesn’t matter who you are and where you are. Did you not see what happened here this year when a brother from a distance land took the responsibility to establish a website for us? Such are members of light house of wisdom.
      What about the editorial teams who work day and night to make sure that translations are taken care of, for the benefit of all?
      These are members of light house of wisdom.

      Some of you await until you get removed before you pay your monthly dues for our building project

      Should such a person be called a member of light house of wisdom? As a member of an organisation, its your responsibility to see the organisation grows. When you do, the organisation pays back to you

      For the moment, none of you deserve hands of applause. Don’t clap for yourself yet even those who gift us with different gift. Don’t clap for yourself yet. You have much to do!

      The receiver you must know is not a beggar or a poor man. We have much to give if we are expected to give. Even when I received gift, its simply because we are asked to give and receive. The gods that owes all things and gives all things receive when we give unto them, how much more Odogwuakagaaka the servant of all servants? I will not declined nor reject your gift of you wish to give. I will receive and say prayer of light and prosperity for you so that you have much to give to others as nature demand. Your gift is not yet perfect when you give only to me but unto others it meets perfection.

      So when you give to me, I will accept but will never beg for your gift hence you have nothing to give to me. Absolutely nothing!
      I have all I desired as a human being.
      If we should say the truth, I am so much grateful for my life. But then I remain the servant of all the servants. The poorest of all the poor. I am poor but rich. I lack nothing!!

      I only wish you get knowledge and understanding. The only thing I demand from you which you must get through light house of wisdom.
      If you must pay attention and hear the voice of wisdom and truth, I will be glad to call you my brother and a sister. You become my dearest friend. I will love you everyday.
      I will love you with all my heart and be happy talking with you.

      I cherish success and always happy seen people been successful in their field of services. I hate poverty and will never be a friend to the poor. Do you know why?
      Poverty affect human reasoning. Its affect power of positive thought!

      Have you sat with a poor man to share a drink or thought? Look at the way he held the cup and drank from the wine cup.
      Holding the cup as if they are fighting a course and drank without respect to the table. So he does unto you if you must have anything humanly to do with him. He reasons awkward!

      If you expose your financial achievements or declare your project to him, he won’t encourgae you or widen your horizon instead look away of discouraging your great ambition.
      Any project is too big for him!
      Buy one plot of land and take him there, he shouts and said its too big.
      Buy an ecre of land and take him there, he woows and asked “what for” ?

      Tell him about your achievements, he won’t acknowledge but always look forward weaning you down. This is why I hate poor people and never share drinks with them

      The gods are rich so the earth: the land is green. Poverty has not been seen among wise men if not among ofeke (fools)

      When the gods sat for creation, they had wider view and all things was made big and large not small. Otherwise, the earth would just be as small as Map of Nigeria or Africa.
      But then, they made it as large as the world. Look at the world today, so spacious!!!

      Why must a human being, an image of the gods dream little and work for little achievement?
      Tell me!
      Such people aren’t human and doesn’t stand for the glory of the gods. Why should I sit with such a man?
      I won’t sit to share wine with him.

      Wisdom tells you that a poor man and poverty is evil before the gods.
      It is true!
      I have told you how and will still tell you more. Do you know that a poor man/men if left alone in the world must mess up the earth?

      They don’t have anything to contribute. Poverty you must know has to do with brain power not money. Not lack of money!
      Lack of money doesn’t mean you are poor!!

      How many poor men are counted wise men?
      None! I haven’t seen poor man that is wise.
      Wisdom gives riches and makes one rich. So none with wisdom should be poor. Wherever you see a poor man, call him a fool no matter what he said he is or claim to be.

      Be wise and reap the fruit of wisdom. A wise man always rejoice while a fool gives to sorrow. A fool always have reason to complain while the wise has no time for complain.
      Be wise!
      Get knowledge and understanding. In all your get, get wisdom. Wisdom is the principal thing. If you are a member of light house of wisdom, prove your membership.
      Stop looking for what the house would do for you, think for what you will do for the house. The house has given you all things!

      A man with wisdom has all things and lack nothing. If one think about our services and understand what we offer here in the house, he will give all he has to see we stand but then we don’t need it and have asked you for nothing.
      We have great providers!
      Spirits works for me!! Because I work for them!!! I lack nothing!!!! The reason we say ANGELS GUIDE!!!!!!

      So be unto you if you must know the TRUTH. The truth I know has set me FREE. Know the truth, it sure to set you FREE. Angels guide.
      Ka e mesịa


        Please as a new member how do I join in the monthly due


          Please Grand Master, I need consultation with you. I am new here and I haven’t understood the exact protocol for to ask this question. But I really need you Sir.


            Hello sir, am sorry to bud into your inbox because I need help and i will like to know more about the protocol of Light house of wisdom, sir.

            Am Ifeanyichuckwu by name base in ghana, from abia state in ohafia local government, I need help due to my work, I have to be honest with you about my work, am into online stuff if you can understand it that way sir, I don’t have any negative thought about blacks like .e but white just to keep life going, sir.

            I know you can help me out on this and am ready to do what so ever it takes to be in a good position so I can help others too. Hope to hear from you, sir…

            Emeka idioha

              I need to start from somewhere as not to be a fool,👱I want to be wiser,, that is why I joined light house.


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