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    Good morning sir, pls sir someone that is destiny to be great (to rich) what are you the process needed for that person to fulfill his destiny, because I know he must surely face a lot of challenges and also from the wicked once too , so tell me what are the things he needed to know and do to achieve it , thank you.

    Odogwu Akataaka:
    Witchcraft are only forces that can attack one’s destiny. Do you know why they are effective and often succeed?

    They are powers/forces with you. Powers that knows you much. Powers that gained spiritual access and mandate with you. Powers and forces that are always with you. Reason you will have to do everything to stay spiritual connect. Spiritual connections here stands for daily communion with them. Daily contact and available network services with them. Higher and higher with them daily.

    When it’s said you have a great destiny to be rich, inwe akaraka dị otú odie, it is a call for togetherness to achieve such purposes. Because they know what they have for you, they expect and always look upon you to give them the recognition through sacrifices. The permission is exactly what wisdom asked you to do through ritual sacrifices and prayers.

    Acknowledge their presence to get what rightfully belongs to you. Your inability to do so invites the other side of them which you must feel the heat.

    It then turns out that the spirits for life now turns to kill and cause death.

    It becomes so obvious that a spirit called to bless you is now bringing courses upon you.

    Don’t say the person must surely face challenges as if blessing is curse. Blessing is not a curse.

    The only thing that invites curse in blessing is Ofeke as we talk always.
    It’s only the presence and admission of Spiritual ignorance that made it possible.

    What if you had known what you needed to know in the earlier stage of life? What if you have someone who stand for you even when you knows nothing like a child?

    You find out that the challenges as you said will not be there nor be seen.

    One thing that is very paramount and which you must highly acknowledge is sacrifices. Sacrifices makes the impossible possible and cause the reality to be real. Sacrifices calls for spirit reminder. By the power of sacrifices, the spirits are pushed, forced and compelled into action. More light on our path.

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