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      Odogwu akataaka, I’m greeting. I appreciate all your spiritual lectures for we to understand the things of spirit and progress in life ‘maka na ofeke ajoka’ – spiritual ignorance is very bad. Had it been that I know you for a long time I could have gone far in life. Please I want to ask you something about a deity-arusi Haaba Agulu which I ran to for a help in 2012 and made a promise to bring a cow for the deity if he help me out with what I am asking the deity to do for me, but the haaba agulu failed me. So now my question is since the haaba deity failed to achieve my aim will the deity come after me for failing to fulfill my cow promise to the deity since the arusi deity (haaba agulu) didn’t help me out to achieve my aim?

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Ebuka, knowledge of the truth is power!
      Get knowledge in all you get, get understanding of the truth.
      The truth you know shall set you free.

      People failed in their contact with the spirits not the spirits.
      Do you know why?
      Ignorance! Ignorance I said!!

      When you don’t know what you should know, it has no excuses before the gods and won’t change the hands of the clock.
      Every deity has what it stands for: the truth you must know!

      Don’t be deceived by what you heard, this is why you need knowledge of the truth. You must know the truth!

      No Deity is overall (doing all things). Even in heaven, we see the most high in his dwelling place – heaven. Right there in heaven are many spirits – angels with different abilities!

      We have angels for war, peace, money, knowledge-wisdom given, destroyer, praises, etc. These are how it’s in heaven and here on earth!

      Do you know?
      You must know the truth!

      I do laugh when people run to a popular deity for money, others run to same deity for child bearing, others run to same deity for protection!

      Now, hear how it’s in every ezumezu not on a particular Deity. Most shrines have many deities which all serve different purposes – right inside (making them one body). You must seek to know these shrines and what they can do!

      When we say that this shrine for example Haaba is a protector. Haaba must have many deities which he works with. They are all found in the shrine. This is Why getting inside every shrine are different chambers with different sacrifices!
      You may not know if you don’t know.

      For the fact that this Deity is so strong for protection doesn’t mean it’s also so strong for blessings or weak either!

      Going to a deity for a financial purpose asked for knowledge about the deity. We have such deities but not Haaba agulu.

      Every Deity with his Powers so Haaba.
      Haven said this, you must also know that a deity can’t give what he doesn’t have. That’s to say, he won’t serve beyond his limits of powers!

      Even when most oracles (servants) do not care to explain in details trusting their shrine to do all things. The truth remains, no spirits serve beyond his/her limits of power.

      Ekere oru eke – there are divisions of labour.
      Its as a result of this that Ebule Ukpabia would take alongside his ministers as a deity for war just like as it’s in heaven. Michael has his battalions

      For this reason Haaba would take alongside his ministers for protection and revenge!

      For this reason ogbunabali would take alongside his ministers for revenge.

      Kamalu are there with his ministers!

      Igwekala are there with his ministers!

      Nwocha are there with his ministers!

      Ogwugwu okodu are there with his ministers!

      Ede aro are there with his ministers!

      Ekwensu Anaku are there with his ministers!

      Ogwugwu Akpu are there with his ministers!

      Otammiri, ezu, Omambala, ngene, Imo, iyi oji, oyi, etc are there with their ministers!

      Idemmili, all are different Waters possessing different powers owing to deities behind!

      Its ignorance to hear that Obi gain his money and richies by the help of ezu you begin to look for ezu to make you rich.

      It could happen for a reason beyond your knowledge!
      For example, Obi might have ezu as his iyi uwa – water of incarnation.

      Haven met with a dibia at Nando, after ritual exercises, the dibia by the help of the gods would direct him to go and pay homage to ezu river (been his iyi uwa). Getting their, the mariner’s would rejoice and celebrate him. Because he is destined for richies and prosperity, they shall cause open doors, and bring him contacts!

      Tomorrow ofeke would hear that Obi is now rich and in so much money and begin to pay homage to ezu river seeking to make money perhaps, be like Obi!

      Moreover, deities serve best reading to where you come from. This is why every land and territory has their gods and goddesses.
      The truth you must know.

      Most people Even though they got help from a Deity at ikot abasi Akwa Ibom State are been referred back to their own land to get approval from the gods and goddesses before you return to have what you asked for!
      Where do you think you are?
      What do you think you know about this world?

      Do you know that forces from your maternal home or paternal home could be a barrier to your success and breakthrough unless settled?

      These are reason why you need a spiritualist to help your earthly mission not just a story told by Tom or Dick!

      If you had gone to Haaba or any other spirit/deity and pledged for a support making vows. You must live up to the vow if not for any reason for the fact you visited and the fact they must not keep quiet as messengers!

      Yes, no Deity keeps quiet when you visit them with a report.
      Even when you said a thing or asked for a thing they can’t do. So far you made a vow to them, they must assist within their limits of power.

      Still on this I let you know that spiritual ignorance could have brought the possibility of them not reaching the target. Because you have vowed to bring them a cow, cow is not a goat that a spirit hears and keep quite!

      They will assembly and send some missionaries to another deity who has affiliate with them and the ability as well to employ his labour force. That’s if necessary.

      When the messengers got there, the deity might look at the possibility. Seen that this mission can’t be possible working on promises but the sacrifices first!

      He says No to their request and they return back.
      Now, if you don’t visit a spiritualist to confirm if what you asked could be done, you only go back home waiting for a money bag and billions of contracts believing you made promises to a Deity.

      Get knowledge and in all, get
      Know how these things work.
      Spirituality is not kpakpakoro – not child’s play!

      You need knowledge for success on your spiritual mission otherwise expect failure which is not optional before ofeke.

      Haven said the truth I know to be true. Reading from the information so far, you must have seen the reason perhaps to redeem your pledge. Nevertheless, be careful not to promise the gods what you could not afford.

      Be careful!
      This is why you must not make haste approaching them, don’t make haste promising them.

      When you do, you must live up to your promises hence Spirits never fail.
      Its either they do it this way while you were expecting it the other way!
      Whichever way they did it, before them, they have given the best you deserve.

      You owe them, go and pay!

      Deities are not too good and too bad. You must know they aren’t human and therefore don’t expect them to act like any man or woman.

      They won’t call you on phone asking you to come and redeem your pledge.
      They might not disturb your sleep as well if they wish.
      They have it on their own manner and likeness
      Whichever way they do it, they have nothing to loose or complain about!
      This is why they won’t be in haste coming after you until they are ready.

      And it is better to fall in the hands of the mighty than to fall under the wrath of the gods.
      Go and settle with them.

      Getting their, hold them ofo saying, I am here to pay what I promised even when am not satisfied!
      I didn’t see nor received what I asked for but because I know you messengers aren’t human that you may fail me, I have decided to come back with my promises and at same time to have what I asked in fullness.

      Let the priest make the sacrifices at your presence. Go back to your house.

      The gods and goddesses I know won’t fail nor owe you.
      In all you get, get knowledge and understanding.

      Wisdom is the principal thing. Don’t go because others are going. Get knowledge and understanding.

      Wisdom is the principal thing
      Angels guide!

      Odogwu akataaka you are too much, you are a great man full of wisdom and knowledge in spirituality as a grand master. Thank you very much and I am impressed with all your step by step explanation regarding my engagement with Haaba deity. When haaba failed me, I always keep in contact with spiritualist working in haaba through phone and also sending somebody there to know what is the problem and after checking (igba afa) they will tell me to kill fowl to my chi which the spiritualist have killed several fowl to my chi at the presence of the person I always sent to haaba on my behalf because I am not in Nigeria but in all this the haaba still failed me, and since I came back to Nigeria I have never visited the haaba because another two different spiritualists who I consulted to know my problem and also to check if haaba is after me because of the cow I pledge to the deity which they told me that haaba is not after me and no need to bring cow to haaba since the deity did not help me out. But i am glad that you have open my eyes to understand that since I have step my foot to haaba and pledge for cow that I should fulfill my promise I made and hold ofo for haaba as you instructed!

      More lights to our paths. Iseee

      Thank you so much sir…You are an eyes opener…

      More light to our paths as angels guides. Iseee

      Great Grand Master, Is there any negative repercussion for helping someone under the wrath of any deity? Will the said deity come after the helper in any way? Will helping some persons under the influence of negative energies have any adverse effects on us?

      Gozik Ahams:
      My coming to light house of wisdom today is as a result of my prayer years back…..(God show me the way of truth and direct me to your path)…. Odogwuakataka, enyi 1 of aguleri thanks so much for making me to be part of these and also a big thanks to the gods and goddesses for impacting wisdom on you…ggm you shall live long….iseeeee.

      Sir pls is Ekwensu really the Devil (Lucifer) as Christianity preach because someone once told me that Ekwensu is not the devil but a deity for war in Igbo land!

      Ekwensu is a deity for war in Igbo land!

      Hahahaha indeed ignorance ajoka

      Hahahaha pardon me sir but this got me laughing!

      Chaiii Odogwu Akataaka your teaching is powerful and your knowledge is beyond human imagination always on the true path, more light to your path sir.

      Ok Chidinma, but if i may ask where is the deity located in Igbo land, I mean which town?

      Ekwensu is a deity located in Anaku village in Anambra state and the deity is very deadly its mission is for war and revenge once messed up with the Ekwensu Anaku it will not come after the offender alone but it will clear the family of that person. There’s still another deity called Ayaya Nando deity and Odudunka of Nanka deity.


        Ndewo odogwuakataka please what can I do to remove poverty and hardship in my life and my family am 33years old, since my child hood I have not encounter any favour in my life, and there is nothing I put my hand that is going well with me,and nobody from my family is doing well, instead we are going down every day by day, to the extent I think of commiting sucide, cause I can’t endure the hardship any longer, biko nwannem yerem aka, I will be very grateful if you can be of help to me sir. May God bless u

        Chief Ọbaghagbọn Akụ Mmiri 1

          <p style=”text-align: center;”>Great Grand Master. More Light on your Part for this wonderful explanation. Am so blessed with your wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the truth. </p>


            May d gods and goddess bless u with more wisdom odogwu. I am delighted to read all this. Biko dede how do i tackle d situation of not succeeding in whatsoever i laid my hand to do.

            Even when i am working i cant last more than 5months in a particular sector.

            What do i need to do


              This platform is where one supposed to be at all minutes.thanks great one.


                Thank you Odogwu Akataaka for this piece of information. Am even planning to visit Haba Agulu to help me in my business

                  1. I greet you great Odugwu Akataaka, something has been bothering me for months now, I went to odudunka nanka to seek for help, a visa agent ate my money and has refuse to pay since 2yrs now, I went to odudunka nanka last 3months to help retrieve the money , I was told it will take only 2weeks to one months but I haven’t gotten news or sign after rituals we did, last week I called the dibia that took me there he said I should bring another money because we need to kill fowls for my chi , pls should I do what he said or what do u think , thanks
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