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      Harry Emeka Anambra:
      I remember same moth hovering above me on the ceiling but i didn’t pay much attention to it

      Please what’s the meaning of this moth thing? Sir

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Get to know that whatever that is good is also bad. Most of the things that has life given force also has powers for death.

      Does it sound strange?

      I will explain!

      Butterfly like every other flying creature and living things are all elements of nature. A true information which makes them messengers.

      Because they are messengers, they could be used for any purpose. For good or bad!
      We help interpretation upon angels guide, bringing out the truth to help knowledge.

      Good number of forces fighting us are visible and invisible nature. They happens to be visible to us as a result of our spiritual level, our consciousness and sometimes invisible as a result of our spiritual level and unconsciousness.

      To prove this further, someone would have a mark on the body and the mark would not be seen or recognize by third party, neighbor, friend or close companion while it’s obvious to another person with high spiritual powers.

      Do you now get what I meant?

      Someone would have spirit following him wherever he goes only to cause him troubles, bring failures and disappointment on his path yet he is ignorant of this true existence until he met someone who happens to tell him the truth in details.

      But then, a child is expected to grow. This growth is reason why we are here today @light house of wisdom. Spiritual growth are only possible through rituals. Spiritual growth comes by as we continue ritual practices. A truth you must know.

      This is why the more we pray and make sacrifices, our ways get broad.

      When this happens, we begin to see unseen. Exposed to some facts in physical and spiritual world.

      Perhaps, these have been in existence for only gods knows how long. As soon as we keep fit ritual practices, we get exposed to true facts surrounding our existence.
      This is why I always ask us to keep fit ritual!

      One in a million advice only your beloved one can offer to you.

      It’s like when one encourages you to keep pouring water to a flower. The more water you pour on a flower planted in a dry land, the more life given support you’re offering to the plant.

      So to human without knowledge of spirituality. This is why we are here to guide and teach you the truth you must know.

      Because they don’t know as much we do, Christianity as a body of religion is going no where and making no success in life. Seeing this, her leaders has to depend on them for life given support.

      Sucking the followers, believers dry like a vampire with any word that creates fear and anxiety. Blinding their eyes not to see and their conscience not to understand when wisdom have been far seen.

      Otherwise, if Christianity are what they said they are, the leaders would have been independent and truthful. Saying the truth the way it is, mindless of the effects.

      But they could not for the sake of wealth and prosperity. Knowing and understanding that religion as a human imagination, is a ban which forbids cocoyam. They won’t tell you the truth you need to know. Things you should know about life and things you should do.

      Christ should be their living example right?

      Christ while he was here on earth, during his earthly ministry never depended on people for a living. People never paid tithe to him. He never scammed people with gospel of the truth.

      John same thing! He was living in the bush, shouting like a mad lion, going from one path of the forest to another, reaching out to the ignorant with the word of truth.

      These are spiritualist who worship and worked with the spirits for the purpose of their destiny. Reason they are today a hero and have to be celebrated.

      Do you know that they all had their pay from where they worked?

      Whom they worked for care after them. Ife anyị n’eme bụ ife mmụọ, ndị anyị na_achụrụ àjà bụ oké mmụọ – what we do is a spiritual thing, those we sacrificed for are powerful spirits. They won’t put us to shame. Hunger won’t near us when we say the truth, promoting life and humanity. This is why we keep saying the truth we know because truth is life.

      Christ asked them, if your father who is in heaven could take care of flowers and make them beautiful. Take care of flying creatures, feed them, what about you human?

      Won’t he care for you more better if you must serve as the rule said?

      He will!!

      The answer is that he will.

      But then, these people, are they serving as the rule stated? The answer is No.

      They are not!

      They lack spiritual knowledge of the spirits. They demonstrate ignorant.

      This is why they are not getting reward from the spirits instead from men. Reason they demand for your offering and tithes and has to feed you with words full of lies and deceit, causing fear and promoting future anxiety.

      So that you remain in perpetual slavery unto them and their families. Can’t you see that their religious building and settings are centered within their families?
      Don’t be deceived. Open your eyes to see the truth. Stop sleeping and deceiving yourself.

      Human for no reason should disintegrate himself from the spirits. Can one who cut off any part of the body never feel a pain in the body?

      The moments you begin to disassociate yourself from spiritual affairs, count yourself an enemy and you must have ụchụ.

      Ụchụ in Igbo language stands for ginx, blockage, hard luck, bad luck, poverty, not haven success etc. This is reward for ofekeism (spiritual ignorant).

      Christ whom they said they are like lived a 100% spiritual life like a spiritualist all through his earthly ministry.

      Take your time to read the events of Yeshua (Christ).

      Not some of the piece they chose and wrote out for you to help their mission, even as of that, the truth never lie.

      Right their in some of the text they wrote in the Bible, no matter the amount of word translation they used, when you read them, you still found his acts as acts of spiritualist.

      This is world of spirits and human.

      You son of man, get knowledge and understanding.

      Know the truth and make a difference.

      Nothing happens for nothing.

      The truth you must know.

      Watch these people that served the spirits, they never had time to live flamboyant life style. Why must you?

      The journey is not for fun and not as fun as it looks.

      This is a mission. A very serious one that calls for humility and servitude. Not for celebration and merry. You only celebrate when the gods says you are okay for celebration. That’s when you have done great for the true purpose of your destiny (reason why you are here on earth).

      Does it cost Christ anything to become the richest man on earth?

      Was he?

      Was he after money?

      He minded why he was here on earth.

      Back to spirituality and it’s background.

      You human, don’t disassociate yourself with spiritual communion. Get ritualistic for better tomorrow.

      This is wisdom and you must have it to make you a different man. There’s no other way to achieve success if not getting spiritual knowledge. Getting yourself involved the best way you can in line with your destiny.

      Success is not when you were born with silver spoon and was given a gold. That’s not all about success in life. Success has to do with one’s ability to attain to a great height over his destiny. To get this done, you need sound spiritual knowledge

      When we say angels guide, it simply means that spirits are the only driving force for guardian. When they lead and you followed, sky becomes your limit.
      To know the way is to know the truth.

      Don’t think it has a short cut! No short cut for true spiritual practices and information.

      When you desire to have a plantation of palm tree. First you have to look for the nuts and a site.

      These are knowledge that help possibilities. Getting these done helps mission accomplished. You begin to nurture them, as they grow, your mission grows.
      Soon you begin to reap dividends of your labour.

      How many people understand this to be true? Nowadays, Christianity made human race to understand that no need for labour.

      No need for spiritual knowledge.

      No need for individuals to build up their spiritual energy.

      They said all we needed are in the heaven. All one needed is a miracle.


      Therefore, meet a pastor who has direct contact with heavenly authority for a miracle. This is why people are suffering today.

      Go to India, you find the truth which makes a difference.

      Go to China, you find the truth that makes a difference.

      Go to Japan, you find a truth that makes a difference.

      Go to Germany, same thing.

      What about Russia and American?

      People were seen busy with their gods and goddesses, helping human with knowledge from the spirits who happens to be the perfect beings.

      The gods has an answer to every given problem you have today. But here in Africa, what do you see?

      Ignorant and poverty everywhere.

      Churches everywhere.

      Praise the Lord everywhere.

      As I write you now, Africa happens to be the most noisy place in the world where human shouts like dogs and has to roam like a lion in the name of praises and prayers. This is absolute madness and highest order of ignorant.

      Son of man, know what you should know to become whom you were meant to be.

      Our youths lacks job and employment. Today crime has taken over the nation. What brought about these? Spiritual ignorant!
      The so called leaders who should have used the resources, deposited by nature to better human life have been deceived by religion as well. Things failed apart.

      When you know why you are here on earth, it helps mission accomplished.
      Do you need to seek for job in the bank when you should be attending to sick people at home when you are in tune with your destiny?
      Know why you are here on earth, that’s all destiny asked of you.

      When you don’t find your root, whatever you do turns out to become a problem to you. And no matter what you do to overcome, you kept sinking like a ship inside the sea.

      This is when you understand that mmuo dike – spirits are most powerful.

      I tell you, through rituals, we build up our spiritual energy which help connections. It’s at that point revelations are given unto us.

      What you don’t know is this, your inability to do what you should do give permission to uncertainty in your life. This is when you find all things impossible
      Because nothing works out good for you.

      The scale don’t balance. Do you expect it to balance?
      How will it balance when you are not moving and walking in positive track.

      The beats are different, your dancing steps are different. How would it be fun and pleasant.

      That which you have been going from Ijebu to Ijegu to look after, you have the powers to make it possible.

      You were not created to depend on anyone.

      Whosoever that says that is a deceiver.

      So, you waking up everyday day to check on your marabu or pastor for prayers is self deception. You must know the truth.

      If you think that knowing isi mmiri Igbo nille would make you a different man, you are deceiving yourself. What would make you a different man is your ability to know and accept the truth.

      The truth you know shall set you free, not isi mmiri Igbo nille you know. Odogwuakataaka can’t set you free because I am not your chi but can be your destiny helper.

      That is if you care to pay attention to the voice of wisdom. The truth we speak day and night.

      What will set you free is not TB Joshua you know. Not Chris Oyaklome you know. Not even the Messiah which was preached to you. Whom you think you know.

      Only thing that shall set you free is the truth. This is why you must pay attention to hear the voice of wisdom. The truth you know sets you free. Does your Bible say that also?

      The truth you know shall set you free, how?
      Take for example, in many communities are deities, powers that make people great.
      Finding them is finding the truth.

      When you get to approach these deities, you find out that ana-asu ji asu wee kpọọ ya ụtara – you pound yam to call it foofoo.

      This is knowledge of the truth. Your ability to work it out proves the truth.
      This remains the world of human and spirits.
      Give and it shall be given unto you. This is knowing the truth.

      If King Solomon had not given what he has, could he had received as given?

      If I ask you now, you said: you want to become rich like Dangote and Mike Adenuga.

      Mana agwa nwa mgbei ife ana-eme weere abu ogaranya, o si ka ya burukwa mgbei – when you tell a poor man what it takes to become rich, he choose to remain poor.

      Nothing goes for nothing in this world. That was how the world was meant to be. It’s not easy any where is the secret you must know. Even that which you think is sure easy route, when you enter inside you find out that to gain promotion in your working place is not by your degree.

      You find out that it take spiritual knowledge and practices in every area of life. To become a super star and play the football you know best to play in the pitch is not easy.

      Club would buy you and choose to keep you behind the bench in all match and season. For your star to shine so bright has to do with your ability to know the truth and practice the truth you know.

      Eziokwu bụ ndụ.

      This is why I isi mmiri Igbo nille will keep telling you the truth. Even when am no where to be found, the truth I said liveth.

      You must know the truth!

      We truthsayers make truth our watchword. Knowing that short is our existence but long the truth lives.

      This is why Christ never said you shall know him or any other person else if not the truth.
      John never said you shall know him.
      Elijah and Elisha never asked people to know them but to know the truth.

      Reason they used things seen and unseen, known and unknown for services. Proving the effects of knowledge and understanding, wisdom and truth.

      When we talk about knowledge of the truth, we talk about life and future.
      It was the truth yesterday today and forever more.

      Keep fit rituals and never care to listen to what people would say.
      Focus on the knowledge you know.

      Buhari was/is a president of Nigeria.
      Nigeria voted him not because he was a Muslim.
      Jonathan was a president of Nigeria, Nigeria voted him not because he was a Christian. So Obasanjo, Yaradua etc

      These people got their first because they know the truth.

      They understood the world where they are. They go for what they wanted no matter what people said about it.

      You have been born is that you have been born. Your mama or papa has lost the powers to decide your future no matter how much they tried.
      This is why you saw some rich men pikin asking for money to buy cocaine.

      They don’t have it and can’t afford it even though they were sent to Oxford University.
      This is why you see some rich men pikin roaming on the street jobless even though they are graduate of Cambridge University. Their rich papa and mama can’t decide their destiny anymore.

      But then, the very poor man pikin who understands his world grows from nothing to something.

      Look at E-money. He is not a son of a rich man or woman. Look at the small boy wizkid. These are the people who understands the world.

      When you understand your world, you face your world. You take the bull by the horn. You pay the prize to make your life a success and keep fit maka echi di ime – because tomorrow is pregnant.

      Tomorrow is pregnant is why we keep fit. You don’t fight and run away knowing that a swallow in not enough.
      Ofeke who did little get relaxed and assume little is enough. Little is not enough. Little effort asked for more effort.

      Don’t be there judging yourself when none has ever called you to judgement.
      Fear is the greatest weapon which makes the difference between the poor and the rich.
      The poor fears about everything that causes wealth and great abundance while the rich always go for those things the poor fear for.

      A poor man would say, I don’t want to do juju for money the rich would do juju for money.
      The same poor man that refuses juju for money will go and do juju to kill his fellow poor man or woman for envy and jealous.
      You see the knowledge that makes a difference.

      Because he is poor, haven little or nothing to keep life busy. He will have to grow envy when Chidi bought tuke tuke motorcycle.
      But the rich man is busy looking forward, working for expansion to make life meaning so that he speed up. Make his cars ten by next year and has to build another house by same next year.

      Reading from these, you that has three cars, he don’t care to look after you but work to be like or even greater than those ahead of him.

      When I ask you to get rich, I have many reason. One of the reason is to save you from awkward thought as seen amidst poor people. From Evil and unjust manner as seen among the poor.

      Poverty is a disaster.

      Poverty places a home and community backward.

      Riches promote life and the people. When you have money, you have great desires and inspiration. Money is good. In all you get, get money and wisdom.
      Money would make you to go for more and more and that’s what life asked for. Spirit of money!

      You never get contended but always work out success. You dream big day and night.

      When you are poor, same sorry to your family goes to your community. You become a life treat to entire community. You rob and steal from others, kill and lie like a liar.

      I ask you to get rich!

      Know your chi!!

      Get knowledge and understanding!!!

      Get inspired and make a positive change!!!!

      Don’t think you are okay when you aren’t okay.

      More light on our paths as angels guide us all.


        Thank you Sir for this great information, I’m here to learn and truly I’m learning!

        More light on your part as angels guide.



          Odogwu Akaataka thank you very much for all this information. You’re indeed a great man


            Good morning odogwu akaataka…. I am new here… My name is udeme from akwa ibom

            Please odokwu how can I meet with you. I am having financial challenges at the moment, I lost my job did to covid19. But I will like to know my chi I will like to have a one on one discussion with you odogwu akaataka…. The great dibia


              Odogwu please how can I get to know my chi?

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