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      Eugenie :
      More light on your path GM, hope you could rest a bit and thanks so much for your time and yours teaching. My question is to know the position of the sun and the moon in the spirituality

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Moon and sun are spirits of their own.
      The power, energy, force that gives lumination to the surface of earth, ceasing darkness can only be said to be a great arụsị – powerful spirit.

      This is why we employ the help of the goddess of the sun – Anyanwụ na Agbara in our spiritual activities.
      These goddesses we say Anyanwụ na Agbara ojije na Anyanwụ na Agbara ọlịla (the spirits behind rising sun and sunset)

      There are two different spirits that control the sun and more that work with them as messengers/missionaries.
      The first causes rising while the later sees to its rest.

      This is why, it’s not all rituals that take place in the morning when the sun rises but could take place in the evening as it rest or have to be done at night when there is no sun.

      Some rituals are also performed reading from the station of the sun. These are knowledge that make a difference.

      There are rituals that if you have to perform them not reading from the station of the sun, they backfire or rather remain ineffective.
      These are reasons many dibịas have failed assignment. Their inability to listen and follow spirits guide.

      As I always tell people, anaghị amụ dibịa amụ – you don’t learn dibịa to become a dibịa. Dibịa dị na arụ – it’s found in the body and spirits just like blood moves within your veins so dibịa to those who have the call to serve.

      This is where agwụ proofs who he is. Because you find out earlier you were ofeke on spiritual matters. As soon as you are done with your agwụ institute – ịrọ agwụ and other institutions, such as ikpọgota ndị mmiri – welcoming the mariners (for priest who are mariners), given space for ndị ichie ala _ the ancestors and your chi: the spirit of agwụ begins its work!

      Agwụ talks to you and show you things.
      Before you prepare a spell for someone, you have to consult them. They are the ones to name the items for the work. Agwụ would say, go get this and that. Keep to so so place and never do this and that. Let this and that never come closer.

      When sun stands on your left hand side or right hand side, begin. It’s same agwụ that would say, don’t prepare or perform the ritual while the sun shines or at dark hour. These information have to do with purpose for the exercise to help effect

      Still on the sun, it’s when we are inline with our agwụ, spirits guide that we know much more. Mysteries as seen on earth!
      Telling you that everything stands for a reason and purpose.

      Gbam..naked truth sir…u are a truth sayer odogwuakataaka…undiluted.. Go on sir am all ears….

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      Same goes with the moon. Its at this period of time that you will understand that some rituals are done on moonlight for positive effects. These are truth and secrets that make a dibịa more powerful among his equals

      Hence everyone claims dibịa but we know who is who when we stand to display. These are reasons those who said they are pastors are failing on spiritual matters hence they knew nothing about these things. For a light bearer, to grow in the spirit, attaining higher spiritual frequency: you must do more of the teaching than to read and assume you have known

      What the spirits, your chi and agwụ would teach you individually are greater than what any human can teach you in spiritual matters. I have to tell you the truth!

      Even though we are here at light house of wisdom where its said we hide no secret but then we watch over information given hence your level of spirituality. Otherwise it looks like giving a dog a previous food (which is prohibited).

      This is why we watch our teachings and have to work, instruct, guide and inform you upon angels guide. The more we grow, more information and secrets get exposed

      Otherwise, most things you people find impossible are not seen close to impossibility. Just like some of you who said are into fraud, scamming people. If not for the sake of nature. Avoiding social virus using spiritual knowledge: I could better teach you a simple ritual that makes a subject pay you the money you desired countless times.
      The rituals are done with pineapple plant, which has to be planted on the dust bin using name of the subject.

      Day by day he/she pays as he earns into your account. He won’t mind and count on what he gives to you just like none has value over item thrown inside a dust bin.
      As people throw items to dust bins without reading their values, so he/she spends on you without reading the value of what he gives to you.

      What about those who go to job interview and keep complaining that they do not pass interview?
      When I hear these things i laugh but then that’s what it should be. Human only suffers at the presence of ignorant. If not spiritual ignorant, nothing on earth could cause suffering, troubles, poverty to mankind.

      Even when I was younger. I have known two and more plants for love attractions which we use then (childishly). These when applied using names of the person makes him or her fall in love with you inline with ekwu ekwe – do as I say root you have to eat before the interview making him nod his head and agree in every point be it correct or not correct. Others are ritual you can simply perform with agama lizard using name of the interviewer. These are what put you in first choice position before others hence nature asked you to rule your world. But then, ignorant won’t allow you to do the necessary, starting from the ground to climb up.

      Most of you only seek for spiritual knowledge, assistance the moment the road got blocked forgetting that our people says “ejighị uchichi achụ ewu oji’ _ you don’t search for black goat in middle of the night.

      Teach us GM.

      Odogwu Akataaka:
      This is where you have a case with the spirits making it possible for you to suffer and continue suffering hence you desire and wish to look like that of ofeke who only comes to take and go. The gods look at your ignorant and begin to laugh at you.
      This is why we (priest /spiritualist) are restricted to give precious food to a dog and as obedient servant of the gods, I am not going to do what was not permitted as angels guide. Wisdom and secret knowledge are for the wise not for the fools because if an ofeke knows charm/juju, the entire community, society at large suffers (ofeke mara ọgwụ, obodo anwụrụ na ute).

      We were cautioned over it as we take oath of office this is why a true dibịa always finds it difficult revealing you a secret unless you are one with him (knowing what he knows)

      Your ability to build your spiritual energy would help connection. This is spiritual networking. We connect to the people reading from their vibration. Your spiritual position determines the amount of knowledge we share with you

      Otherwise, you have to neglect and abuse knowledge the moment you know that this root can do this and that if kept so so days on a burial tomb of so so gender.

      When we talk about juju, it looks as if its found above the sky.
      You need an angel!
      Get connected to help your spirit guide as a human being. That’s all I would say!!

      Help yourself. This is your world. Rule your world and stop suffering.
      More light on our path as angels guide us all.

      Ikechukwu Awuzie:
      Thank you GM for another eye-opening lecture.

      Godwin Agada:
      A million thanks to GGM for this great lecture once again. The saying “those who wake up in the morning and become great does not sleep at night” is not far from the truth. While some are sleeping and snoring by now here we are learning what we cannot pay for if we are ask to pay. Long life my able GM. I can’t love you less.

      Vivian Onitsha 2:
      More light on your path odogwuakataaka… You’re second to none and I will keep saying it…may u live 4eva…iseeeeeee

      Odogwu akataka.. Iseee

      Isi Mmiri Igbo Nile, ekeleem gi, kelee ihe na-emere gi ihe. More light to ur path

      Festus Ogwilo:
      Odogwu, no knowledge is a waste please teach us.. GGM

      Great mystery constantly revealed by the GGM. May your days be long on the earth plane so as to continue to spread the word of truth and knowledge to liberate mankind from perpetual blindness and ignorance. Angels guides,. Iseee

      My GM thanks for another enlightenment… More light unto our paths…Iseee!

      Kobimdi Ujeh:
      Thank you sir. Being a member of this forum,I am a student taking classes in spiritual affairs and the teacher is the GGM himself, Odogwuakataka Priest Onyebuchi Nzube Ekejiuba. I appreciate your good work. May your light never be extinguished! Isee.

      Johnson Chine.:
      Odogwu akataka, your teaching is priceless, you deserve to be appreciated for such exposure. May Chukwu Okike, and the gods Grant you all round prosperity. Iseee.

      Promise Chizurumoke:
      Odogwuakataka 1, Isimili Igbo Nile, the great search of our time, nnukwu mmadu ekenem gi,.

      Thank you so much for your time
      Thank you so much for all the teachings.
      Thank you so much for the wisdom you impact in us.

      May the gods and goddesses keep you, more years to you, more feather to your cap, am so greatful for this teach.

      Angels guide

      Addul Accra:
      No no no.. GM you ain’t Human even though you posses flesh and bone

      Chukwuebuka II:
      Great One! OdogwuAkataka!

      Please sir, what is the true spiritual meaning of the igbo red cap and okpu agu? I have received different answers but nothing has made me say yes, this is the truth.

      Thank you Daddy for another eye opening, especially how the Messiah was connected to Adam. About the sun, you thought us how to make a request through sun in the beginning of the year which I did and am beginning to see the good results of it. Sir, somebody told me that two people can be locked in the sun with padlock for love, but I agued, is it true.
      Angel guide.

      Please, I need the information on how to pray with the sun. I do not have access it; I became a member after this. More light to our paths as angel guided. Iseee.

      Ezeh Oge:
      Thank you mmou dike, for another wonderful topic, I say more lights to your part okem mou

      Taxco Nwokedi:
      GM, please do you mean physical entrance or spiritual entrance?

      I have heard stories of people entering inside water and never seen again. I have had my doubts because physically there is nothing under the water. I need a greater authority like you to clarify this

      Ezeh Oge:
      Good morning GM, more lights to your part, please can you throw more lights on reincarnation ritual how to do the salaka (offering) please, Angels guide

      Awesome, more light on your path

      BIG JOE:
      Gud morning my fellow light bearer,I have just Redeemed my pledge for dis month,Angels guide

      Gozik Ahams:
      May you live long our grandmaster……ur teachings are always inspiring,,, we love you sir…kip it on.

      Eze Onyinye:
      Please I want to know about ose oji

      Gozik Ahams:
      We have given the instruction and guide. Visit our website @ http://www.lighthouseofwisdom.com for more information


        Gm.im a new member please can you add me to the telegram group and i also want to discuss something with you

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