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      1. What You Must Know About Deities And Why You Should Not Engage Yourself On Dirty Deal With A Deity For Money


      Grand Master, History told us that white men took some of the deities away during colonial era. Could some of these deities taken be the cause of the problem some family are facing in the recent time?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Spirits has to disturb people or person when the people or person involved disowned him, that’s to say, leaving the duty post for services.

      Unlike what we had during colonial era where white men took away some deities from the land to their land but I tell you, you don’t mess with some deities.
      It wasn’t all deities that agreed to be sold then and not all (men) who engaged on such taboo survived it.

      Some of the white men died and many became useless through the act,
      Some men, I mean our brothers and kinsmen who engaged themselves on such dirty business suffered even their children inherited the curse till this day.

      Emmanuel Ghana:

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      But I tell you. One can only suffer not because white men took a deity but has to suffer because he gave a white man authority to take a deity,

      Let me tell us what we don’t know but need to know,

      When we talk about deities (spirits), because they have called us (human) and we accepted to work with them, they have to surrender to us.

      This is why you will enter a shrine where a powerful deity is found. Because you know him (as a messenger), you are to approach him using his likes as enshrined.

      This is why you will come and say to him, follow me to so so place.

      Even when he is aware of your intention, he will follow you,

      Getting to the meeting point, you say to him, “follow Mr Mike to wherever that pleases him from this moment onwards “.

      He (the deity) will obey!

      Right before the moment, you must have told Mr Mike, this and that you must offer and not offer to him.

      These are how deities are been sold,

      But I tell you, not all deities can be pranked and sold,

      “Haba” Aguru was sold

      Before the people who sold him could return to Aguru, Haba has returned

      There are many deities that was sold who returned and some couldn’t returned but has to revenge.

      A deity can accept to be sold knowing that he is a messenger, When he get there, he continue his services.

      This is why the white men who took some of the deities are doing human proud using their spiritual assistance/information.

      Hence the gods are wise,

      Ask them anything, they have an answer,

      Make them your favorite, they serve you better,
      Call them your own, they call you beloved,

      Offer sacrifices to them and have your desire accomplished,

      Wisdom is the principle thing,

      In all your get, get knowledge and understanding.

      This is light house of wisdom where knowledge rule.

      We tell you the truth you need to know.

      The truth you know shall set you free

      Be wise!

      Be wise like the serpent and harmless like dove.

      We are different people.

      The truth we know and practice are what makes us different,

      We are different because we are wise.

      Ask us anything, we provide you with answers upon angels guide,

      Because he who in us is greater and wiser,

      We have gone far in the realm of spirit and can’t return a failure

      More light to our paths

      Angels guide.

      Very informative
      Thank you GM.

      Onye nkem, onye isi, Odogwuakaata 1 isi mmiri Igbo nile, ekelem, you stand to be praised at all times. Your wisdom is sweet!

      Thank you for your answer! May you live longer. Angels guide.

      More light to your path dady, may you live long, Iseeeee.

      Is true, I heard it, am from Agulu also reside in Agulu.

      More light to your path, Odogwuakataka.

      I keep saying it and will not stop saying it, …Nnukwu odogwu ka IBU…once you appear others will be terrified… Ada ama aka…wisdom speaks..long live odogwu Akataka.. Isi mmiri Igbo nile, iseeeeeee.

      I appreciate.


        Is awele the same thing as a deity?


          Odogwu Akataka

          Thanks for all. Please which mmou is Aro nwelu Oke ite?


            Long live nnam


              Ndewo nu

              Sir I have been told I have agwu but I don’t know the particular on and what to do

              I have lost everything I had .. please I’m new here and looking forward to here from you sir

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