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      Prince Daniel:
      My GGM Sir, isi mmiri Igbo nile! Odogwuakataaka 1 of our generation and generations to come, I greet you, Sir. May you continue to prosper and live long. Iseeee!

      Please sir, I have some questions:

      1. What happens to one’s chi temple after death?

      2. Can an individual report someone else to his chi? Say someone did you something that’s wrong, or injustice, can that person report the matter to his/her chi?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Asking me what happens to one’s chi temple after death is liking asking me what happens to your body after death.

      Do you not know that your body looks fresh and strong because you are able to take care of the body, eating good food and drinking neat water?

      When you die and these are no longer in services, what happens to the fresh body?
      Of course it has to decay!
      So your chi temple!

      Should your purpose or intention for asking have to do with consequences to your children or household. Your chi temple you must know is not a deity or shrine such as agwụ and ezumezu (gathering of Higher spirits).

      Know also that your chi temple by no means is a juju therefore, never call the temple juju.
      It is just a temple (a place of worship).

      It is different from ezumezu agwụ ikenga.

      Chi temple.

      Chi temple 2

      Here, you see all ritual items present represent and signify light and truth

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      None are harmful to life. It is called chi temple _ a place of worship.

      This is where we look upon to say prayers to our chi _ God (spirit guide)

      Even though we can be anywhere and call our chi anyhow, yet this very temple serves as a centre for attraction.

      Remember in a quick note that in all, there is reason for centre. That is why even though Nigeria as a country with one government has a centre for power in a city known as and called Abuja. So United Kingdom, United States Of America, Japan and any country you could mention.

      In the realm of spirit, there are also names of cities such as Itikorodo, Ajanlulu, Imindodo, and rest of others but Abrudeh remains the most famous among them hence it is where priesthood are taken from acting as a centre for the order of priesthood.

      These centers could be destroyed, ruined and brought to nothing when authorities are taken away from them.
      That’s to say, Abuja tomorrow can become like Lagos of yesterday when powers are taken away from the city.
      When this is done, nothing happens hence the powers, reason for the establishment is no longer present there.

      This is why you will have to die, why your sons and daughters, family members would decide to destroy the chi temple yet nothing happens.

      The reason is because, your chi left the house, the temple and all about your inheritance and children the very moment you died.
      Death remember, is a transition!
      It brings our journey here on earth to an end. This is why our chi as a helper, supporter, guide, instructor, director has to leave the earth as soon as this mission comes to an end. Keeping the temple again is of no use.
      The temple is only useful the moment you are alive and invalid as soon as death comes looking after you.

      Nevertheless, this is different from ezumezu agwụ ikenga as seen here.

      Chi temple 1

      When we mention agwụ, we never said agwụ is your chi _ God (spirit guide).
      This is why we call them ezumezu agwụ ikenga (gathering of all powerful deities).
      Agwụ is a poweful deity that is 100 times stronger than your Chi.

      Though all are higher spirits but then, never forget that all fingers are not equal. Ekwughị ka arara na mmụọ na mmadụ. There are spirits more stronger than others even though they are all higher spirits. This is why your chi no matter how strong can’t be stronger than Agwụ.
      Nonetheless, you need chi to stand agwụ.
      This is why you can’t stand agwụ without knowing your chi.

      This is why, no matter how strong you are, you can’t pim (say nonsense) before agwụ

      If you do anyhow, agwụ will maltreat you like a mad man (you deserve to be).

      That when you realize so quick that agwụ is not here to play with any human but to force you into action as your destiny demands.

      None has gone mad when the information has it that it was caused by his chi. Our chi does not have power and spiritual mandate to cause insanity unlike agwụ.

      Do you know that among all the spirits, none speaks before agwụ and has a word for agwụ? You don’t control agwụ rather agwụ controls you.

      That’s why, as soon as it comes over you, you begin to speak in strange tongues. You begin to see the unseen and sometimes behave strange.

      No dibia would say, it gives me joy establishing ezumezu agwụ ikenga. This is why, you have to settle those who got involved in the establishment because its a great work unlike what you can do when a dibịa instituted chi temple for you

      You don’t have to give him anything for making peace for you and your chi (chi temple institute). Even when you choose to do, it’s not mandatory.

      But in agwụ, its compulsory that you have to settle the dibia or the people from your maternal and paternal family who helped got agwụ instituted for you.

      Agwụ is known for his fierce, very frightened powerful and mystic. That’s why he is capable of doing anything, going anyway at any point in time. The power behind dibias is nothing more if not agwụ.

      That is why a dibịa asked for death upon someone and the person dies no matter who you are. Unless you have agwụ too. That’s when ọfọ will set in.

      Ọfọ will now have to judge in between both of you. Whosoever his ọfọ proves stronger has to triumph. Agwụ is not personal like I said earlier, that’s is to say, no one has agwụ and says this is my agwụ.

      Agwụ might come with you but not for you.
      This is why, as soon as you’re done with the institution, the power therein can’t be controlled again by you.

      People may look at it and say, is it not this ogirisi tree I know?

      Is it not this clay pot I see?

      Nothing is here (he might conclude). If he ventures and set his mind to remove it from the position, don’t bother yourself.

      Don’t even say a word or ask a question so that tomorrow people won’t say “na you do am”.

      As soon as he followed his mind and step forward to remove the institution from the place, people will tell rest of the story.

      Look around in your community to see where such things happened. Where someone removed agwụ which was instituted by his father or the ancestors.

      Look and see families who removed agwụ saying we are now born again.

      Agwu 3

      Agwụ visit such family with disasters.

      Though they may have graduates all over the family but none can raise a bungalow or enjoy his days in the office.

      Though they may be in business but none can afford a tyre.

      Though they may have vibrant men and women but sanity won’t be far seen from them and among them.

      Though they may have beautiful daughters but to get married and have children must always be the issue. At their families, peace will be like a stranger.

      These are differences between chi and ezumezu agwụ.

      We don’t have agwụ as an institution like we have chi, what we have is ezumezu agwụ ikenga.

      Only a learned Igbo can give you the translation in English (for those of you who don’t hear and understand Igbo).

      Don’t dare ezumezu agwụ ikenga.

      Have you wondered why dibias often behave strange and goes with the no friend?

      Have you wondered why dibias don’t play jokes and fun?

      One with agwụ is always conscious.

      Whatever you do with fun can turn to something else.

      This is why you must know at all times what you are doing, to do it with best of knowledge.

      We don’t joke.

      More light to our paths as Angels guide us all.

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